How To Tell If Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small

How To Tell If Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small

How To Tell If Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small

Getting a helmet that fits perfectly is often tricky for many people. If your helmet doesn’t work well too, then go through this article, and all your queries will be solved.

Most of us are fascinated by some specific looks when we consider getting a motorcycle helmet, whether it be the style or color, the brand, or the finish of the helmet. Or probably you are used to a fit that is not the best option to keep you safe. 

However, the fit should be your primary concern, and the aesthetics should come next to it in your preference list.

Each bike helmet is designed in a particular way to protect you and fit specific head shapes and sizes. If the helmet design is not suitable for you, it will not protect you the way it is designed to do. 

For instance, if a helmet is too small, it will be tight on your head due to the little gap between the helmet and your head.

It will be painful and distracting, and you will feel very uncomfortable in it. As a result, your ride will not be your center of attention. Therefore, it would be best if you never ride with an ill-fitting helmet that is leaving the most complex part of your body, i.e., brain, at risk.

How to tell if your helmet is small for you

There are numerous ways to tell whether your helmet is too small for you or not. To make it sure, all you have to do is to pay attention to some factors. Your motorcycle helmet is small for you if:

  • It causes a headache
  • It is leaving red marks on the forehead
  • It doesn’t fit properly on you
  • The helmet is tight, and you feel pressure around your head
  • It is painful and distracting for you
  • Your skin is creased, or you are having red spots or hot spots.

If these issues are not bothering you a lot and are minor offences, then you can adjust the helmet foam to get the right fit, as most of the helmets are now equipped with the removable interior comfort liners in three various thicknesses. 

It enables you to customize the fit of the same size helmet in three different ways. But, if these issues are not bearable, then you must get a new helmet in a larger size or a different shape.

Head shape

round head shape

The shape of your head matters a lot, as everyone has a different head shape. You should know whether your head is round or oval.

To check that, you should take a picture of your crown and then check out the shape. A round head’s side to side and forehead to back measurements are usually about the same. 

In comparison, the oval head is long from forehead to back and narrow from ear to ear.

How To Tell If Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small

Similarly, helmets are also made different for different head shapes. The inner side of the helmets is made differently to fit every head shape. 

The lower range helmets are often round in shape, and the higher end ones have different oval shapes to give you a precise fit.

How To Tell If Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small

So helmet sizing differs for head shapes; hence the right size helmet by your head measurement may be too long front to back and too narrow between the sides (a long oval shape), so knowing your head shape is helpful.

Head size

How To Tell If Motorcycle Helmet Is Too Small

The real issue is if you’re between sizes or towards the lower end of one size band (say you’re 57cm and you have to between small ( 55–56cm) and Medium ( 57–58cm). 

While most of the time, the next size up will seemingly fit better, it might not be optimal, since the smaller size might eventually be the better fit after the liner/padding is worn in.

Not all helmets of the same nominal size ( say Medium) fit the same way, so you ought to try out different brands. Size charts with each helmet brand are provided by the helmet manufacturers. Measure your head circumference by using measuring tape just like shown in the image.

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If you’re facing any severe uneasiness immediately after wearing your helmet, or even after half an hour of wearing it, it’s very likely the helmet is too small for you. In that case, find out your exact head measurements so you can get the perfect fit next time

A helmet should be snug, but it should not leave you with a headache. Some helmets may be acceptable at first, but after some time of wearing it, you get a hot spot on your forehead. Sometimes the helmet fits right, but the cheek pads feel very tight, so choose carefully. The higher-end helmets come with different size cheek pads so those can be changed out with the manufacturer.

We all have different head shapes, so try lots of makes and models, and don’t forget a helmet will break-in. So it’s better to buy one that’s a little bit too snug to start with as it’ll loosen up, rather than the other way round.

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