How to mount action camera on motorcycle helmet

How to mount action camera on motorcycle helmet

How to mount action camera on motorcycle helmetNumerous individuals are turning out to be Moto Vloggers nowadays. They are keen to capture the awe-inspiring view, whether they are on roads or on mountains. 

Consequently, there is greater than ever demand for action cameras. Now the question arises, where to mount these action or GoPro cameras for perfect footage and a good road view?

You must not mount it on your bike or motorcycle, because the bike has vibrations, and subsequently, the footage wouldn’t be steady. Thus, you ought to mount the camera on your helmet for better and wide angle video recording.

Now you must be wondering how to mount action camera on motorcycle helmet to get a good viewing angle. Further, if you will do it the right and sturdy way, you’ll be reducing the risk of your camera flying off during the ride.

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A helmet mount is an admirable accessory that will help you out in this case, and different types of mounts are available in the market. Moreover, there are several methods to mount an action camera on a motorcycle helmet, and we are going to discuss the best one of them here.

Things you’ll need

For mounting an action camera, you’re going to need a motorcycle helmet, obviously, and a curved adhesive mount, which has a sturdy 3m adhesive on it.

Further, you’ll need a j-hook mount to clip into the adhesive mount, a long extender, and a little screw, and you’re also going to need a short one and the screw that goes with it.

Furthermore, certainly, you will need your action camera and the long screw that comes with it.

Step 1

The first thing you will have to do is, clean off the surface that you’re going to put the adhesive on. To do that, use some rubbing alcohol and a rag. Take some rubbing alcohol on the rag and clean the surface by rubbing the rag over it, then let it dry for some time.

Step 2

Now place the adhesive mount on the helmet. First, you should test exactly where you want to put this so that you know you get the best angle with your camera.

Then remove the backing from the adhesive mount and put the mount where you want it. Make sure it’s nice and flat on the surface.

Once you’ve got it in place, then apply some pressure and hold it there for a few seconds. That is how you put an adhesive mount on your helmet.

These adhesives do not fall off easily as they are very strong, which means your camera will be safe while riding. In case you want to remove it from your helmet, there are ways to take it off. The best way I found to do it is, just take a piece of dental floss and run it behind it and it comes right off.

Step 3

Now clip the j-hook on the adhesive mount. After you’ve got your j-hook, now go ahead and take your longer extender mount and put it on with a screw. Now take the smaller mount or smaller adapter, and put it in with the screw too.

Step 4

Finally, you’re ready to mount the action camera. For that, you’ll need the longer screw that came with the camera, and screw it in and tighten up.

Once the camera is mounted, adjust the angle of your camera. Turn on the camera and you’ll see the preview on the LCD of your camera. Adjust the angle right where you want it, and make sure that you have a good viewing angle.

Once you’ve got it in place, go ahead and tighten down all the screws to make sure it doesn’t move. Finally, you’ve got your camera set up and you’re ready to ride with your action camera.

The position of the camera on a helmet

The position of your action camera on your helmet depends upon what you want to show in your recorded video. You must know what the purpose of your recording is i.e. whether you are a moto vlogger, or you are making a video for posting it on different social media platforms to have fun.

Different positions will show different view angles, thus giving you different results. Let’s discuss various mounting locations for your action camera.

Head mount

Top mount is the most commonly used location which gives you the closest point of view, which means the video recording will show what you have seen in actuality.

The angle might be a little higher because the camera is higher than your eyes. It’s good to mount your camera at the top of your helmet because it will not get affected by the vibrations of your bike. But it might not be good for some riders in some specific situations.

Chin mount

Chin mounts are the best among all positions and it is preferred by many riders because this position is mainly aerodynamic, which is a great thing to consider.

It gives the nearest point of view to your own sight because the camera is very nearer to your eyes. Moreover, you can have a full panoramic view from this location.

Side mount

Side mount is another best option if your helmet is not a full-face one. You can mount the camera either on the right side or the left side of your helmet.

It won’t give you the center panoramic view, as if the camera is on right, you may miss a good shot on your left side and vice-versa. Although for posting the finest videos on social media, it may work well.


To mount your action camera on your helmet, every method is effective but you must take enough steps to secure the camera, to prevent it from falling off.

Furthermore, you should try different positions to know which one suits you better and what gives you the desired results.