How to Measure Your Head for a Motorcycle Helmet

How to Measure Your Head for a Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is an essential piece of your motorcycle safety equipment, because it will keep the most crucial part of your body (i.e. head) safe in any mishap. However, it can only serve its purpose if it fits perfectly on your head.

The perfect fit is the first thing you should bring under consideration while getting a new helmet for you. For this reason, you have to measure your head properly to get just the right size and shape according to your head. Go through this blog post to know how to measure your head for a motorcycle helmet.

How to measure your head for a motorcycle helmet

There is no rocket-science in measuring your head for a helmet. Much like the shoe size, hat size, or the pant size, you need to measure your head to know what size of helmet you have to buy.

The first thing to get for this task is a basic, soft measuring tape, or a non-elastic cord, which you can easily wrap around your head to get the precise measurement.

First step

Firstly, wrap the measuring tape around your head to know the circumference of your head. The tape should be wrapped just above your eyebrows, which is typically the widest part of your head. When you are measuring your head for the motorcycle helmet, you need to concentrate on the fit around the crown of your head, and crown is the line that measuring tape makes around your head.

You don’t have to worry about the cheeck pads as they can be tuned later on, and also don’t think about how the helmet feels at different areas as you can adjust a lot of the padding. All you need to focus on is that what is the size of the head circumference.

We highly recommend to take the measurement in centimeters, not in inches, as the smaller unit will give you the more accurate measurement.

Second step

The sencond step is to determine the shape of your head. Measure the length of your head by placing the measure tape from forehead to the back of your head. Then measure the width of your head from one ear to other ear. 

The difference between the width and length of your head will determine your head shape.

  1. If your head’s lenght and width measure the same, then you have a round head.
  2. If the length is longer than the width, then you have an oval shaped head
  3. Lastly, if there is a slight difference in length and width, and the head is a little longer from front to back, then it is an intermediate oval head. It is the most common head shape and mostly helmets are made for this head shape.

Now you’ll know your head shape which will help you out in selecting the most appropriate helmet for your head shape.

Third step

Now you have to correlate the measurments with the sizing chart given by the manufacturers. Every manufacturer has its own sizing chart which shows the unique helmet sizes of that brand. So the size of the helmets differ from brand to brand. Make sure to properly match the circumference of your head with the precise size on the manufacturer’s chart.

If you get a chance to wear the helmet before buying, you should definitely go for it. As it will give you an idea about whether the helmet feels snug and comfortable or not.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of different types of helmets available online and on the market, and you should get the one that will work well exceptionally for you. To get the best fitting helmet, you have to take the exact measurements, and do a little research.