How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet with Long Hair

How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet with Long Hair

How to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hairI know it feels great when you are riding with your hair blowing in the wind. The feeling of freedom and joy it gives you is precious. 

But no matter how expert you are in motorcycling or cycling, a good helmet is an essential gear you should wear while riding your bike. 

A helmet is a crucial safety gadget while you’re riding on a two-wheeler. If you have long hairs and ride a motorcycle or bicycle daily, you must be worried about a well-fitting helmet.

Unfortunately, there are several problems associated with long hours of wearing a helmet with long hairs, including hair fall, damaged hair, and scalp problems, which can sometimes be challenging.

If you ride a motorcycle on the way to your office, then there is nothing worse than arriving there with all your hair messed up.

In this article, we will try to take account of all the queries regarding how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair, that will help to maintain your hairstyle and eliminate the risk of hair fall and damaged hair.

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Tips For How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet with Long Hair

Use of Ponytail and ponytail compatible helmet

A straight ponytail looks cool and attractive and keeps your hairs out of your face, but sometimes the hairs get curly and tangled at the lower end of the ponytail. Some riders use elastic bands at different spots to overcome this issue, which creates a long straight tube of hair.

Furthermore, there are several ponytail compatible helmets available in the market that features a ponytail hole. A ponytail hole can work great in keeping the hair out of your face without any worry.

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Use of Braid

helmet braid

Braids are particularly for girls, but guys can also tie their long hairs before wearing a helmet. 

Braids are suitable for riding since they keep the hair intact and fit well in the helmet. You can also leave the braid hanging on the back, which also gives a fashionable look.

Besides using braids for helmets, it also secures your hair and serves as a protective style that will help your natural hair grow faster. It can lock the moisture and prevents your hairs from over-styling, dryness, and heat damage. You can also pull braid through the helmet hole for more ease.

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If you want to learn how to make a braid, you can find tons of videos online. You can watch it on Youtube or here.

Use of Low Bun

A bun is another excellent way to protect your hair from damage. Bun secures all your hair tightly and helps you while wearing a helmet without compromising on your hairstyle. Use some anti-frizz products on the top to make sure the bun is low enough to adjust your helmet with ease.

low bun

Use of Headscarves or Wraps

The headscarves protect from dust and rain and help in wearing a helmet with ease in case of long hairs. It pulls and wraps the hairs and reduces the risk of hair fall and eliminates the messy hairstyle.

hair scarves

Use of Helmet liner or bandana

There are several great helmet liners available in the market. Out of them, Diva-Do is the most preferred one. It is easy to use and helps in protecting your hair from tangling in the helmet while riding.  

Some Hair care tips for those who wear helmets daily


As safety should be our priority, so a helmet is a must-have safety gadget. First, the motorcycle helmet you buy should fit properly and remain stable on your head.

Second, most importantly, don’t wear a helmet without a scarf or bandana if your hairs are long enough. The bandana eliminates the risk of hair fall and protects your hair from tangling.

If you don’t have any bandana or don’t want to invest extra on buying these, you must braid or bun your hair to help protect your hair.

In the last, if nothing goes right then, you can easily ponytail your hair, which is an easy way to keep your hair out of your face.