Best Womens Ski Helmet

Best Women’s Ski Helmet Reviews

Skiing can be dangerous if you do the wrong thing or are unlucky, but you can stay safe if you wear a helmet, ski responsibly, and learn how to ski effectively. There are a number of ski helmets that are unisex and can be worn by either men or women, but you can also find women’s-specific skiing helmets.

Although these models resemble men’s versions, they are more compact, have a smaller fit, and have different color schemes on the shells and liners. It’s very likely that there will be name changes, but the technology will stay the same, and so will the pricing.

In this article, we have listed some of the “best womens ski helmet”, to help you find the best one for you.

Top 6 Best Women’s Ski/Snowboard Helmets

Giro Aria MIPS Women’s Ski Helmet


Key Features

  • MIPS Spherical Hybrid Construction
  • CE EN1077 certified
  • Plush max padding
  • Seamlessly integrated shield
  • Vivid Lens Technology
  • Articulated shield
  • In Form 2 Fit system
  • Thermostat control

Modern look and performance features make this Giro snow helmet ideal for women seeking comfort and protection on the mountains. The helmet has a built-in VIVID shield that uses “Stack Vent” technology to fit under the brim. It has been designed to eliminate fogging and precisely fit your face, so you won’t face the issue of wind and snow entering the helmet during skiing. This helmet is the best option for those who wear glasses, as its shield can be pulled over and then lowered without any hassle. 

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Further, using MIPS’s ball-and-socket design, the spherical technology deflects impact energies from the brain by enabling the outer and inner liners to rotate readily, thereby reducing rotational energy during the crash. Furthermore, it does not allow skin contact with hard surfaces such as plastic or slip planes. Hence, you can rely on this helmet entirely in terms of your safety.

Vivid Lens Technology filters ultraviolet light while modifying blue light. In essence, it eliminates the fog and frees you up to concentrate on riding and spotting your line. 

Unlike the original, the In Form 2 Fit System offers a lower profile and lighter weight. Plus, you can get a custom fit in a matter of seconds even while wearing gloves, thanks to the new dial design that offers improved stability, and you can adjust the helmet up to 6 cm.

This helmet comes with Thermostat Control adjustable venting, which lets you easily adjust the airflow with a low-profile toggle button located on the outside, allowing you to regulate the inside temperature. It’s faster, easier, and more effective to keep you comfortable than any other system on the market.

Further, it comes with a hybrid construction, in which a durable ventilated hard upper shell is blended in with an inner shell made of in-mold construction, with sidewalls for additional strength and style. 

In other words, the helmet is built tough but is still lightweight. Furthermore, an impact-absorbing EPS liner is also included in the hybrid construction. Overall, this women’s snow helmet from Giro is an excellent choice for enjoying any adventure.

Why should you buy this?

In conjunction with ZEISS optics, Giro developed a patented lens technology called “Vivid” that enhances contrast and definition for a better view of snow. So you can concentrate better on your skiing with this helmet on.


  • Fits perfectly 
  • No matter how bright or dark it is, the lens is perfect. 
  • Lifting and lowering the lens is easy


  • Not found

Smith Optics Liberty MIPS Women’s Ski Helmet

Key Features

  • Aerocore construction
  • 20 vents with low-profile regulator slider
  • VaporFit adjustable sizing system
  • Hybrid Shell construction
  • MIPS technology
  • Smith’s removable and washable ear pads

The Smith Vantage inspires this new hybrid helmet, but a few updates make it more stylish. Aside from an in-mold bottom and hardtop shell, the Liberty has Aerocore constructionfor extra crush resistance without significantly increasing the weight. Thus, you can have peace of mind while skiing so that you can enjoy it more.  

With 20 vents, the air is thoroughly circulated, and a low-profile regulator slider controls the ventilation. Changing airflow is simple even with gloves on with this easy-to-use slider system. So, in cold weather conditions, you can block out all the external air and enjoy a warm helmet interior. 

Further, a VaporFit adjustable sizing system lets you adjust the fit to suit your head. In addition to excellent fit and ease of use, the VaporFit system has an integrated rotary dial adjustment system with molded elastic to provide the ultimate comfort. 

A total of five centimeters can be adjusted rotary on each VaporFit system. The attachment points also allow the system to be moved up and down and forward and backward. As a result, you can achieve an enhanced level of comfort through a customized and secure fit.

This helmet uses Hybrid Shell construction, a new category of helmet that combines lightweight, durable shells in one. Flyweight In-Mold technology is integrated with tough ABS hard-shell to optimize each material’s best features. 

