Best Skateboard Helmet for Hot Weather

Skateboarding is an active sport which is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Since its popularity skyrocketed recently, many old skateboarders got back into this fun sport along with numerous new skateboarders who have joined this community.

However, skateboarding also has its own risks accompanying its thrilling fun. Any sudden and unwanted crash can cause you a severe head injury if you are not wearing any kind of protective gear. Yet, if you take proper care and using quality equipment, it will help lower the risks. For this purpose, a quality helmet is a must-have if you are very much into skateboarding.

Now, if you live in a very hot weather area, a bulkier helmet with little to no airflow is not going to be the best option for you. You’ll need a helmet with plenty of vents and a significant amount of airflow for hot weather conditions. Also, it would be better if it’s lightweight, as in that case, it’ll not put much burden on your head.

You might have a doubt about which helmet will suit your situation the most. No worries! In this blog post, we’ll assist you in this task, and the selection of the best skateboard helmet for hot weather will get easy-breezy for you.

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Here we have a list of top-rated ventilated skateboard helmets that can be used in hot weather.

Top Pick
Triple Eight Helmet

  • Two sets Sweatsaver liners
  • Terrycloth liner
  • Adjustable chin strap
Runner Up
Bern Macon Helmet

  • MIPS equipped
  • Adjustable strap
  • Quick-mount Asteroid Light compatible design
Outdoor Master Helmet

  • Extra detachable liner
  • CPSC and ASTM certified
  • ABS shell

Best Skateboard Helmet for Hot Weather

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Triple Eight Helmet
Two sets Sweatsaver liners, Terrycloth liner, Adjustable chin strap Check On Amazon
JBM Helmet
Multi-sport gear, Adjustable strap, EPS foam, Multiple vents Check On Amazon
Flybar Helmet
Multi-sport helmet, ABS shell, EPS foam lining, Adjustable spin dial, 12 wide vents Check On Amazon
Outdoor Master Helmet
ABS shell, Extra detachable liner, CPSC and ASTM certified, 12 air vents Check On Amazon
Monata Helmet
Tightening wheel at the rear, Moisture-wicking fabric, 11 vents, CPSC/CE certification Check On Amazon
Runner Up
Bern Macon Helmet
Quick-mount Asteroid Light compatible design, MIPS equipped, Adjustable strap Check On Amazon
TSG Helmet
Protective, shock-absorbing EPS, Shock-resistant PC shell, Tune fit system, Low fit design Check On Amazon

JBM Ventilated Skateboard Helmet for Multi-Sports

Key Features

  • Multi-sport gear
  • Adjustable strap
  • Unisex product
  • PVC & PC, EPS foam
  • Multiple vents

This helmet is designed by JBM for multi-sports, which is a plus point as you can not only use it for skateboarding, but also for various other sports like cycling, inline and roller skating, scooter, and BMX biking. So, it is suitable and essential for you if you are an outdoor sports lover.

Your safety and protection is the first and foremost concern of this brand, and thus, this helmet is trustworthy as it is certified by CPSC ASTM, which means it will keep your noggin completely safe.

Moreover, it adopts a tough and durable shell, plus PVC & PC, EPS foam, which absorbs the outer pressure of any kind of impact effectively. Hence, the overall design of this helmet offers anti-shock functioning and high impact resistance.

The soft inner liner offers the best cushioning that adds to the comfort level, and its cool looks will boost your confidence level.

What makes this helmet the best for hot weather conditions is the plentiful amount of air circulation through the multiple vents it is equipped with.

In addition, the special aerodynamic technology makes it even more breathable; consequently, you’ll not get a lot of sweat dripping off your head and making its way to your eyes, which can be perilously distracting.

So, you can get this helmet and have a fresh and calm feel even in warm weather, thanks to its excellent ventilation system and aerodynamic design.

For a perfect and comfortable fit, this helmet comes with adjustable straps along with three size variations. If the helmet feels either too loose or too tight, you can do manual tuning by adjusting the straps and side buckle.

Furthermore, you get all these remarkable specs in a compact, lightweight design. In this way, it doesn’t put any additional pressure on your noggin.

