How much does a football helmet cost

How Much Does a Football Helmet Cost?

Despite its high action level and physical demands, football is still one of the most popular sports in the world. When playing football, there is a high risk for head injuries, so you need to wear an NFL helmet designed to provide adequate protection.

Therefore, football helmets are the most essential protective gear for players, since they provide your head with full-on protection against unfortunate impacts that may result in serious injury.

Football helmets are typically made from padded leather, and most have a visor to protect the eyes from glare as well as bars that protect the face. As these helmets come in different designs and sizes, you can pick one that meets your needs. 

“How much does a football helmet cost?” is likely to be one of the first questions on anyone’s mind when shopping around for NFL helmets. Give this blog post a thorough read if you have the same question in mind!

How much does a football helmet cost?

Depending on the model and condition, football helmets might cost as little as $45 or as much as $400.Youth helmets cost roughly 30 percent less than varsity helmets.

On Riddell’s website, the youth helmet costs $109 to $200, whereas they sell an average varsity helmet for $279 to $425.

A CBS Sports article revealed that Baylor University spent approximately $600 to $700 on each college football helmet, and Mississippi State spent just over $500 per helmet.

Moreover, the University of Nebraska spends $340, including decals, on their helmets, according to Business Insider.

For a basic recruit helmet, such as the Recruit YFS, the retail price can range from $35 to $50. On the other hand, the Shutt Youth ION helmet, which comes with a different type of padding, can cost $250 to $300.

Different kinds of football helmets

Football helmets come in a variety of types. A football helmet can be a college football helmet, NFL helmet, high school football helmet, etc. Now let’s look at some helmet prices according to their type.

High school helmet

Consider spending a little more than usual if you’re going to a high school football tournament. As compared to ordinary football helmets, they will provide more safety. To answer your question, you should expect to pay between $1000 and $1500 for a high school football helmet.

NFL Helmet

It is important to know what an NFL football helmet is before you consider how much it costs. It is an official helmet that the NFL requires you to wear. NFL football helmet prices range from $120 to $400 depending on the model.

Helmets for college football

A college player’s helmet price is influenced by their position and their style of play. An average college football helmet costs around $340.

Professional Helmets Replica  

The cost of Replica helmets generally starts at $50, and it can be as high as $200. It depends, though, on its brand and team logo whether the replica professional helmet will cost more or less.

Football helmet by Riddell

Riddle produces the best helmets on the market. From Riddle, you can get a helmet that has all the latest features and is of high quality. Prices for Riddell football helmets range from as low as $24.95 to as high as $499.00.

Are there any extra costs?

A helmet can be customized with a different color, and based on the paint used, it can cost you around $35 to $75 per helmet. 

Further, the facemask design can also be customized for an additional $35 to $65. You can buy decals and stickers for the helmet for anything between $5 and $30, based on your choice. For your helmet to look new, you will need to recondition it from time to time, which will cost you about $20 to $30.

Also, an additional $45 to $80 may be required to add a visor attachment, and an additional five to twenty dollars can be spent on chin straps.  An example is the highly regarded Riddell Speedflex chin strap, which costs about $20.

What can I do to save money? 

You can also save a few bucks while purchasing a football helmet.

Consider looking for coupons before making a purchase, especially if you are going through the official retailer’s website.

Buying in bulk can often result in a discount of up to a certain percentage offered by most manufacturers.


Football helmets vary in price based on the model, size, and color. Also, the materials used in its construction affect its price. Additional safety features can also make football helmets more expensive than standard helmets.

However, you can still purchase a decent helmet without spending a fortune. We hope this article has helped you figure out how much you can expect to pay for a football helmet.