What To Do With Your Motorcycle Helmet When You Go Somewhere

A Guide to What To Do With Your Motorcycle Helmet When You Go Somewhere

If you are a daily commuter and often ride your motorcycle to go to work or do some other chores, you might have a query of what to do with your motorbike helmet when you are off your motorcycle. The beginners love to carry their helmets everywhere, but taking them with you might get unwieldy after some time.

Now, if you are not willing to carry your helmet, the other option left is to hang it somewhere over your motorbike. There are plenty of spots to place a helmet on a motorcycle.

You can set it over the mirror, lock it by using a cable lock or hang it to the handlebars. Yet, how would you know which option will keep your high-priced piece of protective gear safe from thieves and other wear and tear.

This blog will give you a thorough guide on this topic to clear up your mind and give you all the suggestions and answers you need. 

Carrying your helmet with you

The following factors will affect your decision of whether you should carry your helmet with you or not:

The time you intend to spend off your motorcycle

If you intend to spend more than 10 to 15 minutes leaving the motorbike in the parking lot, or when you are unsure how long you will spend off your bike, you must carry your helmet with you. It may not be the handiest option, but it is generally the most secure one to keep your helmet unexposed to any risk.

Tranquillity of mind

It will reassure you that your helmet is safe with you, and this tranquility of mind is indispensable, especially if it is a brand new pricey helmet you love the most in your bike gear.  

A few ways to carry your helmet

You can carry your helmet in various ways listed below:

Strap your helmet to your bag

helmet on backpack

You can securely carry your helmet by strapping it to your backpack through the visor. It is incredibly convenient to bring it this way, and it will keep your helmet safe.

Carrying it in your hands

helmet in hands

If your helmet is exceptionally lightweight, then you can also carry it in your hands. But keep in mind that if you have to use both of your hands, you might be at risk of dropping your helmet.

Using a helmet strap

If you don’t decide to leave your helmet on your motorbike, then a helmet shoulder strap is another convenient way to carry your helmet easily with you. You can use both your hands and your helmet will not be out of your sight any time.  

Use a helmet backpack

helmet backpack

You can also get a helmet backpack to carry it most securely and conveniently anywhere you want. These are made of soft materials to keep your helmet safe from any damage. A helmet backpack is a great option, as you can also put your other bike accessories in it, such as goggles and gloves, etc.

There are plenty of backpacks out there that come with a helmet holder. Check the best out of them here.

Best motorcycle backpack with helmet holder


Of course, there are some downsides to carrying your motorcycle helmet everywhere you go.

1. It isn’t easy to carry a heavy helmet

If you have a heavier and bulkier helmet, then the first thing that will cause you annoyance might be your model’s weight. You will certainly not want to carry a massive gear in your hands in a grocery shop, in your college, or in a restaurant.

2. You may forget it somewhere

Moreover, if you’re scatter-brained, there are high chances of forgetting your helmet anywhere you place it, and it is indeed a tiresome task to find out where you might have left it.

Leaving your helmet on your parked motorbike

A helmet is a protective gear on which we spend quite a significant amount of cash, and leaving it unlocked on a parked motorcycle needs some real guts. It will have a high risk of getting stolen by some prying thief, and no one will want to go through that situation.

If you can keep an eye on your motorcycle and going somewhere for a short period, you can leave your helmet unlocked, hanging over the mirror or the handlebars. Otherwise, don’t leave your helmet if you don’t have a helmet lock.  

Where to place a motorcycle helmet on a parked bike

There are a lot of ways to place your helmet securely on a parked motorcycle to make it theft-proof and prevent it from the elements. We’ll discuss a few best of them here:

1- Wire locking cables

wire cable lock for motorcycle

The most convenient and safest way to secure your helmet on a parked motorbike is by using those wire cable locks. These are made of sturdy titanium and a few of them even features an alarm, which is great. It helps a lot in theft-proofing and keeps your helmet safe from the elements too.

2- Panniers or top box

helmet panniers

The best and safest location to place your helmet is those lockable, big panniers and top boxes. If you have one, you are lucky enough to secure your helmet on your bike, and to prevent it from ants, bugs, rain, and thieves. No one will be able to mess with your helmet placed safely in a locked pannier or top box.  

3- Helmet locks

You can also lock your helmet using a helmet lock offered in many bikes out there. However, there are a lot of bikes that do not have this feature.

Moreover, a helmet is not that safe when locked this way, since a thief can easily steal it by cutting the straps.

 Also, the strong winds can rock your hanging helmet back and forth thus scratching the painted surface.

Your helmet will be either on its side on upside down so it will be exposed to rain and dust as well. so this doesn’t seem a great place to keep your helmet safe.

4- Footpegs and handlebars

Hanging your helmet on the handlebars or footpegs is the easiest way to place your helmet on your motorcycle. It can be a secure option but your helmet can fall off when the motorbike is bumped. Also, it is not safe from ants, bugs, rain, and dust.


Now, after having a thorough read of this blog, you have several suggestions on what to do with your helmet when you are going somewhere. If you just have to go away from your bike for 5 minutes, and your motorcycle is not out of your sight, then you can leave your helmet unlocked on your bike.

However, if you are going somewhere for hours then you should either take it with you or lock it securely on your bike. Your choice depends on your budget, personal preference, and your own convenience.