best motorcycle helmet for hot weather

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Hot Weather

best motorcycle helmet for hot weatherIf you are a regular motorcycle rider, you will be well aware of the fact that motorbike riders are more prone to heat exhaustion. 

They are exposed to the sun while riding, and what’s more, summers last longer than winters, so there are more hot sunny days in a year. 

The good thing is that we can still enjoy a motorcycle ride in sweltering summers as well, but it is quite necessary to do some more preparations for those hot days.

Experts recommend the proper riding gears, including the helmet, that plays a vital role in keeping you safe in case of any mishap. But most people don’t wear them because they are not very comfortable.

A perfect and comfortable helmet is significant, as it will save the essential part of your body, i.e., your head. For summers, proper ventilation is the thing you should keep in mind while getting a helmet for you. Or else, you will get excessive sweating, which will irritate you to a great extent.

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There are numerous helmets out there for motorcycling. A few of them are specially designed for hot weather, being lightweight and well ventilated to provide enough airflow, providing safety and comfort. 

Moreover, it won’t be less protected than your standard helmet. You will don’t want to wear a hot helmet in summer since that will not allow you to focus on the road entirely, and you might be at risk in that case.

Here is the list of best motorcycle helmet for hot weather.

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Best Overall

  • Bluetooth system
  • Built-in spoiler
  • Scratch-resistant
Premium Pick

  • Pin lock face shield
  • Advanced channeling ventilation
  • Smoke-tinted shield

  • Built-in tinted visor
  • Removable breath guard
  • DOT approved

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

1Storm is one of the topmost brands, well-known for its high-quality helmets. 

This model has a dominating modular style, which means you can expose a significant part of your face by lifting the visor. 

In this way, you can get benefitted by an open face helmet if you don’t need a full-face helmet. But these modular designs are more protective than half shell and much more ventilated than a full-face one.

Hence for the hot season, these breathable, modular full-face helmets are the best options. 

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Further, this helmet has a great and comfortable fit, and besides being durable, it has a lightweight, aerodynamic design. 

The inner liner is thick, removable, and washable, so your helmet will remain odor-free and clean.

Let’s consider the aesthetics of this model. There are several attractive colors available, ranging from glossy green, white orange to arrow blue; thus, you can get a perfect match with your bike. 

Besides, there is UV coating over the appealing glossy finish that prevents the color of the helmet from fading.

Its dual-lens design lets you ride safely in different light conditions. Both dark inner visor and clear outer shield are easy to install and remove. 

This helmet is DOT approved, featuring the latest safety technology, and its durable design lasts longer than other helmets. Moreover, it’s a high-quality helmet on a meager price.


  • Dual visor and modular design
  • High-density EPS material and aerodynamic ABS shell
  • It meets DOT safety standards
  • Six ventilation opening system
  • The inner liner is thick, removable, and washable
  • Durable UV coating over the appealing glossy finish
  • Great flip-up design.
  • It’s an affordable helmet.
  • Thermoplastic alloy shell is used in the construction of this motorcycle gear.
  • The size often runs small than standard sizes available in the market. So take the exact measurements of your head before buying one.

AHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is the most exceptional helmet for hot weather, seeing that it features an advanced flip-up design so you can get more airflow inside your helmet. 

Additionally, for air exhaust and intake, it has a ventilation opening system that brings extra comfort for you, since it will prevent excessive sweating during summers.

This helmet also includes a built-in dual visor, which means it has a wide visual field clear front visor for impact resistance. 

Besides this, an inner dark sun visor is present for the protection of your eyes from direct sunlight. A switch can easily control it.

Further, it has a sturdy construction, featuring a high-density buffer layer for impact protection and a lightweight and high-quality outer ABS shell. 

The helmet has a snug fit, an adjustable chin strap and quick release buckle makes putting on and taking off the helmet very easy. 

You can also choose from different size options available. What is more, it is a budget-friendly helmet, and at this low price, you get a helmet that works properly and has an adequate amount of specifications.

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  • Advanced flip-up design
  • Ventilation opening system, having six air vents
  • Built-in double visor
  • High-density buffer layer
  • ABS shell
  • An adjustable chin strap and quick release buckle
  • DOT certified helmet
  • Best for hot weather as it features a flip-up design and ventilation opening system.
  • Budget-friendly and has an adequate amount of specifications.
  • The inner padding is not of a superior kind like other costly helmets.

LS2 Full Face Stream Street Helmet

LS2 full-face helmet is another good option for warm weather since it has an incredible dynamic flow-through ventilation system that will keep you fresh on a sizzling hot day. 

This helmet is the attractive and best looking full face motorcycle helmet.

Besides, the EPS features channels and ports to allow maximum airflow through the shell, and the rear port exhausts the warm air out. Thus, this helmet features top vents, chin vents, channeled ports, and exhaust vents.

The padding of this helmet is removable and washable. Thus, you can keep your helmet fresh and free from unpleasant odors. The fabric of this padding is breathable that will dry out sweat; hence it keeps you comfortable.

