Can Cardo Connect to Other Brands?

Can Cardo Connect to Other Brands?

There is no problem connecting your Cardo device with another brand, so if you’re wondering if you can use other brands with your Cardo device, then yes, you can. Cardo intercom systems have universal connectivity. You can pair it with any Bluetooth system from Cardo or another leading brand.

How to connect a non-Cardo headset?

You can pair your headset with a non-Cardo device by following these steps: 

1. Set up your intercom pairing

2. Press the button on the phone to initiate Cardo Gateway connection

3. Pair your mobile phone with the other unit 

4. Wait until the pairing is complete

How does universal intercom work?

Let’s look at how cross-brand pairing, or universal intercom, as most brands refer to it, works. All brands which can pair up with any other brand do it the very same way. As soon as you grasp the concept, it applies to every brand you own. 

When you pair a cardo headset with another cardo headset, it is treated as if both of them were intercom interfaces. You can hear the other headset by pressing the intercom button. 

Every time you pair one brand with another, though, you’re basically hacking into that brand’s mobile phone pairing slot. That means that if you go into Universal pairing mode, the other headset you want to pair with must be in mobile phone pairing mode since it believes it’s paired with a mobile phone. 

Commonly, people try to pair their headsets with Universal intercom pairing mode in both headsets, which will always fail. This makes sense, but it is not the right thing to do, and it won’t work. Because both of them are trying to access a cell phone slot they don’t have, this isn’t how it’s supposed to work. 

When you have two headsets with Universal intercom pairing mode, you have to decide which one will have a cell phone slot. If your cardo packtalk goes into universal pairing mode, the other headset it’s paired with must go into mobile phone pairing mode. This relationship will be treated as a real intercom by Cardo Packtalk. By doing this, it will trick the other headset into thinking it has been paired with a cellphone.

Multiple intercom pairings

What if there are more than two of you? How do you decide what to do?


That’s simple! Let’s say we have two cardo headsets and one Sena headset. Now when we have Cardo-Cardo-Sena, choose the brand that is most represented within your group to be the brand hacking into the other brand.

In hacking, the universal pairing mode hacks into the mobile phone slot of the other brand. It is the only way to achieve cross-brand pairing. Two headsets of the same brand would treat their pairing as a true intercom pairing. Other brand devices would, however, assume it is connected to a mobile phone. Now all three of these would talk, and we’d have a three-way intercom. 

Note – Another very important aspect of the Universal cross-branding pairing is that any headset on the market can be paired with only one headset of a different brand.

In other words, if you own a cardo headset, then it can talk with a bunch of different cardo headsets, but only with one other non-cardo headset. Hence, each member of your intercom group will be able to pair with one non-brand headset.

Final words 

With universal intercom pairing mode, you can pair Cardo with any other brand. In summary, universal intercom is always acquired the same way by every brand. One goes into universal pairing mode, while the other goes into mobile phone pairing mode. The one which gets the mobile pairing mode thinks it is paired to a cell phone when it is actually paired with the headset.

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