Moreover, the Aerocore design enhances airflow, regulates temperature, prevents fogging, and improves impact resistance. There is a honeycomb composite material called Koroyd that provides better airflow and shock absorption.

What’s more, it comes with MIPS technology. So if you ever get into an unfortunate, sudden crash, the helmet will slide against your head, thus protecting you from fatal head injuries.

Smith’s earpads protect ears from the wind and weather during even the most challenging conditions. These earpads can be removed entirely on a warm spring day to reduce weight and achieve maximum cooling, as they are fully removable and can be machine washed.

Why should you buy this?

In addition to an in-mold inner and hard outer shell, the Liberty uses Aerocore technology to increase strength without increasing weight. So, you will be able to ski with peace of mind and enjoy it more. 


  • The most comfortable and warm ski helmet
  • Looks good 
  • Fits perfectly


  • After one season of use, the elastic holder for the goggles might pop off

Giro Avera Women’s Ski Helmet

Key Features

  • MIPS equipped
  • In-mold construction
  • In Form 2 Fit System
  • Stack vent technology
  • Thermostat control
  • CE EN1077 certification
  • Plush Max padding

Our next pick is this Giro Avera women’s snow helmet, known for its unique design inspired by smooth turns and landscapes in huge mountains. It will protect your head well with its MIPS technology and In-mold construction, and so, even if you have a tragic fall while skiing, the MIPS will reduce rotational forces and keep your brain safe.

Also, the in-mold construction combines the hard outer shell with the inner soft inner Polycarbonate shell for added sturdiness.

Moreover, thanks to its In Form Fit System and vertical tuning, you can get a customized fit. Since this helmet is easily adjustable, it’s suitable for wearing balaclavas, hats, and anything else underneath.

Like the others we reviewed earlier, this helmet comes with Thermostat Control, which allows you to control the temperature inside the helmet on the go. Thus, it can adapt to any terrain or weather condition.

In terms of comfort, the plush ear pads and the soft padding provide you with a feeling of warmth, making it very comfortable.

Giro’s stack vent technology is another incredible feature of this helmet. We all know that the top center vent of the goggle is responsible for letting warm air into the goggles and for fogging them up. It can blur your vision and put you at risk. Giro, therefore, introduced a stack vent on the goggle for fog prevention to ensure that they stay clear at all times. 

Furthermore, the breathability of the helmet is excellent so that you won’t feel suffocated inside it. Also, there’s no problem with hearing in this helmet, and overall it is a perfect, lightweight helmet with a pretty design for women.

Why should you buy this?

Wearing this will make you feel more confident since it is designed specifically for women, with a variety of vibrant colors.


  • Adjustable venting
  • Seamless compatibility
  •  Styling and details for women


  • Not found

Oakley MOD5 Women’s Ski/Snow Helmet

Key Features

  • Adjustable ventilation
  • BOA fit system
  • Fidlock buckle
  • Removable earpads
  • Modular Brim system
  • Goggle ventilation
  • ASTM F2040 plus CE EN1077 certifications

Strong as a mountain and engineered to meet the highest standards, MOD5’s performance is a real win-win for riders. For warm weather conditions, it exhausts all the hot air out of the helmet to maintain a cool inner temperature. However, if the weather turns cold, it comes with adjustable venting allowing you to stay warm and dry. Thus, the adjustable vents help keep you at a comfortable body temperature in all weathers.

Moreover, you won’t have to toggle with ill-fitting helmets anymore because this helmet comes with CBOA Fit System, which makes it fully adjustable to provide the ideal, snug, and comfy fit. So, this BOA adjustment system makes the helmet really hold on to your head and stay in place. 

The overall comfort level is high, and in addition to being comfortable, the helmet has enough room on the ear pads to accommodate prescription glass frames or earphones. 

The design is user-friendly, and you’ll get a quick latch system that works flawlessly and is extremely easy to use even when wearing gloves.

However, keep in mind, the MOD5 helmets are somewhat unusual in terms of sizing, so you will get a much larger helmet than usual if you get one. Therefore, if you wear a large size in other helmets, you should get a medium size in this one. 

Moreover, we appreciate the fact that they took hearing well into account when designing this helmet. Hence, you can hear equally well whether or not you have the helmet on.

Also, make sure to get the goggles that are compatible with this helmet, as it doesn’t fit well with all of them. It would be nice to pair the Oakley Flight Deck XM goggles with this helmet. All in all, the product is amazing, high quality, perfectly fitting, and last but not least, looks great!

Why should you buy this?

