How to Clean a Football Helmet

How to Clean a Football Helmet?

In this article, we will discuss ways to remove all the scratches and marks from your helmet, how you can remove the colors that are caused by playing a game or season, and how to restore your helmet to its original state. Dirt, grime, and some marks from the opposing team can get on your helmet, so in this article I will explain how to wash it, clean it. Additionally, if you removed the decals, you know that there is a lot of adhesive on the underside, and I will show you how to remove that as well. Now let’s get started. 

Items needed

Avoid using abrasive cleaning pads on the helmet as they will scratch the exterior and damage the soft interior surfaces. It would be fine to use a microfiber pad or simply an old cotton T-shirt.

Make sure you use a gentle detergent. The dishwashing liquid will easily remove dirt without leaving harmful residue that could irritate your skin.

There is also a product called Goo Gone adhesive remover, which makes it possible to remove a lot of scuff marks without damaging the paint. So it will not damage the paint on a helmet. 

Last but not least, spraying a disinfectant on your helmet is your best bet for killing the bacteria that build up in your helmet over time.

How to Clean a Football Helmet

It’s easy to clean a football helmet, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you wish to clean your football helmet at home, here’s how to do it.

Remove the inner paddings

It is important to do this before you wash your helmet. As you are not washing the rest of the parts yet, you don’t want to get them wet.

Therefore, you should take off the helmet’s chin strap, ear pads, and other components before you clean it. Make sure that they are as safe as possible so that you don’t need to end up looking for them later.

Using a soap solution

Add a bit of dishwashing liquid or any mild liquid soap to warm water to make a soap solution.

Clean the helmet surface with a soft cloth dipped in the soap mixture. Scrub it off with a soft cloth or paper towel. Even though the marks probably won’t come off, you should scrub as thoroughly as you can to avoid using goo gone.

Run it under warm water to remove all the soap, and then dry it. Most likely, you can remove everything with soap and water. But if you can’t, we’ll show you how to remove everything, including the sticky glue underneath the decals, by using Goo Gone. 

Removing marks with Goo Gone

Take a tiny bit of Goo Gone on a cotton pad. This stuff should only be used a little bit. You can add more if the pad dries up. 

Rub this on the surface of the helmet to get rid of all the marks and adhesives. With goo gone, your helmet gets thoroughly cleaned, and the paint, shell, and decal are not damaged. 

That’s how you clean a football helmet’s outer shell, and it’s the best method for keeping all your helmets like new.

Cleaning the inside

Next, wash the interior thoroughly to remove heavy deposits of dirt and debris. Be aware of sweat accumulating areas, which can create an unpleasant odor.

Scrub the pad with a rag dipped in soapy water. Then use a clean damp cloth to rinse it.

As a final step, spray a disinfectant spray on the helmet pad to remove any bacteria that may have gotten into it through our body cells. Leave the spray on the pad until it is completely dry. 

To prevent damage to the pads, it is best to allow the helmet to air dry.


That’s all you need to know about how to clean a football helmet. You should clean your football helmet regularly. Make it a habit to take care of your football equipment so it will take good care of you.

 Do not let bacteria causing skin irritations, Staph infections, or MRSA hold you back. Therefore, clean and dry your football helmet after each use.

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