Most expensive football helmet ever

Top 10 Most Expensive Football helmets

most expensive football helmet everLet’s be practical! No one can survive in a football field for sixty minutes without wearing a helmet. Football is one of the most challenging sports ever due to the collisions one may face in it. But the effects of these collisions are significantly reduced if you’re wearing a helmet.

If you’re a professional player and searching for a high-quality helmet, then you must not hesitate to invest your money in one of the helmets from the list we have given in this article. These are the topmost helmets with excellent quality and unique features.

The durability of the helmet matters, since your safety should be your priority while being a player of this game. You must wear the best quality football helmet, no matter how much it costs you. Because investing your wealth for your health’s sake is a great deal.

Best Overall (adults)
Riddell SpeedFlex

  • Patented side impact protection (PISP)
  • Flex liner
  • Inflatable jaw pads
Runner Up (adults)
Schutt Sports

  • SC4 hardcup chinstrap
  • Surfiet Air liner
  • TPU cushion
Best for youth
Riddell Victor

  • Include face mask
  • Inflatable jaw pads
  • Extended jaw flap

Top 10 most expensive football helmets

Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet

Riddell speedflex is one of the most well-known football helmets in the market. This helmet is the most expensive football helmet ever for adults, constructed by polycarbonate material, and it’s worth to buy. The Virginia tech helmet rated this as the best helmet available in the market.

This helmet is featured with Patented side impact protection (PISP) that offers extra padding to the side of the helmet that gives you extra safety and reduces forces from side impacts.

The flex system of this helmet keeps you safe in dangerous collisions and impacts. The ventilation system involves two large holes (unimpeded by padding) at the back of the crown and eight holes in total that provides fresh air.

This helmet comes with standard strap blocks, so you don’t need to order strap blocks separately. Riddell Speedflex helmet has a ratchet-Loc system that gives you an excellent fit. The facemask is constructed with high strength stainless steel that keeps the weight down of the helmet for better performance.

Furthermore, this helmet has got inflatable jaw pads that help to adjust the helmet according to your face shape. The interior of this helmet is furnished with a Tru-curve liner system followed by a flex liner that gives additional padding to the helmet and will give you better fit and comfort. This helmet is available in black and white color both looks cool and charming.


  • Patented side impact protection (PISP) for safety
  • Come with standard strap blocks
  • Ratchet-Loc system
  • Inflatable jaw pads
  • Tru-curve liner system
  • Flex liner
  • polycarbonate shell
  • Rated five stars by Virginia Tech helmets
  • This helmet is highly comfortable
  • Safest helmet due to Patented side impact protection (PISP)
  • One of the stylish and classy helmet
  • Offers excellent ventilation
  • Ratchet-Loc system for a great fit
  • Flex system.
  • This helmet is slightly heavier.
  • Not suitable for youth.
  • Not having a variety of colors

Schutt F7 VTD Adult Football Helmet

Schutt F7 VTD is known for its number of qualities at affordable prices. This helmet also got five stars by Virginia tech helmet, the same as Riddell Speedflex. The tecktonic plates on the top of the crown give a unique 3D movement system.

The radian diffusion liner (RDL) provide independent movement from the shell and give you an extra safety feature against rotational forces. In terms of ventilation, this helmet has got eight cut-outs with a double ear hole that will provide a cool effect to the head.

This helmet got more padding in the crown as compared to any other helmet in the market. It is important to mention that this helmet has got a helmet stabilization system that will provide a locked-in feel and helps you in performing well.

The interior of this helmet is fully furnished with a TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) cushion that also helps in advanced impact protection and absorption. The interior also features fireman’s leather jaw pads and inflatable liner for great fit and comfort.


  • The unique 3D movement system
  • Radian diffusion liner
  • Rated five stars by Virginia tech helmet
  • Eight cut-outs for excellent ventilation
  • Stabilization system
  • TPU cushion for advanced protection
  • Fireman’s leather jaw pads for a great fit
  • Professionals usually use this version.
  • Face mask included
  • Excellent protection features.
  • The face mask is made up of titanium material that gives extra weight to the helmet.