Provides a snug, comfortable fit with the BOA closure system that allows you to adjust it 270 degrees


  • Fully adjustable fit
  • Comfortable
  • User-friendly design


  • No MIPS

Giro Range MIPS Women’s Ski Helmet


Key Features

  • Thermostat control
  • Stack vent technology
  • Fidlock magnetic buckle
  • CE EN 1077 certified
  • MIPS equipped

First of its kind, the Giro Range MIPS boasts a custom fit that is integrated and built into the helmet. Thanks to its durable but semi-flexible design, its two-piece shell can expand and contract to fit the individual head shape of riders. The helmet’s shell can be naturally reformed rather than being tightened with a band. 

With this helmet from Giro, you get unmatched comfort as well as the sleekest, lowest-profile helmet ever designed. When tightened, it fits snuggly to your head and provides all-around comfort, and using this helmet will boost your skiing confidence.

The helmet includes everything else a top-notch helmet should have – MIPS protection and magnetic buckle enclosure, to name a few. As an added bonus, the helmet comes with an integrated camera mount, so it can be used with GoPro cameras without having a bracket permanently attached to your helmet. Your POV cameras are mounted securely and discretely, so you are always able to film or take them off and store them whenever you want.

Additionally, this helmet is equipped with XT2 anti-odor padding. XT2’s secret ingredient is pure silver, which acts as a natural, permanent anti-odor agent to keep the helmet feeling fresh and smelling nice.

Hard Shell construction makes the Giro Range a durable helmet that delivers excellent value for money. This product is constructed by molding a rugged outer shell and attaching it to an EPS foam liner.

Moreover, Fidlock’s magnetic snap helmet buckle has a pinch-free design and can be used one-handed. It combines the advantages of two different fastening concepts: strong magnets for easy opening and closing, together with a secure snap mechanism that ensures continuous locking.

In addition, MIPS-Multi-Directional Impact Protection System provides better protection when hitting curved surfaces. Functional and high-performing features, such as the adjustable venting system, MIPS® technology, stack vents, a Fidlock magnetic buckle closure, and an integrated POV camera mount make it the most popular helmet and a favorite of our riders.

Why should you buy this?

The two-piece shell of this helmet can expand and contract to fit the individual head shape of riders, making it a great choice for those looking for a great fit.


  • Low-profile design
  • Adjustable venting
  • Integrated POV camera mount


  • It muffles sound.

WildHorn Outfitters Women’s ski Helmet


Key Features

  • Audio ready
  • FTA secure fit knob
  • VNT patented ventilation system
  • Secure Goggle strap
  • 25% lighter than other helmets

If you’re looking for protection without spending a fortune and don’t ski too aggressively, WildHorn Outfitters Drift Snow helmet is a great option. Invest in this helmet if you want a good mid-range helmet. Although it’s not the same quality as other high-end helmets, it’s a solid choice if you don’t want to spend $100 or more.

It is super lightweight, and don’t ever underestimate how important this is. You won’t wear a helmet if it is too heavy or uncomfortable to wear.

The fit is amazing with this helmet, and make sure you measure your head before purchasing. Note that you should size up if your head circumference is close to the largest measurement. By doing so, you can get a comfortable fit, and this will also allow you to wear a thin beanie under it for warmth.

Drift snow and ski helmet feature VNT technology, which makes it possible to adjust the ventilation system according to the temperature. You can regulate the temperature climate for your head using direct and indirect airflow, as well as fully adjustable vents. When the vents are closed, the helmet is warm enough, but when open, it provides good airflow.

No helmet is more comfortable for skiers and snowboarders than this one. Insulation and comfort are guaranteed with the ultra-plush interior lining. Even while wearing gloves, the goggle holder, strap, and vents are easily operated.  

Also, it is equipped with audio-compatible ear pads, and they are also removable for warmer ski days. During colder weather, earpieces will keep your ears warm without being too tight. Additionally, the Drift has a Fine Tune Adjustment (FTA) system for micro-adjustments and a customized fit.

Helmets designed for skiing or snowboarding are often bulky and uncomfortable. In contrast, this one is ergonomically designed, so, instead of looking like a dashboard bobble head, you will ski in style.

As a whole, the Drift snow helmet provides high-grade protection and comfort with its lightweight design. Pick from a range of colors to get the season started.

Why should you buy this?

If you are searching for an affordable option with some amazing features and high-level comfort, then this helmet will be a great choice for you.


  • Low-profile design
  • Affordable
  • High comfort level


  • This helmet lacks the advanced safety features (like MIPS) that high-end helmets have.  


Women’s ski helmets can be tricky to choose. This article will hopefully help you quickly decide which model is best suited to your needs. Don’t let fancy marketing distract you. Let us use our expertise to assist you in selecting a model that best meets your needs.