How to remove motorcycle helmet visor

How to Remove Motorcycle Helmet Visor

How to remove motorcycle helmet visorVisor acts as a protector of your eyes and a window to see through a full-face helmet. 

There may be some scratches, scuffs, or abrasions on your motorcycle helmet visor, which will decrease the visibility.

As a result, you will not be able to see clearly through your helmet. Therefore, to replace or clean it, you should know how to remove motorcycle helmet visor.

To keep a visor clear is essential for your protection and safety because if you can’t see through it, especially at night, your life may be at high risk.

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Nowadays, helmets come with this significant feature of a quick releasing visor mechanism. Still, it can be difficult for some people to detach a visor and reinstall it without any hurdle.

Hence, we are here with this comprehensible and easy-to-understand tutorial to make this task easy for everyone.

Visor Mechanism

Each helmet has a unique design. Some helmets have a single visor, while some come with dual visors, i.e., the clear outer visor and the inner tinted one.

The mechanism to detach it is slightly different in every helmet, but the companies manufacture it with the same scheme.

Each of them has a lever or a clip on each side of the helmet. You have to pull that lever to detach the visor.

How to remove motorcycle helmet visor

Either you have to clean your helmet visor or replace it with a new one; whatever the reason for detaching a visor, sometimes the thought of doing so could be a little intimidating. But you don’t have to worry because it’s super simple to remove it.

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Inner visor

To remove the inner visor, pull it gently from the right-hand side until you hear the click sound. This sound indicates that the visor is clicked out of the socket.

Repeat this on the left-hand side, and you will have the inner visor removed utterly.

 Now to clip it back into position, lay the helmet on its side and insert each side of the visor back into the visor sockets.

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Outer visor

Next, we will teach you how to attach and remove your outer visor. All you have to do is take the helmet and lift the visor. In an open position, pull the lever of the mechanism forward.

Then pull the visor forward and up out of the sockets. Repeat this action on the other side.

To attach your outer visor back onto your helmet, in an open position, pull the lever of the mechanism forward, line up the visor’s teeth, and push the visor back into position.

You will hear two clicks to indicate that the visor is in place. Repeat this action on the other side.


Detaching a visor is an easy task to do. By following the process mentioned above, you will be able to remove it quickly.

Before taking any step, make sure to read thoroughly the instruction guide that comes with the helmet, and observe your helmet’s mechanism deeply.

Lastly, handle everything with great care during the process to prevent any broken or lost parts. Hopefully, this article is helpful to you.