full face mountain bike helmet with removable chin bar

Best convertible full-face MTB helmet with removable chin bar

Full face mountain bike helmet with removable chin bar

We all know that a helmet is an essential equipment a bike rider should have. Now we have mainly two types of helmets, a full face MTB helmet, and an open face MTB helmet.

Some bikers choose a full face for better protection, as the open face helmet does not protect your face. But it is a good option for cross country riding and for climbing as these open face helmets are lightweight and cool.

However, if you are proceeding towards upraised biking experience, including severe descents, you should go for a full-face helmet, as these helmets are great for speedy and risky descents.

Full face helmets have better shock absorption, complex structure, and improved internal padding. The chin bar gives you 360-degree protection and confidence. But historically, the main issues riders had with these helmets were that these were heavy and less ventilated. Now, as the techniques of riding evolved, these helmets are also developed.

Since 2013-16 the design and structure of full-face helmets have changed a lot. They come with better exterior and improved internal liners. Moreover, a new feature has been introduced in the world of helmets, i.e., convertible helmets.

Today, in this modern world, we want everything to do multiple functions. A convertible helmet is made accordingly, as it is a multipurpose helmet. The chin guard of this type of helmet can be removed, so it becomes comfortable as any half shell helmet.

You can remove the chin bar while climbing and enjoy a lightweight, comfortable, and high coverage open face helmet. And chin guard can be attached while descending to have the safety of a full-face helmet because you don’t want any rock striking your face and causing some horrible injuries. So you get two helmets for the price of one.

We have listed some of the best convertible full face MTB helmets so that you can pick the best one without any trouble.

Here is the list of convertible full face mountain bike helmet with removable chin bar.

Comparison table for full face mountain bike helmet with removable chin bar

ProductBell Super 3R Bell Super Air RLeatt DBX 3.0Giro SwitchbladeBell Super DH
Product image
Safety featureMIPSSpherical MIPSCPSC certifiedMIPSSpherical MIPS
Visor YesYesYesYesYes

Vents23 helmet vents , 6 chin guard vents, 4 brow ports18 Helmet vents, 4 Brow ports, and 8 Chin Bar vents232019 Helmet vents, 2 Brow ports, and 4 Chin Bar vents
Adjustable Float fit systemAdjustable Roc Loc Air DH fit systemDial retention system
Downhill certifiedNoNoNoYesYes
Removable chin barYesYesYesYesYes
Other featuresX-Static padding, CPSC certified, Accommodates both goggles and glassesbreakaway camera mount, X-static padding 3D molded impact foam with 360 degree turbine system. ASTM downhill safety certification, spare visorGoggles and glasses adaptable visor, breakaway camera mount.

Bell Super 3R MIPS

Bell Super 3R is an admirable helmet for both full face and open face forms. The detachable chin bar is excellent and can be attached effortlessly. It has a better visor setup.

If you want to use a convertible helmet mainly without chin guard, and going to use it as a full-face helmet occasionally, then bell super 3R is the best option for you. It’s an affordable and versatile helmet offering two functions in one gear.

The fit system of this helmet is impressive, as it fits on your head in a significant way and feels super comfortable. Besides, it is much lighter than other convertible helmets, so you are not distracted by it, and you can entirely focus on your trail riding. Despite being lightweight, it is strong enough to give you the utmost safety.

Usually, people don’t prefer convertible helmets as they are way too hot then the open face helmets. But bell super 3R is a lot more cooler than other full-face helmets, even with the chin bar. When the chin bar is removed, your ears are uncovered so you can hear better and maintain the right balance. The internal padding can also be removed for washing.

As we know that this helmet is not a fully certified downhill helmet, but you can trust it as it offers excellent coverage and protection for your face and head in any crash.


  • Over brow ventilation.
  • 23 helmet vents , 6 chin guard vents, 4 brow ports.
  • MIPS technology
  • CPSC certified helmet
  • In-mold construction, bonds the outer polycarbonate shell to inner EPS liner
  • Both goggles and glasses can be accommodated on the adjustable visor of this helmet
  • It has X-Static padding, made up of quick drying material
  • Removable chin bar, easy 3 step detachment, no tools are required to detach it.
  • It weighs just 784gm. 
  • It’s not too heavy on your head and it’s quite durable despite being light weight.
  • Easily detachable chin guard, no tools needed.
  • Adjustment mechanism is incredible; the helmet fits perfectly on your head.
  • Pads can be removed for washing.
  • It’s not excessively hot like other convertible helmets, and has lots of ventilation.
  • Can’t be reused after large impacts, but it’s right for all the helmets out there.

Bell Super Air R MIPS

Bell Super Air R is a progression of super 2R and 3R helmets, and it’s much lighter than these, having a removable chin bar of latest design, spherical MIPS technology, and better ventilation. Its looks are much better than it’s forerunners, having a range of attractive colors, hence providing riders one stylish helmet to enjoy every type of riding.

A matter of interest for all mountain bike riders is that whether the helmet they are going to buy stays cool during a ride or not. So in this regard, this helmet performs a great job as it allows a pretty good amount of airflow around your head, having a total of 26 vents, including the chin bar vents.

The helmet fits comfortably on your head due to its Float Fit system, and you can fit glasses and goggles easily, in both half shell and full-face modes. It has a PC shell fused to the internal foam, which is in-mold construction, which makes it a very lightweight helmet.

Moreover, it features a breakaway camera mount, X-static padding that prevents bacteria and fungi growth, and an adjustable visor.


