Can A Motorcycle Helmet Stop A Bullet?

Can a Motorcycle Helmet Stop a Bullet?

Imagine what will happen if you get in a crossfire while riding your motorcycle? Is your motorcycle helmet able to protect you in such an instance?

Can a motorcycle helmet stop a bullet? This is the question that matters the most, and you should know the answer for the sake of your safety. A simple answer is NO!!!!! A motorcycle helmet cannot stop a bullet.

In this blog post, we will give you the information about these questions in detail.

Are there any bulletproof motorcycle helmets?

We all know that helmets are becoming way more advanced day by day, and now they are capable of providing the utmost protection in all types of impacts. Yet, you might still wonder, are there any motorcycle helmet manufacturers making bulletproof helmets?

The answer to this question is self-evident. No, bulletproof motorcycle helmets do not exist to date. Although there are bullet-resistant helmets, still, they are not motorcycle helmets.

The motorcycle helmets can’t stop a bullet, and if someone fires a shot at it, the bullet will penetrate both the helmet and the head it is covering. Therefore, you can’t expect from a motorcycle helmet that it will protect you from gunfire.

Military motorcycle helmets

military helmet

The military motorcycle helmets are also not bulletproof. They can keep you safe from crash hazards, but they can’t do anything for bullets.

The most you can get from a military helmet is the deflection of light bullets. They are good against shrapnel and debris, and basically they are used for protection against these things. Moreover, in case of any mishap, these helmets will protect your head from severe injuries and concussions as well.

Even though there is one helmet that once stopped an AK-47 supposedly, but that helmet is not practical whatsoever due to its heaviness, and isn’t used widely.

Bullet’s impact VS helmet’s material

bullet on helmet

The impact force of a bullet varies due to many factors such as the power of the gun, the calibre, and the distance. Yet, the expected force of a bullet concentrated in the size of a dime area can be anywhere between 200 Feet/Lbs to over 600 Feet/Lbs.

While a motorcycle helmet is mainly built of fiberglass, plastic, carbon fiber, and high-density foam hence, the material of a helmet is not capable of stopping a bullet with such a high impact force.

Why should you wear a helmet?

You should wear a premium quality helmet for a lot of reasons. It will lessen the risk of life-ending and traumatic brain injuries in case of any motorcycle accident. Plus, a trendy helmet will look incredible on you; thus, improving and reflecting your personality.

Final thoughts

No doubt your motorcycle helmet will protect you in a crash effectively. In the event of a crash, the hard outer shell of a motorcycle helmet dissipates the impact forces across a greater area, and the interior foam absorbs the shock to a great extent.

However, a shot fired from a gun will instantly pierce both layers. In short, a motorcycle helmet is not bulletproof at all, as it can’t stop a bullet.