How to Carry a Passenger Helmet on a Motorcycle

How to Carry a Passenger Helmet on a Motorcycle

A helmet is indispensable gear for the safety of every motorist out there. If you often ride alone, then carrying your own helmet may not be a hassle for you. However, let’s say you are going out on your motorcycle, and any of your friends or family members ask you to pick him/her up later, then you’ll certainly need to carry a passenger helmet, for the reason that taking all the safety precautions for your back rider is as crucial as it is for your own self.

Seeing that carrying a passenger helmet is important, the correct placement of the helmet is equally mandatory too. If you don’t know how to place it properly, you can cause some severe damage to your spare helmet. To avoid such incidents, read this blog post thoroughly, where we have presented some perfect ways to illustrate how to carry a passenger helmet on a motorcycle.

Cargo net

You can choose from different styles and sizes of cargo nets available on the market and online. It is a type of net made of durable and thick elastic codes, and there are hooks on its edges. A thick rubber coating on this net prevents any scratches on your bike.

The use of this net is incredibly easy. Firstly set your helmet on the rear seat, and then spread the net evenly over your helmet. Now, hook the edger tightly to secure your helmet on the motorcycle. You can also alter the length of the cargo net according to the size of your helmet. Make sure not to leave any slack to prevent the helmet from slipping off during the ride.

Use the hooks under your bike’s passenger seat

Have you ever wondered why there are hooks under the passenger seat of your motorcycle? If you don’t know the function of these hooks, then you’ll be glad to know you can use them to carry a passenger helmet.

All you have to do is to open up the seat and link your helmet straps over any of the two hooks. Now leave the helmet hanging on the side of your bike, and set the seat back in place. Place a soft cloth underneath the helmet to prevent it from scratching off your motorbike.

This is the easiest way to carry a helmet on your bike, plus, for this method, you don’t need to buy anything to place a helmet securely on your bike, and in this way, you can save those extra bucks.

Helmet backpacks

Another most effortless and safe option for carrying the extra helmet is the helmet backpacks. You’ll have enough space in this kind of backpack to place a full-face helmet. These days, helmets are made of fiberglass and thermoplastics, which makes them lighter and easier to carry around no matter how long you’ll ride on your bike. Just keep your helmet in the helmet-carrying backpack, then zip and lock it up securely. Now, you are ready to go.

Grab rails

If your cruiser comes with the rear grab rails, you can easily attach your helmet to them by using the helmet’s D-ring straps. You can also buy the grab rails if you don’t have them for free with your motorbike. Also, keep in mind that your helmet should be tightened enough so that it remains in place and doesn’t dangle around to scratch your bike or reach the bike’s exhaust pipes.

Use saddlebags

You can use any saddlebag with sufficient space to carry the passenger helmet easily. These are of different modifications, including leather, canvas saddlebags, and hard panniers. You can get any of them that suit your choice, but make sure to get one with adequate space for your helmet.

Caddy or carrier straps

Caddy strap or helmet carrier strap is made of nylon material and comes with two D-rings, using which is a pie. Take out the passenger seat and place the carrier straps in that area. Now set the seat back and keep your helmet on the seat. Then secure the D-rings of the caddy straps across the helmet’s chin straps.

Motorcycle tail bag

A hard shell tail bag is an ideal choice for carrying a passenger helmet. You can store your full-face or half-shell helmet in it without any hassle. Also, it can serve as a comfortable backrest for your passenger, and also the hard shell will enhance the security of your helmet.

Oxford lidlash bag

This is a product by Oxford in which you get a bag for a helmet with straps. Just keep your helmet inside the bag and fit the straps under the passenger seat. In this way, your helmet will rest securely inside the bag on the rear seat. This is a great thing to use for a spare helmet, as wearing a bag all the time is not so comfy.

If you want to get an Oxford Lidlash bag, you can order one from the oxford website.

Hang the passenger helmet on your arm

If you are in a rush, and the fellow you are going to pick lives nearby, then you can use this method to carry the extra helmet. Just pass your hand through the chin straps of your helmet and slide until it reaches your elbow. Adjust the straps to tighten your helmet securely. However, this method is not so safe, as if you, unfortunately, got in an accident and landed on that arm, it can cause you some serious injuries.

Final words

Voila! Now you would certainly have got an answer to your query on how to carry a passenger helmet on your motorcycle securely. You can follow any of the above-listed methods that suit you well. Though, always make the safety of your helmet and motorcycle your first priority.