best road bike helmet under 100

Best road bike helmet under 100 dollars

best road bike helmet under 100

Are you a consistent bike rider and going to find the best helmet that will suit you and your budget? You are in the right spot. 

A quality helmet is an essential cycling gear you should have because a crash frequently occurs in mountain and road biking. I know the prices of bike helmets are going up day by day. 

But buying a gear that is going to protect your head is a good investment. So don’t skip it in any case. You can get the best road bike helmet under 100 dollars as well.

There are so many choices of helmets in the market. For a person who wants to buy one, it is a difficult task to decide which helmet to buy. Now you don’t have to worry because we have made your job easy. We researched a lot and picked up the top-rated helmets under 100 dollars. I hope this article will help you in choosing a helmet that will work great, and at the same time, it will not be heavy on your pocket.

A helmet is going to be the most crucial piece of protective gear that you will purchase when riding a bike. It is necessary to protect your brain from any accident because if your brain doesn’t function after an impact, you’re not going to be able to get back on that bike and keep riding. 

So make sure to choose the right helmet for your riding style with the right materials to protect you from any injury.

There are tons of options on the market place, with different materials, colors, and style options, but you don’t have to worry, we will make sure to get you the right one. 

First off, always check your helmet if they got any CPSC 1203, CE EN 107B, AS/NZS 2063 certified sticker. If it got that sticker, that means the helmet has passed the safety test. 

Have a look at the helmet’s structure, fill division, shock absorption, and the retention system properties, which include chin straps and fastening systems.

Best Road Bike Helmet under 100 Dollars

Let’s see how these things work out with top-rated helmets in the market.

Here is the list of some of our best road bike helmet under 100 dollars.

Exclusky road and mountain bike helmet | Budget friendly helmet

Exclusky mountain and road bike helmet is a super light helmet that weighs about 0.61lb. It consist of 85 density EPS foam with a polycarbonate shell. 

Moreover, this helmet has got some beautiful straps. They sit flush, they are thin and have no chin points. So that is a plus point because you don’t want something that is going to shave your face while you’re riding.

This helmet also has an adjustable fit, having ratchet adjustment on the back, and it’s very similar to what you find in higher quality helmets. It is also a unisex helmet, which means both men and women can use it.

It also includes a removable liner, which is very important because these things get pretty smelly after you’ve been out riding. So you can pull these out and wash them. It also has a detachable visor that is adjustable too.

As far as style goes, this helmet looks very similar to one of the giro helmet, but the main difference is that the Giro has the MIPS system, whereas this does not. It comes in four to five attractive colors, including fluorescent green, Caribbean, pure black, gray, and white.

It is designed with ventilation in mind, so it has 18 vents which are helpful if you’re riding on a hot day. It keeps your head cool and keeps that sweat away from dripping down into your face.

Protection at low price

The most important thing here is that whether this helmet at such a low price is going to protect you in a crash or not? 

This helmet is designed to be a single impact helmet. As mentioned above, it has 85 density foam made in the USA, and it has passed the USA and European crash standards, so this thing is going to protect you in the event of a crash. Now it does not have the MIPS system; that is why they can get this helmet down to the price point.


  • Circumference is 05-24.01 Inches (56 – 61cm)
  • It weighs 0.61 lb
  • Made of EPS + PC nylon
  • It is CPSC certified
  • Very good in terms of low prices.
  • Highly recommended for starters and works very well for your safety.
  • It looks stylish, and it is well ventilated.
  • No MIPS technology

Giro Fixture MIPS Helmet| Universal fit helmet

If you are a person who likes to mix up all the three disciplines of mountain biking in his riding i.e., cross country, downhill, and a little bit of enduro as well, it can be tricky to choose a helmet that can function well across all of these disciplines and it’s also not a strain on your pocket. 

This giro fixture helmet got MIPS technology for your safety, that can fulfill your requirement in this case. Giro manufactures quality gear, and it’s a globally well-known brand. I recommend the Giro fixture helmet for two reasons.

First, it is cheap, and second, most importantly, it has MIPS, so someone is protecting your head, and it is really important.

What is MIPS technology?

MIPS stands for a multi-impact protection system. Basically, it has an inner liner that rotates upon impact to disperse some of the force from the hit. In this way, your head moves inside of your helmet instead of your brain moving inside of your skull, causing a concussion. It also gives full coverage, covering your forehead, the temple, and the back of your head.

Now let’s take a look at the weight of this helmet. If you want a helmet that can be worn comfortably for extended periods and offers maximum coverage and protection, then the giro fixture will be perfect for you. As it weighs only 1.9 pounds, that means it’s lightweight and comfortable.

Universal fit

This helmet is a universal fit, so one size fits all. It has a Roc Loc sports fit dial on the back that makes it adjustable for almost everyone. All you have to do is to spin that little dial until it feels snug. Once you have got the perfect fit for you, no further adjustments are required due to Roc Loc mechanism. It fits so well that you could headbang at a metal concert with the straps undone and not worry about it falling off. When a helmet fits well, it looks better and more comfortable.

It has a pretty big visor. The visor is pretty high so that you can fit your goggles underneath. However, you can’t adjust this visor as it just stays in that position. If you don’t like the visor, you can easily remove it, and it is also quite easy to get back in position.

It’s well ventilated because there are 18 vents throughout the helmet, which provide an excellent airflow over your head whether you are climbing or descending. Other helmets have better ventilation, but the category in which this helmet falls, it’s tough to get this much ventilated, lightweight (1.9lb) and super comfortable helmet. It also comes in a wide range of colors, so the challenge of matching your helmet to your riding kit was only a thing in the past.