LS2 has a twin shield system to protect your eyes from the sun that can be retracted without any tool, just with the flip of a switch. 

Further, it is easy to use even if you are wearing gloves. Moreover, this is a DOT approved helmet.


  • Dynamic flow-through ventilation system
  • A built-in twin shield system
  • DOT approved
  • Removable and washable comfort padding
  • Breathable padding fabric
  • Multi-density EPS liner
  •  Best looking full face motorcycle helmet having a quick-release tool-less face shield system.
  • It has an incredible dynamic flow-through ventilation system that will keep you fresh on a sizzling hot day.
  • It has a long oval fit, so it is not a good fit for a few people.

Bell Broozer Helmet

Bell Broozer is a convertible helmet, featuring a removable chin guard so that you can enjoy the breeze in ¾ mode of this helmet. This feature makes it compatible for summers. 

Further, the chin bar is easy to detach and reattach back on. The full-face way provides maximum protection, but if the weather is too warm, you can remove the chin bar easily and enjoy excellent airflow.

It comes with both a clear shield and a tinted shield for better eye protection, and both are anti-fog and anti-scratch. 

The shell is made of thermoplastic, that protects from impacts. A dual-density EPS liner is also added, and this helmet is DOT and ECE approved.

The ventilation system works quite well, as it has adjustable vents on the chin and forehead, which provides maximum airflow inside the helmet. 

Moreover, this is a lightweight and good-looking helmet, available in various size options.


  • Detachable chin guard
  • It has adjustable vents on the chin and forehead
  • It comes with both a clear shield and a tinted shield
  • This helmet is DOT and ECE approved
  • This helmet features a removable chin guard so that you can enjoy the breeze in ¾ mode.
  • Bell Broozer is a lightweight and good-looking helmet, available in various size options.
  • Not suitable for winters since the chin piece is removable, and it also has two open vents.

TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet With Graphic

If you are in search of a full-face helmet that looks spectacular and at the same time it’s best for the hot season, then the TORC T15B helmet is the right choice for you. 

This helmet has a racing-inspired design along with a better-quality ventilation system that offers excellent airflow.

Further, if you love to go beyond your speed limits while motorcycling, you will be well aware of the wind buffeting. This is illustrated as the pressure of stormy wind experienced while driving at speed, that destabilizes your helmet.

This helmet has a solution to this issue as well. It features a built-in spoiler to improve the stability of your helmet and to get rid of wind buffeting.

There is a drop-down sun visor as well, to prevent your eyes from direct sun. It also comes with a scratch-resistant, fog-free, and removable shield and a built-in Bluetooth system. 

For extra comfort, this helmet has a removable and washable inner padding. Last but not least, it is a DOT and ECE certified helmet, thus offering you maximum protection.


  • Best looking racing-inspired design
  • Better-quality ventilation system.
  • Built-in spoiler to get rid of wind buffeting.
  • Scratch-resistant, fog-free, and removable shield.
  • Drop-down sun visor.
  • A built-in Bluetooth system
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • It features a built-in spoiler to improve the stability of your helmet and to get rid of wind buffeting.
  • A full-face helmet that looks spectacular having a racing-inspired design.
  • The inner padding is not very high-end, but for the price, it’s excellent.

HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet also fits perfectly in the list of helmets suitable for hot climates, as there is a ventilation system called ACS, that stands for the Advanced Channeling System. 

This system is used by many manufacturers these days, in which the air passes through channeled vents and the inner liner straight onto your head.

This helmet has four exhaust vents that pass out the stale air from the helmet. This model by HJC has a more aerodynamic and modernized design than the previous one.

Furthermore, the exterior is an advanced polycarbonate composite shell, and it’s a very lightweight and comfortable helmet that fits perfectly on almost every person. 

The polycarbonate chin bar is adjustable and has a single-button release. This helmet features a pin lock face shield that provides UV protection of up to 95 percent. 

Moreover, you can replace it easily without requiring any tool.


  • The advanced channeling ventilation system
  • Advanced polycarbonate composite shell
  • The polycarbonate chin bar
  • Pin lock face shield
  • Meets DOT standards
  • Aerodynamic and modernized design.
  • Lightweight and comfortable helmet that fits perfectly.
  • There is a ventilation system called ACS that stands for the advanced channeling system.
  • You may experience a little excessive wind noise at highway speeds.

GMAX MD-01 Adult Stealth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

In summers,  motorcycle riders often get frustrated by excessive sweating, and due to this reason, they don’t prefer wearing a helmet. 

The unique feature of GMAX MD-01  is the SpaSoft DuPont CoolMax interior that wicks sweat and moisture and keeps you dry. In this way, the excessive sweating will not irritate you in hot weather.

This interior is easy to clean, as it is adjustable, washable, and removable. 

Moreover, the charcoal bamboo fiber prevents bacterial growth and keeps the unpleasant odor away. It is thus offering you a comfortable ride.

Both clear and sun visors are there in this helmet. The drop-down sunshade added to this helmet has an anti-fog coating. 