Riddell NCAA Revolution Speed Pro Line adult Helmet

Are you looking for a pro-level football helmet? Do you think which football helmet is used by star players on the field? Then this is your helmet. Riddell always produces one of the best helmets for its customers. They aim to provide the best with top-level safety. Let us discuss some of its features.

The aggressive shell design with anti-microbial overliner and special order facemask help it to stand out among its competitors. Revolution Concussion Reduction Technology is used to provide a safe gaming experience. 

The shell is constructed with polycarbonate material, and the interior is fully furnished with antibacterial overliner and Removable moisture-wicking.

For ventilation, this helmet got vent holes with incredible detailing to give an attractive look with maximum airflow to keep you cool during sweating. You will be provided with a facemask and soft cup chin strap for easy adjustment.


  • Revolution Concussion Reduction Technology
  • Special order facemask
  • Aggressive shell design
  • Anti-microbial overliner
  • Removable moisture wicking
  • Four points chinstrap and internal lining
  • Vent holes for maximum airflow
  • Inflatable neck/back/side liner and crown liner
  • Standard 1″ Inflatable Z-pads
  • Used by professionals
  • Ventilated football helmet
  • Facemask included
  • The helmet is not in a matte finish.
  • The random angle on the back part of the shell is less than desirable, however not a deal-breaker

Schutt Vengeance Pro LTD Adult Football Helmet

Schutt Vengeance Pro Adult Football Helmet has become one of the most popular helmets due to its Mohawk design joined with a compact standoff, which gives a great and attractive look. In terms of safety, this helmet has got a single layer of TPU protection that surrounds the shell and front pad to provide better impact absorption in case of any concussion.

This helmet also earned a 5-star rating by the Virginia Tech Helmet due to its outstanding quality and best performance. The interior of this helmet is surrounded by surefit airliner, which includes poron foam to give comfort and a pillow-like feel. Furthermore, this helmet is fully equipped with 3/8″ non-inflatable crown liner and standard 5/8″ Interlink jaw pads.

Last but not the least, this helmet comes with a hard cup chinstrap and EGOP-II facemask, so you don’t need to pay extra for these accessories. There are a variety of attractive colors and sizes available for this helmet.


  • Mohawk helmet designed
  • TPU layer for protection
  • Surefit air liner
  • Interlink jaw pads
  • Non-inflatable crown liner
  • EGOP-II facemask
  • Hard cup chinstrap
  • Variety of attractive colors available to choose
  • Five-star rating by Virginia Tech Helmet
  • Facemask available in package
  • Lightweight helmet with comfortable padding.
  • Earpads too small
  • This helmet is not as fancy as speedflex and F7.

Schutt Sports Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II Football adult Helmet

Finding A quality helmet with affordable price is hard to find nowadays. If you are in the same case, then we have reduced your difficulty by introducing this helmet. 

Schutt air xp pro helmet has got a traditional standoff shell with TPU ribbed cushioning for absorbing different impacts across a variety of temperatures.

Also, this inflatable helmet is furnished with SUREFIT air liner that provides comfort and cushion-like contact to your head. This helmet is enhanced by new 7/8″ interlink jaw pads and a twist release system to add a faceguard

This helmet also got a 5-star rating by VA Tech Star System due to its outstanding performance. You will get an SC4 hard cup chinstrap with this helmet.


  • Traditional standoff shell
  • TPU ribbed cushioning
  • Inflatable helmet
  • SUREFIT air liner
  • 7/8″ interlink jaw pads
  • Twist release system for adding faceguard
  • SC4 hard cup chinstrap
  • 5-star rating by VA Tech Star System
  • Budget-friendly football helmet with good quality
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Great protection.
  • The shell is a size larger, so it may look bigger than you think.
  • No faceguard is included. You will have to pay extra.

Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet

Schutt Sports has got a great collection of football helmet and equipment while focussing mainly on safety and comfort for its customers. Out of their helmets collection, VTD II have scored 5-star ratings from Virginia Tech protocol due to its outstanding performance.

This helmet is the upgraded version of Schutt Vengeance since it got improvement in better protection and comfort. VTD II introduces a combination of a single and double layer of TPU and Surefit air liner. 

The low profile helmet shell is entirely surrounded by air liner followed by Surefit TPU cushioning, which provides absorption of impacts hence keeping you safe and gives a soft pillow-like feel to the head.

Furthermore, the outstanding feature of this VTD II is the introduction of the Twist release system that allows easy and quick facemask attachment or detachment with a press button to go. Schutt VTD II the lightest football helmet with weighing just around 3 Lbs without compromising on performance and safety.

It also Includes standard with mechanically attached inter-link jaw pads and an SC4 hard cup chin strap for a better fit. It is well ventilated by having Open Airflow inside the helmet due to the open-sided TPU cushions. This helmet is available in a variety of attractive colors so that you can buy a helmet with a classy look.


  • Single and double layer TPU cushions
  • Surfeit air liner
  • Twist release system for quick attaching and detaching facemask
  • SC4 hardcup chinstrap
  • Weighing around 3 lbs
  • Inter-link jaw pads
  • Open-sided TPU cushions for better ventilation
  • Lightweight and comfortable helmet
  • Hardcup chinstrap
  • Twist release system
  • TPU cushioning for better protection.
  • No faceguard included; you have to buy one for you.
  • No known con

Xenith Youth X2E+ Football Helmet

Xenith is a well-known brand for producing quality helmets. The major aim of Xenith is to improve the safety standards and to become a top-rated in the Virginia Tech Helmet and Nfl helmet test ratings. This is the most expensive youth football helmet.

Here is a great and advanced helmet for youth X2E+ that is constructed with a lightweight ABS plastic shell and features an Adaptive fit system that ensures custom and comfortable fit. The best part of this helmet is that it is equipped with a shock absorber technology and shock suspension system that provides an optimal response to impacts and rotational forces, thus keeping you safe.

Furthermore, this helmet is fully furnished with Dual-density comfort pads; both have different functions. The low-density foam provides comfort while high-density foam offers extra protection. It is worth mentioning that this helmet received five stars from Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings. This helmet is available in a variety of sizes so that you can get an excellent fit football helmet for your head.


  • Lightweight football helmet
  • Adaptive fit system for a custom fit
  • Shock absorbing technology and shock suspension system for safety
  • Dual-density comfort pads for comfort and extra safety
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Vinyl-nitrile padding material
  • They are designed for younger players only.
  • 3XD jaw guards
  • Received 5-star ratings from Virginia Tech Helmet
  • Dual-density pads
  • Hybrid chin cup style
  • Facemask attached
  • 3XD jaw guards.
  • Meet NOCSAE standard
  • Not so fancy helmet
  • Only two colors available

Riddell Victor Youth Helmet

The Riddell brand is a very well known brand for football helmets. Riddell is recommended by most of the professionals. Riddell Victor is one of the best youth football helmets due to its great features and performance.

The outer shell of this masterpiece helmet is made up of good quality polycarbonate material with Patented Impact Side Protection (PISP) to prevent concussions and other injuries. The extended jaw flap feature help to enhance side protection. 

For a custom fit, comfort, and stability of this helmet, it is provided with inflatable jaw pads with side liner extensions, moisture-resistant removable liner cover with anti-microbial properties.

The chin strap of this helmet is quite strong and comfortable, which provides excellent fitting on your head while running, falling, or jumping. The interior liner of this helmet extends to the mandible area to boost energy attenuation.

The best thing is that this helmet comes with a facemask, so you don’t need to order facemask separately. This helmet is excellent for running backs, quarterbacks, and other positions. Different sizes are available for this helmet so that you can buy one that perfectly fits on your head.


