How To Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing Helmet

How to Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing Helmet

Going to your workplace or college on a motorcycle makes it indispensable to wear a motorcycle helmet daily. And when you spend too much time in the endeavor of brushing your hair into a stylish hairstyle, it can be a nuisance for you if the helmet ruins it and gives you flat or tangled hair when you get to your place.

Wearing a helmet for long hours can not only ruin your looks, but it can also affect your hair’s health. It’s possible to get rid of this issue by just following some tips and tricks and by using some quality hair products. If you want to know what you can do in order to maintain your hairstyle and your hair’s health with a helmet, then you’re are at the right spot.

Read on this blog post till the end, and get some amazing ideas on how to maintain hairstyle while wearing helmet.

How to Maintain Hairstyle While Wearing Helmet

Below are some pro tips to maintain a hairstyle with a motorcycle helmet:

  1. Moisturize your hair
  2. Do not wear a helmet on wet hair
  3. Keep hair tidy and clean
  4. Wear a cloth/scarf/bandana under the helmet
  5. Adapt helmet-friendly hairstyle
  6. Carry a hair brush wherever you go
  7. Use quality hair products
  8. Get the right size of helmet
  9. Ensure that your helmet is clean

1. Moisturize your hair

Applying a good moisturizer can help greatly in keeping your hair nourished and untangled. There are plenty of moisturizing products for your hair, which can remove dryness, and keep your hair in shape. If you want to go for natural moisturizers, then opt for Coconut Oil, and Aloe Vera. However, keep in mind that you should not apply too much product, since it can make your hair greasy.

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2. Do not wear a helmet on wet hair

Never ever wear your motorcycle helmet on wet hair, because it will not only ruin your hairstyle, but it’ll also damage your wet hair. Moreover, the moisture from your hair will dampen the interior of your helmet and make it more prone to bacterial growth. This can cause you some long-term and serious scalp and hair conditions. Therefore, stop putting on a helmet on wet hair, and wait until your hair dries out completely. In case you are running out of time, then you can also use a hairdryer, which is quite a handy and time-saving tool.

3. Keep hair tidy and clean

Washing your hair on a regular basis is an important step, which can help in preventing many hair issues for motorcycle riders. The sweat and dust from the environment can make your hair sticky and difficult to handle, and as a result, you can’t get the hairstyle of your choice. It can also cause hair loss and dandruff, which is not good for your hair’s health.

Therefore, keeping your hair clean and tidy is really important to make your hair smooth and manageable. Moreover, clean hair will not cause any discomfort when you’re wearing the helmet during the ride. Hence, regularly use a mild and natural shampoo to keep your hair oil-free and tidy.

4. Wear a cloth/biker’s mask under the helmet

After sorting out your hairstyle, place a good-quality and breathable cloth/biker’s mask over your hair before putting on your helmet to prevent friction between your hair and the helmet’s interior padding. Moreover, this cloth will wick away your sweat, and your hair will not get tangled or ruined by wearing a helmet. Make sure to wash the cloth often and use a clean and dry cloth every time you wear it.

5. Adapt helmet-friendly hairstyle

Adapting a helmet-friendly hairstyle will help you in maintaining your hairstyle with a helmet. If you have short hair then my recommendation is to brush your hair in a backward and upward position. On the contrary, if you have long hair, then making a side ponytail, low bun, or braiding your hair will assist you in sustaining your hairstyle.

6. Carry a hair brush wherever you go

Carrying a hairbrush wherever you go can be a really good solution to your tangled hair. You can simply comb your hair when you reach your destination, and freshen up your look. So, grab a hairbrush with you whenever you leave your home on your motorbike, as it can be incredibly helpful.

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7. Use quality hair products

After making the desired hairstyle, you can use a quality hair spray or hair gel to keep the hair in shape and untangled all through the day. However, always buy a product from a good brand, because a low-quality hair product can damage your hair, and it can also affect your hair growth. Also, don’t leave such products for a long time in your hair, and try to wash them off daily.

8. Get the right size of helmet

Getting the right size of helmet for your head is extremely essential, as a helmet that is too tight can pull your hair badly and as a result, you might have to face hairline recession or hair loss problems. The incorrect size of the helmet can also be a major reason why your hairstyle doesn’t last when you wear a helmet.

You should never wear a helmet that is either too tight or too loose because it not only ruins your hairstyle but it is not good for your safety as well. A tighter helmet can cause extreme discomfort, while a loose helmet may hurt your head. Therefore, choose an appropriate size helmet, which fits properly on your head. We have a guide on How to Measure Your Head for a Motorcycle Helmet. Check it.

9.     Ensure that your helmet is clean

Last but not least, it would be better if you clean your helmet on a regular basis, as the dirt and sweat accumulated inside the helmet can mess up your hairstyle. Hence, wash the inner padding, and keep the helmet upside down at a place where it gets plenty of fresh air circulation. Check out our article on How to Clean Non-Removable Helmet Liner.


A good hairstyle can add sparkle to your whole look, and maintaining your hairstyle with a helmet is not difficult at all. You just have to follow some of the tips and tricks mentioned in this article and you will be good to go.