  • Impact-resistant
  • Proper ventilation
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Comfortable interior
  • Lightweight
  • It’s not anti-fog

Triple Eight Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

Top Pick

Key Features

  • High-level impact-absorbing EPS
  • Two sets Sweatsaver fabric liners
  • US CPSC and ASTM certified
  • Terrycloth liner
  • Adjustable chin strap

Triple Eight is the trendiest and the most stylish helmet, which comes in plenty of eye-catching colors and graphics. It is suitable for action sports like skateboarding, roller skating, BMX and offers ultra-protection to your brain with its high-level impact-absorbing EPS and dual-density, thick, and soft Sweatsaver liners.

Moreover, this helmet is dual-certified, as it complies with US CPSC and ASTM skate safety standards. You can get an ideal, customized fit with the two sets of stink-free, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver fabric liners, which are included in two different sizes.

This headgear is best for hot weather because it is well-ventilated, and the terrycloth liner inside the helmet efficiently absorbs the sweat to keep your noggin dry and cool. Also, the absorbed sweat evaporates eventually to prevent any nasty odor, which is great.

Further, the posh terrycloth liner is attached with a hook and loop tape, so it can be detached and washed easily. The chinstraps are adjustable, and you can fasten the straps with the help of a side-release buckle.

What’s more, the Triple Eight Sweatsaver is a multi-impact helmet, so in spite of multiple falls, it will still give your head the needed protection. Therefore, this versatile and comfortable safety headgear will last longer, and it will fully meet your requirements and expectations.

Before getting a helmet, determine your size correctly to get the right size. For measuring your head circumference accurately, you’ll need a string or a soft measuring tape.

  • It comes in plenty of eye-catching colors and graphics.
  • Dual-certified
  • Well-ventilated
  • The straps are not so sturdy

Flybar Skateboard Helmet

Key Features

  • Multi-sport helmet
  • Outer strong ABS shell
  • EPS foam lining
  • Nine colors and graphics
  • Three shell sizes
  • Adjustable spin dial
  • 12 wide vents

This Flybar skateboard is a multi-sport helmet, which has gone through rigorous safety testing and meets all of the industry-leading North American safety standards for skateboarding, biking, rollerblades, skating, and any other active sport. Thus, this is safe for all kinds of impacts and gives the utmost protection in each and every situation.

Moreover, the twelve oversized vents allow enough airflow inside the helmet to maintain a cool temperature and keep the head fresh during a hot climate. The four front intake vents pull the fresh air in, which is then exhausted through the eight cooling vents. These cooling vents unleash the trapped heat in the plastic shell to create a remarkable cooling effect. This great ventilation system makes it worth mentioning in the list of best skateboard helmets for hot weather.

Further, it is a robust and sturdy headgear made of premium quality ABS shell and high-density inner EPS foam, so you can fully rely on it in terms of safety.

It comes in five striking colors and designs, including some cool prints and simple matte solid color helmets to match every person’s liking.

You can choose from the three different sizes available, including S/M, M/L, and L/XL sizes. After measuring your head correctly, check the size chart given by Flybar and get the correct size for you.

Besides, you can modify the fit as well, thanks to the adjustable spin dial on the rear of the headwear.

  • Dual-certification
  • Multiple color options
  • Adjustable fit
  • Perfect for hot weather
  • Some of the design options are a bit pricey

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet


Key Features

  • Reinforced ABS shell
  • Thick shock-absorbing EPS
  • Extra detachable liner
  • Multi-sport helmet
  • CPSC and ASTM certified
  • 12 air vents

If you are in search of classic, lightweight, low-profile skateboard headwear, the OutdoorMaster helmet will be the most appropriate one for you. It features a reinforced ABS shell along with the EPS liner to absorb the extreme shock to a great extent.

In addition, it has both the CPSC and ASTM certifications and the European CE certification as well. So, it is pretty efficient to protect your brain well in case of any mishap during your sports activities.

Like all the other helmets in this list, this helmet also features an incredible ventilation system, as it is equipped with 12 large air vents. These vents offer a great amount of fresh air to keep you comfortable and cool during long hours of skateboarding in a hot climate.

