how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor

How to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor

motorcycle in rainIf you are a consistent motorcycle rider then you might have experience of low visibility from helmet visor due to wet weather (raindrops) or fog. 

Moreover, you might be thinking that how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor in such a situation. After reading this article you will be able to take the necessary steps to avoid these problems.

Motorbike riding is far more dangerous than other vehicles. People may enjoy riding them and also use them in day to day life as a means to commute for its cheap and time-saving qualities.

However, season of rains and storms usually brings various problems for the people using motorbikes as a means of transport. In the rainy season, it is essential to take some precautions seriously because they are important for the safety of both the rider and other people on the road.

Today we are going to focus on the problems motorbike riders face in such conditions. We are going to mention some associated problems that occur and how to solve them efficiently. But first here are some points and tips to take into consideration while riding a motorcycle in the rain.

7 Usefull Tips while riding your motorcycle in rain

  1. You must keep your bike tires in excellent condition and frequently check for wear & tear. The groves threaded on tire surface are essential for secure grip of a bike on the road. Especially in the rainy season, these groves help in minimizing the risk of slipping due to oil and other liquids on the road that is refreshed by the rainwater and make the road more slippery.
  2. Always check your motorbike brakes and clutch before riding the bike because it only takes a few minutes and can save you from a lot of trouble or accidents.
  3. Always keep those parts of your motorbike lubricated which needs lubrication for them to work appropriately and efficiently in any conditions.
  4. In the rain, the cat eyes and tar also become slippery. Maintenance hole covers are also one of the dangers because of visibility issues in the rain. So, you must look ahead and plan accordingly. 
  5. Ride smoothly and carefully when on the road. Try to limit your speed to avoid applying of brakes again and again.
  6. For deeper water riding, ensure that you keep yourself straight, firm, and smooth. If you are thinking of going through moving water, don’t think to go. If this is a case, you should change your way because an attempt to go through fast-moving water will cost you a life.
  7. I suggest equipping your bike with an under glow light so you can have a greater and clearer vision of the road ahead of you and its also available at rather low prices.

If you won’t take these safety measures into account, your journey will be troublesome and will cause you more time in reaching your destination.

Now, let us discuss the issues regarding helmets in rainy conditions and how to overcome all of them.

Quality of helmet matters

Some people tend to go towards cheap products, but it’s not always wise to do so in this case. You have to choose a helmet in which material quality is of standard. If the material is not of good, it may not provide the protection you expect from it.

Also, the cheap material visor will not give you a clear vision. When introduced to rough weather, the dust in storms and water droplets in rains will cover your helmet visor, and your vision will be obstructed.

We have listed 5 cheap and best motorcycle helmets for rain. You can checkout the article if you are searching helmet for rain.

After selecting a good quality helmet below are some tips and tricks to keep your helmet visor weatherproof.

Solution to the problem


There are several water repellent products, e.g. Kiwi camp dry, Fogaway, KSang, and Rain-X, which are specifically manufactured to keep glass surfaces waterproof. Buy any of the products available to you or you can checkout from the below featured items and clean the helmet visor thoroughly with it before using it for riding your bike.

You can also keep this on your bike with you while going for a ride in case you need it in mid-drive. These are the products that are commonly and substantially used by motorbike riders in the world. Rain-X is the most widely used water repellent product for such purpose and works great.

Best motorcycle visor water repellent

We have gathered some of the best motorcycle visor water repellent so that you can quickly find the best one for you.


  • Improves water repellency
  • Hydrophobic treatment
  • Durable coating
Best Rated

  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Latest Nanotechnology
  • Automatic Film Formation
Top Rated

  • Long lasting formula
  • Rigorously tested
  • Made in USA


This option requires a bit of investment but does the job perfectly. A pin lock visor is an additional interchangeable insert that is made of such material that contains water-absorbing properties. It reacts like a sponge when in contact with water.

There is also a pocket of air in between the visors which act as a temperature insulator for the helmet. Its an extra investment but totally worthy of your investment. The choice is yours whether you want to invest in a seamless and secure riding experience or not.


Chamois leather is widely used for drying, and buffing vehicles surfaces around the world because of its active drying and absorbing properties. Its an elastic material and can be reused for an extended period of time. 

It’s a must-have for instant drying of the helmet visor. It is not expensive and commonly used method for such purposes.


There are several types of motorbike glove that are designed in a way so you can wipe your helmet visor with it. Different designs have different pros and cons. You can search them online and can compare them to find one better suitable for your specific need. 

Here we will recommend the best gloves for this.


A film coating is another way to waterproof your helmet visor. It can be dustproof or waterproof or in some cases both. 

You can apply it to your helmet visor to do the job.


Rubbing a slice of potato onto your helmet visor also helps to a certain extent in low shower rain. In heavy rains, this method is sometimes not very effective but worthy of mentioning. 

Tilting your head sideways while driving can also wipe water from a helmet. But in case of fast wind, it is too dangerous since a slight mistake can cause an accident so be cautious.


To prevent the inside helmet visor from fogging, always wear a face mask and bottleneck. This will cover the heat expelling out from your body which results in fogging the visor from inside and hinders the vision. 

This may cause you to stop again and again to wipe it which is not a permanent fix since it will fog again when you start to travel. In this scenario, a well-designed helmet comes in which they have built-in vents for fog prevention mechanism. Use anti fog agents when needed.

Final thoughts

With all said and done, riding a bike in rains is a fun experience but a dangerous one too. So take precautions seriously while driving a motorbike in such conditions. I would suggest not to ride in the rain if you cant follow these precautions.

In some countries, it is more of a necessity than a joy ride because a vast percentage of our population uses motorbike as their daily commute. Share this article to make them aware of the aforementioned risk and their solutions so you and your loved ones can be safe. The vast majority of people are careless, which results in accidents. The main reason for writing this article is to spread awareness amongst the motorbike riders.

We have provided you with all possible solutions of how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor. Now it is up to you how to act on them to be safe on-road and create a safe road environment for other traveling alongside you. All the suggested solutions are readily available if not, then you can mention in comments we will provide those products which you need.

That’s it for today stay safe spread positiveness and be happy.

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