  • A matte colour finish
  • A lightweight polycarbonate shell.
  • Extra-plush padding
  • Trail-inspired design with deep coverage.
  • Can be used by women
  • A perfect choice for big heads
  • Available in different colors
  • Low priced helmet having MIPS technology as well.
  • Fits well on almost every one.
  • It’s a lightweight helmet and well ventilated.
  • Its visor may fall off in some cases

Giro Register MIPS helmet| Helmet for large heads

If you are finding the best helmet for large head, you don’t have to worry now, as this helmet will be a perfect fit for you. It is quite lightweight (1.5lb). It has a large locking dial on the back. This helmet fits well, and it is easy to adjust. Also, it is very comfortable, well ventilated (22 vents) with good airflow, which creates the coolest helmet while riding.

A good-looking visor system also comes in it, and it is super easy to take on and off. A visor that pops off quickly is a great thing because a lot of times for cross country mountain biking, many riders don’t use the visor. You can use the visor when you are out in the Sun, or you ride in a lot of trees.

For safety, these helmets have MIPS technology. I’m not going to explain the MIPS technology in detail as it is already discussed, but generally, it just allows your head to move around inside the helmet when you land on your head. This technology provides better protection and less chance of concussions.

All of the above features, along with its wide range of available colors, makes it a favorite and suitable among new and seasoned cyclists alike. Females can also use this helmet.


  • It is made up of polycarbonate shell with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam.
  • Having 22 vents
  • It has a Roc loc sport fit system.
  • It comes in a compact shape and gives full coverage.
  • Extra padding that dries quickly
  • Can be used by women
  • Available in different colors
  • Size: Universal Adult (54-61 cm) and Universal XL (58-65 cm)
  • It is very light weight helmet even though it has MIPS technology.
  • Visor attachment is super easy.

    Comfortable as it comes with extra padding that creates a space between your head and the central part of the helmet.

  • The side straps are not adjustable. Their length and location is fixed due to stiching.

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet| Helmet with LED light

Riding your bike at night is a great adventure. You can experience a peaceful and focused ride at that time. For that, you will need to be equipped with a riding gear with lights. 

This helmet is best for this requirement. It has a rechargeable light on the backside, which makes riding in the dark much safer for you. The best thing about this light is that it can be recharged with the USB cable, and you don’t have to buy batteries to charge the light of your helmet. This LED light has three modes.

1.       Flash mode

2.       Tour mode

3.       Constant light

It looks very cool and stylish and has a detachable sun visor. It is super lightweight, as you will hardly feel that you are wearing it on your head. The liner used in it is ultra-light EPS foam with high density, which is quite useful for your protection. At the same time, it does not put a lot of weight on your head. The comfort level is also high, as it has multiple venting holes to keep your head cool.

It is made up of an impact-resistant material, which means it’s resistance to mechanical impact is high. It has a CPSC sticker inside so you can have faith in it in terms of safety.

Both men and women can use this helmet, and it fits so well that it’s hard to believe that even a helmet in this price range can also fit like this. The strap adjustment is easy and can be done quickly. The dial on the back makes the adjustment even more better.


  • Medium size for adults is from 21.3 to 22.8 inches
  • large size has a circumference of 22.8 to 24 inches.
  • It weighs 1.1lb.
  • Rechargeable LED light.
  • Adjustable rotator regulator.
  • Removable liner and an insect net are also present.
  • Detachable visor.
  • It comes in five different colors.
  • Valuable due to LED light with USB charging cable.
  • Very easy adjustment.
  • Comfortable and good airflow.
  • Not suitable for people with long hairs as some hairs might stuck in it.

VICTGOAL Bike Helmet | Helmet with magnetic goggles

VICTGOAL helmet provides you maximum protection and keeps you safe while riding. It comes with additional accessories, and at this price range, it’s quite amazing. The most remarkable fixture that comes with this helmet is the magnetic shield. These are removable goggles that protect your eyes from direct sunlight, wind, and dirt. 

You can also wear prescription glasses under it. This cover glass is highly recommended during the daytime, but you should remove it at night because you can’t see through it clearly in the dark. The sunglass shield attaches magnetically, and the magnets work very well.

This helmet has a removable sun visor as well. It can be used with shields as well as individually. When installing the visor, attach the middle part first. And when you want to detach it, start from separating the sides first.

On the back of this helmet, an ultra-bright light is attached. It’s waterproof that is not affected by rain. This light is very helpful if you are riding out at night, as it will assist the riders in following you to identify your route easily. A USB cable can charge it, and there is a charging indicator too. Another good thing about this light is that it has three modes:

  1. Normal on mode
  2. Slow flash mode
  3. Breathing light mode

The liner used in this helmet is high-quality EPS foam that can be removed and washed easily. The helmet has an excellent airflow as it has multiple ventilation holes. It’s super comfortable, and it can be adjusted quickly.


  • It weighs 1.1lb.
  • It’s well ventilated, having 21 vents.
  • Rechargeable light at the back
  • Superior technology, high density PC shell.
  • Magnetic goggles.
  • Size: 57-61cm
  • CPSC certified
  • It comes in nine colors.
  • The cover glass is terrific for day time.
  • Rechargeable light is useful at night.
  • Cheap helmet having useful accessories. 
  • No MIPS technology

We hope you loved these Best road bike helmet under 100 dollars and have finally found your desired product. Feel free to comment in case of any suggestions. Share it with your friends. Happy shopping.

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