  • Fusion in-mold construction
  • CPSC bicycle certification
  • Flex spherical MIPS technology
  • It has four brow ports,18 helmet vent and eight chin bar vents
  • Full-face mountain bike helmet with removable chin guard.
  • It only weighs 640gms
  • It fits well on a variety of heads due to Float fit system.
  • Excellent airflow having a lot of ventilation.
  • Comfortable and lightweight full-face helmet with a detachable chin bar.
  • Not a DH and ASTM certified helmet.

Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro

Leatt is a well-known brand of motorcycle and mountain bike gear, and DBX 3.0 is its first convertible helmet. This helmet has sufficient airflow, having 24 vents and internal channeling. At the same time, it’s a very light helmet, and it feels super comfortable as it doesn’t put a lot of weight on your head like other full-face helmets. It also fits well, not having any hot spots.

The chin guard can easily be detached because it has a dual latch system for attachment and detachment. For safety purposes, Leatt has produced a 3D molded impact foam with a 360-degree turbine system for reducing the risk of concussion up to 30%, and the rotational impact forces up to 40%. That’s quite amazing. It also has a moisture absorbing, washable and anti-odor cheek padding.

Furthermore, DBX 3.0 is a CPSC certified helmet with detachable chin guard and the features as mentioned earlier, so who would not be willing to get it for great biking experience.


  • Removable chin bar, to switch the helmet from an uphill to downhill helmet effortlessly.
  • 23 vents are there to provide maximum ventilation.
  • Outer PC shell and 3D molded impact foam with 360-degree turbine technology.
  • This helmet is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 Standards
  • It’s a very lightweight and airy helmet in this category.
  • Fits well and very comfortable, as it doesn’t have any hot spots.
  • Installing and removing the chin piece is pretty easy.
  • Not downhill certified like giro switchblade or bell super DH. But it’s much more airy and light weight than these.

Giro Switchblade MIPS

Giro switchblade is the very first convertible helmet introduced in1998. But the new version launched in 2016 is a very upgraded helmet, and it’s very different from the old one. It is not only downhill certified, but it looks much better too.

So this helmet has a convenience of detachable chin piece combined with ASTM downhill safety certification. It also has MIPS safety technology, so in terms of safety, this helmet is a trustworthy gear.

It is the best option for riders who are going to climb a steep hill and wants maximum security while descending. It’s a unique, reliable, and durable, heavy-duty helmet, just like any standard DH helmet. It gives you the best coverage even when it’s in open face mode.

The Roc Loc fit system combined with the chin strap allows you to fit the helmet snugly on your head. A spare visor also comes with it, and recording equipment, such as a camera, can be accommodated on this visor. It has hydrophilic padding that absorbs moisture very well.

Giro Switchblade is not the lightest option among all hybrid helmets. Additionally, only the front portion of the chin bar can be detached, so it has extra coverage over-ears even when the chin guard is removed. As a result, this helmet is hot, but the additional safety it offers you is remarkable.


  • Easily detachable chin guard
  • MIPS technology with ASTM and CPSC certification
  • Roc Loc fit system makes it a good fit for you
  • It has an extra visor with a camera mount
  • Antimicrobial, hydrophilic X-static padding
  • It has 20 vents as well as internal channels, and cheek pad wind tunnel ventilation.
  • Comes in 3 different sizes and six unique colors
  • It’s a convertible helmet with downhill certification.
  • It gives you the most exceptional protection with or without chin piece.
  • The visor is adjustable, and you also get a spare visor with a camera mount.
  • Indeed an excellent fit helmet having enough ventilation.
  • It can easily be switched between full face and open face helmet.
  • Hot and heavy helmet, but it’s strong more than enough to protect you well.

Bell Super DH MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet

Bell Super DH is the topmost helmet that is manufactured by Bell. It is the improved version of the bell super 3R, as it is entirely downhill certified. It offers adequate protection in both full face and half shell modes.

So it is the best pick both with and without chin guard, as it can be switched easily from full face to open face helmet. It’s a great option if you are planning a mountain bike trip, and you don’t want to carry two separate helmets.

This helmet is very lightweight and well-ventilated. It consists of 19 vents and deep internal channels, which results in better airflow that keeps your head fresh and cool. You will feel comfortable while wearing this helmet as it has a dial retention system so you can fit it according to your head size, and you don’t have to be dependent upon the pad adjustment only.

It also has a sweat guide padding that prevents sweat from dripping into your eyes. The visor of this helmet is adjustable, and both glasses and goggles can be accommodated under it.

For safety purpose, a MIPS spherical system is there in this helmet, that reduces the stress to the brain during a crash. It also has a camera mount that breaks away in case of an impact to decrease the risk of injuries.

One thing that is not so likely about this helmet is that it’s chin guard is large and bulky when detached, so you need a backpack to carry it with you, and it can’t be reattached without taking off the helmet.


  • Ventilation: It has 19 helmet vents, 4 chin guard vents and two brow ports.
  • It’s a CPSC, ASTM (BMX) and ASTM(Downhill) certified helmet.
  • MIPS spherical system is present in it.
  • Construction: In-mold polycarbonate shell fused with inner liner
  • Sweat guide pad, X static padding made up of quick drying material.
  • Goggles and glasses adaptable visor.
  • Easily detachable chin guard, no tools needed
  • It weighs 487gm without chin bar and 850gms with chin guard.
  • This helmet also has a breakaway camera mount.
  • Spherical MIPS technology and in-mold PC shell makes it a strong helmet.
  • Due to removable chin bar, it can be used in half shell mode as well.
  • It offers complete protection in half shell mode as well, with great ventilation.
  • It’s fully ASTM downhill certified helmet.
  • Chin guard is huge and bulky when detached.
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