Best Motorcycle Helmet for Beards

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Beards

Best motorcycle helmet for beardsMotorcycle riding is an adventurous and thrilling experience, which gives you a kind of freedom to explore the world around you.

For motorcycle lovers, there is nothing more exciting than riding a motorcycle with friends on a sunny day. 

However, it can only be fun if you’ve considered all the necessary safety measures, and a motorcycle helmet is a must-have accessory for this purpose, as it protects your head in case of an unfortunate accident.

Now there are several different types of helmets available in the market. You need to buy one according to your requirements. If you are finding a helmet suitable for your long beard, you are at the right place. Not all helmets can be comfortable for you if you are a bearded man.

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Wearing a helmet with a long beard can be a little problematic. If you’ve got a full lumberjack beard, it will have a great tendency to stick into your helmet. In that case, putting off your helmet can be really painful.

You should buy an open face or a modular helmet to prevent discomfort. In this article, I will give you suggestions for the best motorcycle helmet for beards to put on view.

Let’s start with the list of Best motorcycle helmet for beards.

Best overall
1Storm Full-Face Helmet

  • Dual-lens design
  • Thermoplastic Alloy shell
  • UV protection
Premium Pick
LS2 Rebellion Helmet

  • Adjustable twin shield system
  • DOT and ECE rated
  • Speaker pockets
1Storm Half helmet

  • UV protected gloss finish
  • DOT certified
  • Quick latch system

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Comparison Between Product's Features

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
1Storm Helmet
Dual-lens design, Thermoplastic Alloy shell, UV protection Check On Amazon
LS2 Helmet
Built-in sun visor, Washable and removable padding, Quick-release buckle Check On Amazon
Premium Pick
LS2 Rebellion
Adjustable twin shield system, Speaker pockets, Quick-release padded chin straps Check On Amazon
1Storm Half helmet
Anti-fog smoked visor, UV protected gloss finish, Washable and removable liners Check On Amazon
Vega Helmet
Adjustable dial fit system, Optically correct sun visor, Channeled and moisture-wicking EPS liner Check On Amazon

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

1storm motorcycle helmet for beards


1Storm is a modular motorcycle helmet with a higher comfort level than other available modular helmets. The modular helmets are the most appropriate ones for your beard, as you can wear them both as a full face and open face helmets.

With a long beard, you should use it as an open face helmet. The chin guard of 1Storm can be detached effortlessly,  just with the simple push of one button.

Besides, you can wear it as a full-face helmet as well, since the chin bar has a soft-padded material so your beard will not go through the liner.

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Accordingly, you’ll never face any discomfort or pain when you need to put off your helmet. Furthermore, the chin guard will keep your beard safe from the harsh wind blowing against you during riding a motorcycle.

This helmet is the most comfortable and lightweight modular helmet, as it is made up of extremely airy materials. Hence, it will not cause you any neck fatigue due to its aerodynamic design.

Besides being lightweight, the materials are durable, and the helmet is DOT approved as well, thus you can rely on it for your daring rides.

Additionally, you can get a killer look as this helmet comes in a variety of eye-catching styles and colors to choose from. The dual-lens design is another noteworthy feature of this helmet. You can flip-down the clear visor while you are riding at night, and during the day you can use the smoky visor to get protection from harsh sunlight. 

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Advanced modular design
  • Great for your beard
  • Affordable.
  • Often runs one size small.

LS2 Helmets Open Face Spitfire Helmet

LS2 motorcycle helmet for beards


LS2 Spitfire is an open-face, classic bobber-style helmet, which has a compact design. It is lightweight and doesn’t give you a mushroom-head look, due to its small size. You can wear goggles with it as it features a strap holder for your goggles as well.

The built-in sun visor will protect your eyes from direct sun. If you want a regular easy-to-use, and unfussy open face helmet, with a low-profile, then this helmet meets your requirements. It is an open-face, so you can put on show your classy beard look during the ride.

Further, a micrometric fastener is equipped in it, which is nice, secure, and easy to work with.

Moreover, this helmet offers great ventilation. Firstly, because it is open-face, so you’ll have a nice flow of air on your face.

