ski helmets with bluetooth audio systems

Top 6 Best Ski Helmets with Bluetooth Audio Systems


Regardless of whether you are an amateur skier or an expert and you ski enthusiastically, your safety should be your first and foremost priority while buying a ski helmet. But how can be your skiing experience more enjoyable? By listening to your favorite tunes, of course!

Music has a unique connection to our emotions. It makes us feel delighted and thrilling, and it’s great for killing time as well.

Skiing down an uneven track gives you a thrilling sensation, just like music. So what if both of your favorite hobbies blend? For that, a ski helmet with a built in Bluetooth speakers is now in the trend.

You also have an option of earphones; however, they can’t be adjusted comfortably under a helmet, and the wires often get tangled, consequently messing up everything.

A Bluetooth ski helmet allows you to listen to your favorite tunes comfortably while skiing, and at the same time, it keeps you safe. You are thus making your experience more pleasant and thrilling.

Now let’s move to the reviews of ski helmets. Here is the list of best ski helmets with Bluetooth audio systems.

POC, Obex Ski and Snowboard Helmet | Built-in microphone and Bluetooth Speaker

POC Obex is the most comfortable helmet on the market these days. It’s great for a skier who is looking for a sporty style and maximum protection with the ability to make calls and listen to music while skiing on the mountain. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make this helmet so remarkable.

This helmet is Constructed with POC’s spin construction, which stands for a shearing pad inside. It means that this helmet uses a low friction liner that allows the shell and liner to rotate in case of an oblique impact, rather than transferring those forces on your brain. This makes this helmet a little bit safer than other helmets out there.

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There is a POC’s size adjustment system, having a dial on the back of the helmet to either loosen or tighten the helmet depending on your fit and head size. It has 6 centimeters of adjustment, so it’s effortless to get the ideal fit.

This helmet has an adjustable venting system, comprising a switch on the top that allows you to close and open the vents. By this means you can regulate the temperature like if it’s a little hot, you can open up the vents, and if It’s a freezing, windy day, you can keep the vents closed.

Goggle vents are also built in the front of this helmet, which allows fresh air to circulate inside the lenses of your goggles to prevent fogging.

Now let’s get into the most essential feature of this helmet, which is the Bluetooth integrated communication headset. With this Bluetooth headset, you get a one-button control that allows you to make and answer calls on the mountain having hours of talk time, and you can listen to your favorite music as well. It has a terrific sound, and it’s straightforward to control.


  • Integrated Bluetooth speaker and mic system.
  • Adjustable sizing system
  • Adjustable Sliding vents
  • POC’s Spin technology
  • In-mold EPS liner with a polycarbonate shell and ABS top shell.


  • This helmet has a comfortable fit with superb ventilation.
  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • Sporty look with fantastic safety features.
  • It’s a little pricey.

MOON Ski Smart Bluetooth Helmet

Moon smart ski helmet has excellent features, including an integrated Bluetooth speaker. You can listen to the tunes you love, answer, reject, and make calls through this Bluetooth connection. But the condition is that your smartphone must have a Bluetooth function and it should not be away from helmet more than 5m.

It has a very long-lasting battery, but you have to charge the speakers for 40 minutes before using it. The high-quality sound will make you experience the shock of the tunes.

Furthermore, you don’t need to take out your cellphone, because this helmet has large buttons on the sides of the ear flaps. So you can control the Bluetooth system any time, and you can change the volume very easily. These buttons are designed especially for glove wearers, so they can press the buttons without taking off the gloves.

If safety is your primary concern, then this helmet has in-mold construction, having a polycarbonate shell with a thick EPS liner that reduces the risk of injuries during impact. Besides, it’s an ASTM certified helmet.

Moreover, it’s a lightweight, warm, and comfortable helmet having fluffy ear pads, inner padding, and a chin cushion. You will get extra inner padding as well with this helmet.

The chin strap has a side slip with a magnet, which is a unique system for quick wearing and convenience. Considering the aesthetics of this helmet, it has lovely details and cool looks. The size is adjustable, having a headlock on the backside, and it fits snugly on almost every person out there.


  • An integrated  Bluetooth speaker
  • There are large buttons on the sides of the ear flaps.
  • In-mold construction
  • ASTM certified helmet.
  • An extra inner padding
  • It’s a lightweight, warm, and comfortable
  • It has lovely details and cool looks
  • An integrated Bluetooth speaker having high-quality sound.
  • The charger plug is hidden in the back flap.

Triple Eight Snow Audio Helmet

Triple Eight Snow is a favorite helmet of all snowboarders and skiers, seeing that it’s a rock-solid helmet that prevents concussions and head injuries and comes at such a reasonable price. 

The shell is nice and solid, in an all-new design, and it feels nice as well. It doesn’t get wet quickly, and that’s a good thing while being in the mountains.

Comfort is the main feature of this helmet. It is padded all around the circumference of your head and on the top of your skull. As a result, it’s a warm and snug helmet best for skiing in the snow.

It has comfortable chin straps that don’t make your chin irritated. We also have a back neck curtain for extra head support that prevents the helmet from shaking.

Besides, you get the removable padding on both ears, and the built-in speakers are tucked inside these earflaps. Hence snow is not going to get into these speakers. A 3.5mm aux cable comes with it as well; thus, it’s quick and easy to listen to your music.

A goggle strap holder is present on the back; as a result, your goggles stay secure in this helmet. Furthermore, this helmet meets ASTM safety standards completely.


