Do you need a helmet for a moped?

Do You Need a Helmet for a Moped?

If you are a moped rider and you want to know, “Do I need to wear a helmet while riding on a moped or scooter?” then you are on the right spot.

Moped or scooter helmet laws differ from state to state. Each state of the US has its own obligations for whether or not scooter or moped riders need a helmet or not.

There is a new law for moped helmets, in which helmets are obligatory for the riders who use motorized scooters under the age of 18. So at present, motorized scooter riders must have to wear a helmet.

If the state you live in does not have any scooter helmet laws, you can check with your country and city because they also have their rules in place.

For the solution to the question “Do I need a helmet for riding on a moped or scooter” the simple answer is YES!! You need a helmet for a moped or scooter. WHY??? Because helmets are essential gears for the protection of riders. The majority of riders die in crashes because of severe head injuries. By using a helmet, 50% of the chances of head injuries may get reduced.

However, there is no difference in the severity of head injuries between motorcycle, moped, or scooter accidents. So, if you are riding without a helmet at a slow speed and you think that you are riding safely, you are wrong and still have to wear a helmet. Because without a helmet, there is no guarantee that you will be safe after an accident.

Manufacturers and researchers of the helmet are still focusing on helmet safety for riders. And they are designing innovative features for improving the rider’s safety in case of any mishap.

What is a moped?

A moped is a vehicle that is used for transportation purposes. The word moped is relevant to a small motorcycle with both bicycle pedals and a motorcycle engine. It is a two-wheeled vehicle with a low-powered motor engine. It is equipped with bicycle-like pedals, which help the rider push the vehicle by starting the motor.

Usually, a moped has an engine smaller than 50cc, and it can reach a maximum speed of 28mph. On highways, moped can’t be used because of their very low-speed, and also they are unable of keeping up with the traffic due to which they will cause a risk for you; hence, you must keep them to the city side.


Is Helmet necessary for moped riding?

The moped is used in almost all the urban sites across the globe. But, each state and country has its own instructions about whether you should wear a helmet while riding a moped or not.  

In many states, it is illegal to ride a moped without a helmet; some places want specific age requirements, while in some states, it is all on your own choice whether you are interested in wearing the one. Since a moped sometimes reaches a speed of up to 28mph, crashing with other vehicles without a helmet might result in severe injuries.

Our view about wearing a helmet

We advise you to wear a helmet to protect your skull and brain, which is the central part of your body. Without a brain, a person cannot survive, and it is better to be safe than sorry. You need to be serious about wearing a helmet, and it is not an option that can be ignored.

Researchers studied 6000 bike-related injuries, and after that, they learned that up to 52% of risks of brain injuries and 44% chances of death could be reduced after wearing a helmet. So don’t play a game with your life, and use a helmet to protect yourself.

moped helmet

Differences between moped and scooter helmets

Many people ask the question that is there a difference between helmets used for moped and a scooter? The simple answer to this question is, No! There is not any significant difference between both moped and scooter helmets.

Moped riders can choose any type or style of helmet, including half helmets, open face helmets, and full-face helmets. Moreover, the style of helmet for a moped or a scooter rider is entirely down to the rider’s choice.


There are many places across the world where riding a moped without wearing a helmet is permissible. If you live in such an area, it is all up to you whether you want to wear it. We know it isn’t easy to carry a helmet everywhere you go, and a helmet might not suit your style, but for the sake of your safety, you must carry it.

Furthermore, helmets reduce the 50 percent risk of head injuries, as discussed above, so making a rule for yourself that you will not go on a moped riding without a helmet will guarantee that you will experience a comfortable and safe ride.

If you have your own moped, always keeping your helmet with your moped would be better. I hope this article has helped you to know why you need a helmet for a moped.