It looks quite dark, but from inside, it has a perfect tint, and it’s ideal for sunny days. There is a bright red LED light on the back of this helmet, with four different options, which is an excellent feature for your safety

You can pop up the chin guard and can get the extra airflow. Also, you get speaker pockets in the cheek pads, which are intercom capable. Further, this is an ECE, and DOT approved modular helmet.


  • SpaSoft DuPont CoolMax interior
  • Charcoal bamboo fiber
  • Clear shield and sun visor with anti-fog coating.
  • Bright red LED light
  • ECE and DOT approved
  • The SpaSoft DuPont CoolMax interior wicks sweat and moisture and keeps you dry.
  • There is a bright red LED light on the back of this lid.
  • The size runs small.

Bell Mag-9 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet (half helmet)

Bell Mag-9 is a considerable open face motorcycle helmet for warm weather, as it allows maximum airflow. 

The exterior is a lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell. Further, it features a velocity flow ventilation system with adjustable flow, and due to this ventilation system, this helmet is just appropriate for hot summers as it offers excellent air flow.

This helmet features two drop-down shields. Outer clear shield is easily removable without any tool, and the dark inner visor protects eyes from the sun. 

The comfort level is high since it comes with three EPS liners for a perfect and personalized fit.

This helmet has a built-in Bluetooth communication port as well. In my opinion, the intercom compatibility is the coolest feature of this helmet. 

Furthermore, this feature-packed helmet is DOT approved as well, so you don’t have to compromise on your safety.


  • Lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell
  • Velocity flow ventilation system
  • Two drop-down shields
  • Three EPS liners
  • Built-in Bluetooth communication port
  • DOT approved
  • This helmet is just appropriate for summers as it offers excellent airflow due to the velocity flow ventilation system.
  • The intercom compatibility is the coolest feature of this helmet.
  • Lifting the shield gets notchy.

GLX Unisex-Adult GX15 Lightweight Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

GLX is a renowned brand well-known for its high-quality, safe, and affordable products. GX 15 is a lightweight, and well ventilated full-face helmet, featuring significant lower and upper vents, thus offering sufficient airflow around your head. 

The built-in tinted visor provides relief from sun glare, and it’s removable and replaceable as well.

The outer shell is a polycarbonate exoskeleton that provides maximum protection from impacts. 

Further, it has very cool optimal aerodynamic aesthetics. This helmet has a base plate mechanism that enables the best possible shield adjustment to allow ventilation and defogging.

The face shield is 3D molded, and it gives you a full vision without any distortion. The breath guard is removable; thus, it reroutes the rider’s breath and reduces shield fogging.

Chin curtain is inserted to minimize wind noise and turbulence. The inner microfiber material is washable, removable, and replaceable, which absorbs excess sweat, hence providing comfort. Moreover, it’s a DOT approved helmet.


  • Lower and upper vents
  • Built-in tinted visor
  • The outer shell is a polycarbonate exoskeleton
  • Optimal aerodynamic aesthetics
  • Base plate mechanism
  • 3D molded face shield
  • Removable breath guard
  • Washable, removable and replaceable inner microfiber material
  • DOT approved
  • GX 15 is a lightweight and well ventilated full-face helmet.
  • Chin curtain is inserted to minimize wind noise and turbulence.
  • A lot of light comes through the tented visor.

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 manufactures another feature-packed model that’s an excellent choice for summers, i.e., LS2 Rebellion motorcycle helmet. 

However, this one is a half helmet, so if you don’t like a full-face helmet, then this one is going to be perfect for you.

All helmets by LS2 comes with a dynamic Flow-through ventilation system, which provides a decent amount of airflow around your head. 

It has channeled ports, exhaust port, and vented EPS that keeps the rider fresh. Moreover, it’s an open face, so it doesn’t get hot.

The drop-down sunscreen protects your eyes from the sun on the hottest days. This shield is adjustable. If you want just a little shade, then lock it halfway, but if you need full protection, then you can open it fully.

The outer shell is quite stylish made of sturdy, low-fiber, and lightweight kinetic polymer alloy (KPA). The dual-density EPS of Rebellion meets all DOT standards.


  • Adjustable twin shield system.
  • Meets DOT standards.
  • Dynamic flow-through ventilation system
  • Moisture-wicking, removable, hypo-allergic, and washable technical fabric liner.
  • The safe and highly durable low-fiber carbon material.
  • It has an excellent airflow.
  • This helmet has multiple vents, so it doesn’t cut noise well.

What factors should you consider while buying motorcycle helmet for hot weather (buying guide)

With plenty of motorcycle helmets in the market, you may get puzzled about which one will meet all your requirements. Firstly, you should think of what you need the most in a motorcycle helmet for hot weather. Every helmet out there has its unique specialty, and you should get one by keeping in mind which thing you prioritize the most in a helmet of your dreams.

 You may find it overwhelming to choose one from the wide range of helmets. To make your task easy, we will give you some guidelines on which factors you should think about while purchasing a warm-weather helmet.

We hope you have finally found your best motorcycle helmet for hot weather. Share it with your friends if you like this article.