Secondly, due to the large air vent present above the visor opening, which takes fresh air in the interior of the helmet, where it is circulated through the air channels in the inner EPS liner. This helmet comes in plenty of trendy paint designs, thus you can get a modern look by wearing it.

Overall, it is a simple and reasonable helmet with DOT certification, which will give you a clean classic look.

  • Low-profile
  • Classic bobber-style
  • Nice ventilation
  • A drop-down visor protects your eyes
  • Chinstraps are easy-to-use.
  • The visor is not incredibly sturdy.
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LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

LS2 Rebellion motorcycle helmet for beards


LS2 Rebellion is a feature-packed helmet in a ¾ style, so it’ll be ideal for you if you have a long beard. It gives you an incredibly comfortable feel along with great safety, as it is DOT rated.

The Rebellion has a combined design of old and new style helmets, and it’s a perfect example of a classic helmet having a contemporary construct. A twin shield system is equipped in this helmet, which provides max protection to your eyes.

It comes in a variety of colors including black, matte black, and the chrome finish helmet. It is really hard to get a chrome color on a helmet, and LS2 Rebellion has done this job to give you an appealing look.

Further, the shell of this helmet is polycarbonate and it comes in two different sizes. This helmet will fit perfectly on your head as it has an intermediate oval fit, that can fit better on a majority of folks out there. Thus, the good fitment of this helmet will allow you to go to the correct size. Now we’ll take a look at the exterior of this helmet.

The visor of this helmet has screws on the sides, which means if you hit or drop your helmet and crack the visor, then you can replace it with another new visor from the LS2.

The ventilation system is noteworthy, as it sets this helmet apart from other simpler helmets. There is a large vent on the top of this helmet that can be opened and closed easily. 

Once you open it up, it allows the fresh air to come through, and pass it through the two chimney cutaways in the inner EPS liner. Thus, the ventilation system promotes airflow from the front all the way to the back of the helmet.

  • Great airflow
  • Highly durable
  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable with a beard.
  • It doesn’t cut the wind noise efficiently.

1Storm Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

1storm half face motorcycle helmet for beards


1Storm half shell is a stylish motorcycle helmet with a high comfort level. Its chin straps work remarkably, as these are easy to latch on.

The quick latch system prevents beard pinching while you are securing the helmet. So if you have a long beard, you can buy this helmet for extra ease and comfort. Further, it is reasonably priced as well, so you definitely get a great helmet for the price.

This helmet is DOT approved, so you don’t have to worry about the safety level it will guarantee. A helmet with DOT certification is capable all the time to offer you the utmost safety you need in case of an impact. In addition, the thermoplastic alloy shell is durable enough to protect your head.

The drop-down sun shield is another great feature of this helmet. It is equipped with an inner retractable smoked visor to protect your eyes from sun and bugs etc, and with this visor, you will not have an issue of fogging on colder days.

It has an attractive shiny UV protection finish, which gives it even more better look. Moreover, it is an extremely lightweight helmet available on the market to make your ride comfier. The inner paddings are removable and washable as well.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick latch system
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easily removable liners
  • Stylish half helmet.
  • Be careful in handling this helmet as it can get scratched easily.

Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Half Helmet

vega motorcycle helmet for beards


Next up in this list we have this Vega Rebel warrior unisex helmet, which is made for both men and women, with its durable and eye-catching design. It gives you the killer look you desire without compromising the safety.

This helmet comes in six sizes and seven different styles to choose from. Therefore, this is an ideal helmet for you if you need a stylish, lightweight, and comfortable helmet with a feature-loaded design. What is more, the quick-release chin straps make this helmet compatible with your long beard.  

An optically correct and easy-to-use drop-down sun shield is also equipped in this helmet to protect your eyes from bugs and the sun.

Moreover, the adjustable dial fit system works great and offers you the custom fit, so people with any head size can get the perfect fit. There is an advanced moisture-wicking EPS liner with internal channels for an enhanced cooling effect.

This helmet is a sturdy half shell helmet that can absorb any impact, as it is approved by DOT as well.  

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish looks
  • Custom fit
  • Quick-release buckles.
  • The lining is a little thin.