Further, the inner lining can be removed and washed with great ease, and it absorbs the moisture effectively to provide a dry and fresh helmet each time you wear it. Also, the fit is extremely comfortable and snug due to the adjustable, skin-friendly chin straps, and you can tighten the helmet as well by using the adjustable dial at the back to get a better fit.

Overall, the design of this budget-friendly lid will give you a comfy, safe, and calm feel during the intense sport moves. You can pick one from the 3 shell sizes and various attractive colors available in this helmet.

  • Lightweight and low-profile design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Awsome ventilation
  • Dual-certified
  • It is not appropriate for motorsports

MONATA Skateboard Helmet

Key Features

  • CPSC/CE certification
  • High-density ABS shell
  • EPS foam
  • Tightening wheel at the rear
  • Unisex helmet
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • 11 vents

Another lightest and coolest helmet we have on this list is this Monata skateboard helmet with an incredibly lightweight design and high-level ventilation. It comes in a trendy matte look with CPSC/CE certification, which means you’ll have full-on protection while wearing it.

This helmet is suitable for multi-sports, including cycling, rollerblading, skating, scooter, and certainly for skateboarding too. Further, this helmet has a rigid and durable construction since it is made of a high-density ABS shell and EPS foam for added protection.

For easy and precise adjustability, it is equipped with a tightening wheel at the rear, so you can easily adjust it to your size. The comfort level is high, especially at the forehead area, as it comes with an exceptionally comfy microfiber lining. The headgear by Monata is a unisex helmet, which means both men and women can use it as their sports helmets.

Also, the moisture-wicking fabric inside the helmet will wick away all the sweat in warm weather.  The eleven vents all over the lid take in the cool, fresh air and draw out the inner heat; thus, you’ll feel a tremendous cooling effect inside the helmet, which is terrific for hot conditions. With that being said, this will be an amazing helmet for you if you live in a scorching climate.

  • Incredibly lightweight design
  • High-level ventilation
  • Trendy matte look
  • The inner fabric wicks away all the sweat
  • It doesn’t come in any glossy color

BERN, Macon 2.0 Multisport Helmet


Key Features

  • MIPS equipped
  • Adjustable strap
  • 12 vents
  • Multi-sport
  • Quick-mount Asteroid Light compatible design

Macon 2.0 is the upgraded and improved version of the original Macon, with its more comfortable, safer, and lighter design. It meets all the safety standards, and the plus point about this headgear is that it comes with the MIPS safety system to give you full-on protection against the rotational impact forces.  Consequently, this low-friction Multi-Directional Impact Protection System enables you to ride safely and enjoy the thrill of your sports activities wholeheartedly.

What’s more, it has Quick-mount Asteroid Light compatible design so that you can enjoy a safer ride, whether it’s day or night. Whether you want to go skateboards, bike, or skates, you can stay safe out there all year long with this Macon 2.0.

Moreover, it has an advanced ventilation system, as it is designed with twelve vents to cool your head even on the hottest days. Also, this lid offers the most comfy fit since it is equipped with an adjustable strap divider that secures the helmet in place snugly.

This headwear ideally fits and functions in all kinds of challenges and is suitable for skateboard, skates, skid, bike, or your snowboard.  So, go for a ride with this classic headgear, which is redesigned for lightweight, comfortable protection.

  • The upgraded and improved version of the original Macon
  • Comfortable, safer, and lighter design
  • Low-friction Multi-Directional Impact Protection System
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • The vent holes can’t be closed, so you can’t use them in winters

TSG Superlight Skate Helmet

Key Features

  • Fourteen vents with airflow channels
  • It weighs only 300g
  • Protective, shock-absorbing EPS
  • Shock-resistant PC shell
  • Tune fit system
  • Two different sizes of comfort pads included
  • Low fit design

TSG Superlight is a traditional skateboard helmet with the classic low-profile style and ultra-lightweight construction. It weighs only 300g, which means it will not put extra pressure on your head and neck, thus, preventing any neck or head strain.

This helmet’s construction is matchless since the protective, shock-absorbing EPS is connected directly to the shock-resistant PC shell to create a super lightweight and sturdy structure.

