What to Do With a Long Beard on a Motorcycle

What to Do With a Long Beard on a Motorcycle

When you are riding a motorcycle and have a long beard, the only thing that happens is the wind hitting your beard, which constantly moves towards your face. It blocks your vision now and then and creates many knots in your lumberjack beard, which can be really frustrating. It feels terrible when you ride your bike just a few miles, and you get a badly tangled beard.

Moreover, the beard flapping at your face can be distracting, and it can put you in some serious danger. Therefore, you have to secure or cover up your beard before riding a motorcycle to have a pleasant, trouble-free ride. This article will give you a complete guide on what you should do with a long beard on a bike. 


Wearing a helmet is a crucial part of motorcycle riding, as this protective gear protects your head on the road, plus it tends to protect your beard from the rushing wind. It will also keep your beard in place, and your beard will not fly up and down during the ride. We have a list of best motorcycle helmets for beards, that can be used while riding on a bike.

Best overall
1Storm Full-Face Helmet

  • Dual-lens design
  • Thermoplastic Alloy shell
  • UV protection
Premium Pick
LS2 Rebellion Helmet

  • Adjustable twin shield system
  • DOT and ECE rated
  • Speaker pockets
1Storm Half helmet

  • UV protected gloss finish
  • DOT certified
  • Quick latch system

If you wear a full-face helmet, the chin guard area will serve the purpose well; however, the half-shells do not have the chin piece to cover up your beard. With a half helmet, you’ll undoubtedly have to use a scarf or bandana if you have a long beard.

beard helmet

Braiding your beard

You also have the option of braiding your beard to keep it in place. A braided beard will not get tangled by the wind, and also, it will not come upon your face to block your vision like an open beard.

If you don’t like a bearded beard look, this option is not superb for you. However, if you have never given it a try, you should try it once. You may get to love the look and have a pleasant biking experience.

  • If you are willing to go on long-distance motorcycle riding, then you should keep many things in mind. Click here for more info.

You can knit a single beard or do multiple, depending on your choice and your beard length. If you don’t know how to do a basic three-strand braid, let me tell you that it is effortless to do. I’ll give you a step by step guide to making your task easier:

  • First, split your beard hair into three equal sections, so you’ll have a left, middle, and right strand.
  • Now, cross the right strand over and into the middle section.
  • Then, take the left strand and cross it over and into the middle strand.
  • Repeat these steps until you reach the end of the hair, and tie the braid off with a hair buckle, bead, or an elastic band.
beard braid


The easiest and convenient way to cover up your beard is by using a bandana, which is a square or triangular piece of cloth. It is often tied around the head or face for decorative or protective purposes. You can use it to cover your beard fully to protect it from the crazy wind on the road.

The right way to use a bandana is as follows:

  • Firstly, fold the square bandana diagonally to bring it to a triangular shape.
  • Then wrap it around your face just below the eyes.
  • Finally, take the two ends behind your head and tie a double knot to secure it firmly. You’re ready to go now.
beard bandana

Hair buckle or Rubber bands

Rubber bands are also helpful in securing the beard tightly. Tie the end of your beard with a rubber band to get a tight hold. Don’t stretch or pull it hard as it may snap.

Moreover, you can also put a hair buckle on your beard, which is another convenient method to secure it. Remember that you should check the hair buckle before buying it because if the spring inside it is not good, it will not have a good hold.

beard wraping

Beard beads

Beard beads will give you a cool look, and at the same time, they will keep your beard in place while you are on your motorcycle. You can use them to tie a braid, or you can simply secure your beard in a single or multiple ponytails by using the beads. However, make sure to put them on different lengths so that they don’t collide all the time to annoy you.

beard beads

Paper cord

You can tie your beard in a paper cord as well by following the steps given below:

  • Twist your beard a couple of turns
  • Take the paper cord and tie a knot on the top
  • Wrap it until you reach the end of your beard, and tie a knot there.
  • Finally, cut the excess cord

Remember, you should not wrap it too tightly, as it may damage the hair strands, which is precisely the opposite of what we want.


If you are wearing a jacket while riding your motorbike, it can secure the beard efficiently. You can tuck the long beard inside your jacket easily. Put on a jacket and button up or zip it while laying down your chin on your chest.

If you have a really long beard, this method will work well for you. However, it would be best only to use this when you don’t have any other substitute.

beard holder jacket

Wrap/face mask

Wraps are a kind of face masks made to cover up the beards only, and these are advertised as beard covers for sleep. There are two rubber bands on the ends of this cover, which will go around your ears for a tight hold. It is a convenient option for an emergency.

wraping of beard


It is imperative to secure your beard, prevent beard from any damage, and stop the beard from flapping up against your face. You’ll certainly not want the frustrating and distracting beard on your face during a motorcycle ride. It looks funny, and along with that, it is perilous as well. For this reason, I have given you some pro tips in this blog to protect your sight and have a safe and comfortable ride.