  • Patented Impact Side Protection (PISP)
  • Extended jaw flap
  • Inflatable jaw pads
  • Removable and moisture resistant liner with anti-microbial properties
  • Soft cup chin strap
  • Include face mask
  • Best youth football helmet to prevent concussions
  • Great protection for a football player
  • Inflatable jaw pads
  • Excellent custom fit
  • Comfortable.
  • Only one color available.

Schutt Recruit Hybrid VTD Youth Football Helmet

Schutt Recruit Hybrid is the most popular helmet for youth due to its unbeatable features and affordable price. The upgradation of interior padding with the attached facemask makes this helmet the best deal on the market.

The interior is upgraded to Poron foam to the front pad that helps to reduce the risk of injuries in case of any impact. The Virginia Tech Helmet Study put this helmet in high-class helmets and rated five stars due to the addition of Poron foam for extra protection. It also features bright orange D30 padding in the rear and crown.

This helmet gives a classy look due to its attractive Large standoff DNA shell with the attached ROPO-YF facemask. Moreover, this helmet provides energy lock technology in the side and back of the helmet that gives a comfortable feel during wear and locks up in case of impact to absorb and disperse energy. The rest is mentioned in features.


  • Poron foam in the interior
  • orange D30 padding in the rear and crown
  • Large standoff DNA shell for excellent protection
  • ROPO-YF facemask included
  • energy lock technology for comfort
  • Non-inflatable crown comfort liner
  • Single-layer TPU cushioning in the crown and front
  • Standard chinstrap soft cup
  • Budget-friendly youth football helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and safest helmet
  • Facemask included, so you don’t need to pay extra
  • Rated five stars by Virginia Tech Helmet.
  • Helmet do not have any option to pump air into them

Schutt Sports Youth AiR Standard V Football Helmet

Schutt sports youth air standard the youth football helmet that fits easily on a variety of young players after its performance boost. It is best for high performance and low cost. The traditional standoff shell of this helmet is made from ABS plastic makes it the safest football helmet in the market in recent times.

It is fully furnished with Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) and EVA foam liner system that gives excellent comfort and reduces the risk of concussions. For easy adjustments, this helmet is provided with soft cup chin strap and plastic buckles. Also, it is equipped with Air Maxx TPU jaw pads to increase its performance in terms of comfort.

You will get facemask with the package, so you don’t need to pay extra for buying facemask. As safety is the first priority, so this helmet fully meets all safety standards that are set by NOCSAE and ranked high in worlds safe helmets.


  • ABS plastic standoff shell
  • expanded Polypropylene (EPP) and EVA foam liner system
  • A soft cup chin strap and plastic buckles for a great fit
  • Air Maxx TPU jaw pads
  • Facemask included
  • Meets all safety standards by NOCSAE
  • Meet NOCSAE safety standards
  • Air Max TPU jaw pads (1-1/4″) for comfort
  • Facemask included
  • Padding isn’t the softest, but it does the job.

Frequently Asked Questions related to the most expensive football helmet ever

What is TPU?

TPU stands for Thermoplastic urethane, the advanced impact absorption system which is present in most of the football helmets. TPU absorbs impacts or concussions more evenly across a wide range of temperatures as compared to other traditional foam.

What is face mask in football?

A face mask is an essential part of football helmet that is used to cover the face directly. It is made up of metal wrapped either by plastic or rubber and used to protect football players.

Can adults wear youth helmets?

No, the helmets for youth will be of a lower standard (relative to their weight) as compared to an adult helmet. The helmets are considered to withstand different levels of force.

Is a football helmet supposed to be tight?

Yes, a football helmet should be tight to get a better experience in terms of safety. A football helmet should have no spaces between one’s head and the pads. It must not slide on the head and chin strap in place.

We hope you loved these Most expensive football helmets and have finally found your desired product. Feel free to comment in case of any suggestions. Share it with your friends. Happy shopping.