The tune fit system enables you to dial in your fit by using pads of different thicknesses in the interior of the headgear.  Two different sizes of preformed, heat-sealed, and quick-drying comfort pads are included with this helmet, which is detachable and washable as well.

The TSG’s anatomically shaped design and the snug fit system allow the helmet to sit snugly around your head’s shape. Hence, without any sizing band, you’ll have a secure, wobble, and slippage-free fit with premium wearing comfort.

Moreover, this helmet sits low due to its low fit design, so it covers and protects the entire sides and back of your head without restricting movement or impairing vision.  

For the hot weather conditions, its innovative ventilation system provides optimal airflow through the fourteen vents with airflow channels and minimizes the heat build-up inside the helmet. As the cool air rushes through the air channels and the warm air is exhausted, excessive sweating is reduced efficiently.

  • Innovative ventilation system
  • Classic low-profile style
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Anatomically shaped design
  • Premium wearing comfort
  • A bit costly than other helmets

Buyer’s Guide: Best Skateboard Helmet for Hot Weather

After going through the reviews of the helmets we have listed in this blog, you would have already known the skateboard helmets’ specifications for hot weather. However, before getting a helmet, it would help if you make a list of all the essential features you need in your protective gear. The right helmet could prove apt for keeping you safe in deadly crashes, so make a choice wisely.  

Below is the proper buyer’s guide on the best skateboard helmet for hot weather:


Skateboarding is an active sport that involves a lot of intense moves, and if you do skateboarding in a hot weather, you’ll feel overheated, and you’ll certainly sweat a lot. If your helmet is not well-ventilated, you’ll experience a heat build-up inside it, which will ruin the fun and thrill of skateboarding.

That’s the reason why a helmet for hot weather must feature a remarkable ventilation system, which will prevent sweating and deliver plenty of airflows to keep your noggin cool.


Safety is the first and foremost reason for wearing a helmet; that’s why you should get a helmet that can protect you well. Now, the question arises, how will you know whether a helmet is able to offer the utmost protection to your brain or not?

It’s pretty simple! Check out the safety certifications a helmet has and the material used in its construction. The EPS liners are best-known for their shock-absorbing capabilities, and the ABS shell is the most durable and sturdy component of a helmet.

When it comes to safety certifications, the CPSC-certified helmets are the safest options available, as they are gone through rigorous testing and meets all the necessary safety standards.


No doubt safety is the most essential feature to be considered while getting a brain-saver, but you should never ever ignore the level of wearing comfort it offers. You should check the inner cushioning, straps, and buckles, etc., for this purpose. The helmets we have reviewed here are the ones with adorable built and high comfort levels.

Moreover, for a hot climate, your helmet should come with sweat-absorbing inner fabrics to keep your head dry.

Also, a lightweight helmet adds to the comfort level, plus it’ll be best for hot weather as well, as you’ll undoubtedly not want a bulkier helmet on your head in a heatwave.

A perfect fit

A perfectly fitting helmet is the one that will protect your head efficiently. If you get a helmet that is too loose, it will wobble around your head, plus it won’t be able to give you the protection you need.

Moreover, a helmet which is smaller than your head size will feel too tight; consequently, it will cause extreme discomfort to you.

Therefore, you need to measure your head correctly to get a helmet with an ideal, snug fit. You should also know your head shape, as helmets are built differently for different head shapes.

Price point

The price of a helmet also matters a lot. It’ll be awesome for you if your favorite helmet’s price fits into your budget.

However, keep in mind that the quality of the product should not be compromised for the sake of some bucks. There must be a fair balance between the quality and cost of any helmet you want.

Multi-sports helmet

A multi-sport helmet is suitable for more than one purpose, which is great. If you want a helmet for more than one purpose, e.g., biking, skating, skateboarding, etc., then choosing a multi-purpose helmet will save your money.


The straps serve the function of keeping your helmet in place and prevents it from falling off. You should get a helmet with quick-locking, comfortable, and easily adjustable straps. The V-shaped straps are highly recommended because they work really well in every situation.