how to install bluetooth speakers in motorcycle helmet

How to Install Bluetooth Speakers in Motorcycle Helmet (step by step guide)

how to install bluetooth speakers in motorcycle helmetMotorbike riders are fond to make their rides more thrilling and enjoyable. 

If you love music or want to be connected with your fellows, you’ll definitely need a Bluetooth speaker. 

Now there are helmets out there with integrated Bluetooth speakers, but these helmets are costly. You can simply add Bluetooth speakers and headset to your regular helmet by following some simple steps. 

In this article, I will give you guidance on how to install Bluetooth speakers in motorcycle helmet.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Install Bluetooth Speakers in Motorcycle Helmet

Suitable headset

The first step is to find out the best suitable headset based on your riding style and needs.

We have a list of Best Bluetooth headsets so that you can quickly and easily find the best one for you. 

All the Bluetooth speakers will not install well into your helmet. So make sure to check out for the speakers that will fit well in the type of helmet you have. 

Whether you have a full-face helmet or a half helmet, the installation process for all types of the helmet is the same, and only the microphone will change. 

If you wear a half helmet, you’ll need to buy a headset with a microphone to fulfill communication purposes.


Now you must be wondering where should you add the speakers inside the helmet. 

In my opinion, the ideal place to install your Bluetooth speakers is the sides of your helmet. Here the speakers will be in direct contact with your ears, consequently, you’ll be able to hear clearly.

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Bluetooth Unit Installation

The Bluetooth unit should be installed in between the inner EPS liner and the shell of the helmet. 

  • Usually, a mounting plate is tied to the Bluetooth unit. 
  • Remove the unit from the mounting plate, as we first have to install the mounting plate. 
  • Now slide the plate in between the shell and the liner. 
  • Plugin the microphone and the speakers into the center unit before installing it. 
  • Lastly, with any supplied hardware, make sure to connect the unit to the back of the base plate. 
  • Now install the Bluetooth unit and make sure to charge the battery up to 100 percent.

Microphone Installation

For your full-face helmet, you’ll need to install a wired mic on the chin guard, just in front of your mouth. 

These microphones come with Velcro, which you have to mount in a good spot that doesn’t have any vents. 

Then stick your microphone to that Velcro. 

Route the extra wire underneath the cheek pads to keep it out of the way and keep a clean look.

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Mounting The Speakers

Now we are ready to mount the speakers. In order to do that, we need to remove any type of cheek pads. 

Most helmets with removable cheek pads will have pockets to which you can install the speakers. Put the Velcro backing in these pockets and then install the speakers in that slot.

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Now remove the headliner and hide the extra cables out of the way underneath this liner and reinstall the headliner. 

It is the easiest and comfortable way because you will not have to tape or tie anything down. 

This will prevent any feeling of something poking your head, as the headliner will hold all the wiring in place. In the end, you’ll get a very seamless look.

Helmet Donut

If you are working on a table or any hard surface, you will need to protect your helmet first. 

I recommend using a helmet donut, which is a piece of rubber on which you will set your helmet to prevent any scratches or chipping off any of the vents or spoilers. 

If you don’t have a helmet donut, then use a rolled bath towel, as it will work the same for you.


Mounting a Bluetooth speaker is not going to be impossible for you after this guide. By following this step by step procedure you can install the Bluetooth speakers in your helmet without any hassle. Now you can enjoy your ride by listening to your favorite tunes or being connected with your fellow riders.

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