How to customize your own motorcycle helmet

How to Customize Your Own Motorcycle Helmet (6 Great Ideas)

How to customize your own motorcycle helmetWe all love to play around with our looks to be unique and different from others around us. Motorbike helmets available in the market are all of the same common designs, and you must have got bored of seeing them.

To make your helmet unique, and to get a next-level look, you need to learn how to customize a helmet your own way. 

You’ll not have to throw away your old helmet, as it can be transformed into a brand new customized helmet. But you have to make sure that it meets all the safety standards along with being trendy, as safety should always be your priority.  

There are many ways you can transform your helmet. You can do it in both reasonable and pricey ways such as you can alter the color by painting it, add a sticker, or airbrush it. You can get it done by the professionals, or you can do it yourself as well if you have a creative soul.

Now the method you want to choose for the modification of your helmet will be according to your skills, the target look you want to get, and the time you have for this task.

Note that, the customized helmet must be the one that represents you and appeals to you the most. Here I have recommended some ideas for the game-changing modifications of your helmet.

Here are 6 amazing ideas through which you can customize your own motorcycle helmet at home.

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6 Great Ideas on How to Customize your Own Motorcycle Helmet

Paint job

By giving your helmet a paint job, you can customize it according to your own will. You will find helmets in many colors out there, but if you want a specific helmet design in your desired color that will look cool on you then you should go for a paint job.

  • First, you have to remove all the hardware, like visor, pads, lining, and straps.
  • Then, clean the helmet’s outer surface thoroughly to remove dirt and dust.
  • Cover the parts you don’t want to paint.
  • Now, sand the helmet to remove the outer shell’s coating, so that the paint you are going to apply will stick better on it.
  • Finally, apply the paint color you love the most.
  • You can also airbrush your helmet if you don’t have any experience of the painting. I recommend approaching professionals for airbrushing.

Before selecting any paint, make sure to find out what type of material is your helmet made of, for the reason that it must be compatible with your helmet’s material. Contact the manufacturers or check their website if you are not sure about it. 

We have added a YouTube video so that you can get help regarding painting of motorcycle helmet. 

Stencil designs

Stencil designs can give a chic look to your lid too. Turn your imaginations into a reality, and innovate unique stencil designs to show your distinct style.

These handmade stencils must be neat and you should focus on the detailing to get the desired result. You’ll just need paper and tape to create the stencil designs. This is an easy way to add customized designs to your helmet.

Seal the paint job

As a final point, you’ll have to seal the paint job by applying a few coats of urethane, and then buff it when it dries out. It will give a glossy finish to your helmet, and protect the paint you’ve applied earlier.

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Stickers and decals

You can also add some cool stickers or decals to the painted helmet to make it more appealing. This is the quickest way to customize your helmet, as many different stickers and decals in various different colors and designs are available at the market.

  • Clean the surface on which you want to apply the decals, as any dirt etc. can make proper adhesion problematic.
  • Put on the decals with great care to prevent bubbles and wrinkles.
  • If there are, any wrinkles and bubbles, apply gentle pressure from the middle towards the sides to get rid of them.

Helmet skins

One more affordable way to customize your helmet is to use the helmet skins. These skins are different from decals as they cover the whole helmet and you can change the look entirely by applying helmet skin. It also protects the helmet’s outer surface from scratches etc.


Pinstriping is applying thin lines of paints or pinstripes. Professionals use a specific pinstriping brush to make designs. If you have done it before, then it will be really affordable and easy for you to design your helmet this way. If you don’t have any pin striping experience then you should leave the job for professionals.

It is a very delicate process to decorate your equipment and there are different types of pinstriping. You can google it to get some more idea about this technique.

There are many eye-catching designs to choose from, and you can craft your own design as well. It will give your helmet a very unique and trendy look.


Customizing your helmet is a great idea to get an individual and matchless look. You’ll wear your helmet with love if you have a helmet of its own unique kind. But don’t take a risk of doing something wrong to your helmet if you don’t know the correct technique, or you lack appropriate skill. 

As it can ruin or damage the whole helmet, and you’ll end up with a worst looking helmet. So it is better to get your helmet customized by professionals in that case in order to save your time and money.

If your have an question or suggestion related to customization of motorcycle helmet, you can comment us here. We will try to help you out.