how to look cool wearing a skateboard helmet

How To Look Cool Wearing A Skateboard Helmet

how to look cool wearing a skateboard helmetIf you are a beginner you might be wondering how to look cool wearing a skateboard helmet. If so, this article is for you.

The habit of wearing a helmet amongst the skateboard community is mostly seen as being weak or afraid etc. But I am here to tell you that it’s NOT. 

You have to be sensible in making every choice in life. While having a passion for skateboarding is the right decision, but not wearing a helmet during skateboarding will be the biggest mistake of your life.

Teenage is the most complicated age in the life of a human being. In this age, an individual tends to act on the “I KNOW IT ALL” rule. 

If you are a parent of a teenager, then this article will help you understand their point of view on the said matter or if you are a teenager aspiring to be a skateboard champion after finishing reading this article I bet your perspective will shift from acting on emotions to analyze and act on the sensible option available to you.

If you are a pro skater or not, it doesn’t matter because accidents can happen to anyone at any time, and no matter how good you are. Watching this video of a boy hitting his head and play it again till you can feel what he would have been gone through just for making a wrong decision of not wearing a helmet.

Whenever I see these videos, it sends shivers down my spine. The force with which they hits the ground and sound of his head hitting the ground just because people might judge you if you wear a helmet. You won’t wear it, and if an accident happens, it’s you who would pay for it.

Accidents caused by not wearing a skateboard helmet

Now I would like you to get to know some souls who had gone through hell just because they didn’t wear a helmet at the time when an accident happened. The first person on this list is

Aidan Schellings

This boy’s story is so heart wrenching he had a great life before this accident, but after an accident happened to him, his life was in ruins. He had a traumatic brain injury so severe that his body stopped functioning. Watch the whole video to know all about him and then ask yourself, is it worth not wearing the helmet???

Max Hamilton

Max hamilton of Devon England was another victim of the same mistake. He competed in a national skateboarding competition before an accident, after which he went out with his friends to celebrate by drinking several alcoholic drinks.

Hamilton got an extreme fatal accident while skating with friends down a steep hill. He got too close to the curb, which caused him to fall off. He was bleeding from his head and lying on the road when his friends got him.

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor went out skateboarding with her friends when things quickly took a turn. Somehow her skateboard was messed up, and she ended up falling off and hitting her head on the road. 

Her head hit so hard that she started having seizures immediately. After brain surgery, she is on the road of recovery while her mother and sisters are now urging people to wear helmets while skating.

According to my perspective, here are some reasons that result in not wearing a helmet while skateboarding followed by counter-arguments.


friends laughingSo if you are afraid to be laughed at by your friends or other people skating around you, I ‘ll say, don’t be! Just because of a temporary situation, don’t give your body a permanent damage. 

If you wear a helmet daily, people will laugh and taunt you for a day? A week? A month? After that, they will stop eventually. After that, you will be safe and will continue enjoying this gift we call life.

They might start wearing it once they see you are persistent by wearing your skateboard helmet and see you being safe while doing all those cool stunts and tricks.


I sweat a lot

Well, this is an easy one if you sweat a lot; there are many helmets that are designed for such people. They have either holes for air to pass and keep the helmet ventilated or any mechanism which serves the purpose.

All you have to search and choose one which works for you but not to worry, we have already suggested a list of lightest and ventilated skateboard helmets for you. Voila, problem solved.  Do have a look.


I feel uncomfortable

If your excuse is that you feel uncomfortable while skateboarding and don’t feel confident in yourself when you wear a helmet, one of the solutions is inside your head.

All you have to do is convince your mind that its essential to continue doing what you love. No matter the inconvenience caused, safety should be everyone’s top priority in any situation.


I will look dorky

I have heard from many people, and everyone has this excuse, so I think this is the most common reason. I have some easy fix for this.

  • Try to customize your helmet.
  • Grab some sharpie’s and make it look cool.
  • Stick some logos on it.
  • Paint it or write some statements on it.
  • Or buy the one which comes with great style and design.

Whatever works for you, go with it and customize your helmet. Own it, and wear it with pride because you are one smart human.

how to look cool wearing a skateboard helmetI AM A DAREDEVIL

If you have such thought in your mind, then you are nothing more then a fool because daring is in being smart, not being dumb, and making wrong choices. This decision to wear a helmet has nothing to do with your courage.

The human body is a fragile system. It had to be taken care of, and your head because it is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. So you should be smart and try to protect your head to avoid head injury. 

Well, I hope I convinced you to do the right thing here and be safe for yourself and your family.

how to look cool wearing a skateboard helmetADVICE FOR PARENTS

Parents should always be the ones making decisions about their kids. If a child could think rationally and do the right thing, they wouldn’t be called children. 

When your child is going out, you should ask their purpose and instruct them accordingly. In this case, wearing a helmet while skating should be a non-arguable rule for your kids.

You must ask them nicely. If they don’t agree, listen to their reasons, and try to make them understand why the skateboard helmet is essential for them. If they have a genuine problem, try to resolve it for them and make sure that they use a helmet.

No matter what, if all else fails, you give them two options (1) Either they use the helmet and enjoy the sport that they love or (2) they have to say goodbye to skating. The safety of life is more important than anything else.

Allow them to watch videos present in this article or on YouTube so they can see the severity of their actions. Being a parent means doing the right thing for your child even if they make a fuss about it, the law should be there to protect them.

For your younger kids, if they just started to explore this sport, buy them a helmet. When you buy them their first skateboard so they would know these two go hand in hand.

In the end, I would like to suggest to all the skateboarding daredevils, never let the world force you to make stupid decisions in life because you have to face the consequences of your actions, not the world. It’s your life at stake, so be wise, choose wisely, WEAR safety gear, wear a HELMET

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