  • Built-in audio speakers are there inside the earflaps, with a 3.5mm connecting cable.
  • Backhead support curtain
  • Padded and comfortable chin straps
  • There are eleven vents with mesh covers.
  • It meets ASTM and CE EN safety standards.
  • It fits well with everyone.
  • It’s a warm and comfortable helmet with a lot of padding inside.
  • Price is perfect for this sort of helmet.

DEMON UNITED Phantom Helmet with Audio and Snow Supra Goggle

Demon united phantom is one of the best helmets of this brand, having incredible features. 

The only way to improve an excellent ski or snowboard day is to add a soundtrack to it. For that, this helmet has high quality integrated audio speakers with outstanding sound quality. So you can rock out to your favorite tunes on the ski hill.

All you have to do is to plug the aux cable that comes with this helmet into your phone and enjoy the music you love. You can also control the volume, even if you have gloves on your hands, since it is effortless to use. Thus you don’t have to take off your gloves while skiing on a chilly day.

The demon makes every effort to offer you the best quality snowboard and ski gear and utmost protection at a very reasonable price. This helmet is covered with ABS shell that will keep your head safe, having a comfortable liner underneath to keep you warm. It meets all ASTM and CE safety standards.

Snow supra goggles also come with this helmet, and these goggles are UV protected, fully vented having mirrored lens and adjustable straps. Moreover, these are stylish and solid goggles, providing you with beautiful upper face and eye protection.

This helmet has cool aesthetics, with vents in the back and the front side that will keep your head dry on a ski hill. It comes in five matte colors-black, blue, grey, orange, and white- and you can pick up from five different sizes(XS, SM, MD, LG, XL).


  • Integrated audio speakers with an aux cable
  • Demon’s Snow supra goggles
  • ASTM and CE certification
  • Great looks with maximum protection
  • Keeps you warm, having an inch thick Styrofoam.
  • The goggles give you exceptional eye protection.
  • Sound is not very loud, but for under 100 dollars, you can’t complain.

Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio

Demon phantom is another fantastic option from this brand for skiers and snowboarders. It has built-in brainteaser speakers into the ear pads. The audio is not so loud that you are unaware of your surroundings, but it’s loud enough to jam out.

It works decently, and it’s detachable, so you can also remove the speakers if you don’t want it. It comes with a 5-foot cable, which is removable, so if you want the audio, plug it in. You have to push hard to join the female and main ends of the cable, and it ensures that it won’t disconnect during skiing. You also have an up and down volume control that is very easy to use.

This helmet comes with a free balaclava that is warm and nice. Add 3cm to the size of your head while choosing the helmet size, if you are going to wear a balaclava. As a result, the helmet will fit snugly on your head.

You can even fit your goggles perfectly with this helmet. There is a strap on the backside to hold your goggles in place.

It’s a very lightweight and comfortable helmet. The ear guards are big enough to block the wind and keep you warm on the mountain in freezing temperatures. You can also remove the ear flaps, so it’s suitable for spring skiing.

Moreover, it is a certified helmet for all ski and snowboarding through ASTM and CEE. You have a smooth ABS shell on the outside of this helmet and an EPS liner inside. Additionally, the looks of this helmet are great too, and it comes in a good selection of colors, i.e., blue, black, white, and grey. In conclusion, it’s a budget-friendly helmet with a lot of astonishing features.


  • Built-in brainteaser audio
  • EPS foam liner and outer ABS shell
  • A free balaclava that is warm and nice
  • Vents in the back and front of the helmet
  • This helmet fits well
  • It’s comfortable and lightweight
  • The balaclava and brainteaser audio is excellent for the price of this helmet.
  • The chin strap is not very comfortable as it’s single strand nylon.

TurboSke Ski and Snowboard Helmet

Turboske is a well-known brand that provides you with valuable helmets for a better skiing experience. 

This helmet by turboske is a multi-purpose ski helmet with incredible features, offering comfort, style, durability, and protection. It’s a lightweight helmet that makes it convenient for daily use.

It has in-mold construction technology, in which a thin shell is fused to the inner foam liner, keeping the helmet lighter. But it still sustains a high level of protection. Besides, this helmet has ASTM certification so that it can protect your head adequately.

The low-profile look of this helmet is quite attractive as it looks small on your head and doesn’t look bulky. Furthermore, the adjustment dial at the back gives you a perfectly fitting helmet for your head.

It comes with comfortable and removable inner padding and warm and soft ear pads that protect your ears from cold. These things add wonders to the comfort level of this helmet, as the ear padding is removable so you can remove it if you don’t want to cover your ears. There is an audio storage slot in these ear pads for any helmet speakers in the market.

The vents on this helmet can’t be closed and are fixed open. These are good for warm days, but for cold days you should wear a skull cap underneath. The goggle ventilation prevents fogging inside your goggles.

Additionally, this helmet is at a very reasonable price. You get so many features in it at such a low cost, and it looks much more costly than it is in reality.


  • In-mold construction technology.
  • This helmet has a dual-fit system for a custom-fitting helmet.
  • There is an audio storage slot in each earpad.
  • It comes with a removable, washable and comfortable lining.
  • ASTM certified.
  • Comfortable and fits snugly.
  • It’s a durable and lightweight helmet.
  • It’s an affordable helmet.
  • The vents on this helmet can’t be closed and are fixed open.