Best motorcycle helmet color for visibility

Best Motorcycle Helmet Color for Visibility

Best motorcycle helmet color for visibilityAs we all know, visibility is the most crucial point that must be taken into consideration while riding a motorcycle. 

One has to prepare his/her ride and riding attire in a manner that makes them visible on the road in any given situation, might it be night, rain or storm, etc.

Today we are emphasizing on the fact that what is the role of a helmet in such a scenario and what would be the best motorcycle helmet color for visibility. 

It is quite common that most of the cars and other vehicles emerge from junctions without seeing the motorcyclist due to that low visibility. So I tried to do some research on different colors of the helmets and came with a conclusion that which color works perfectly for visibility.

It is relatively easy to be visible on the road in the day time. We suggest you should prepare yourself for any situation that you might face on the road. When you ride at high speed, visibility becomes an issue no matter what if its a day or night.

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Visibility

We have gathered Top 3 best motorcycle helmet for visibility. You can quickly pick from below box that perfectly match your requirements.

Best Overall
Arai XD4 Helmet

  • Great visibility
  • New exhaust ports
  • Emergency cheek pad release system
Runner up
ScorpionEXO EXO-GT920

  • Easy-Use Flip-up Chin Bar
  • Aero-Tuned Ventilation System
  • Aero Skirt
Scorpion EXO-R320

  • Ellip-Tec Ratchet System
  • Pinlock ready Faceshield
  • Glasses compatible

Best Motorcycle Helmet Color for Visibility

Light Color Helmets

Light-colored helmets are often used to increase visibility. Still, white is the most commonly used color in light shades. White color is widely perceived as a visibility helper, and my personal choice is also using a white-colored helmet.

Are White Motorcycle Helmets Safer?

Yes, and the reasons for choosing a white helmet is because

  • When it comes to selecting the helmet color, white is the most preferred color by professional motorcycle riders.
  • White color can be easily seen in almost any given scenario, whether it is night or day, storm or rain, even in thick jungles, white is easy to spot and noticed.
  • Another most important feature of the white color is that it reflects the sunlight rays and keeps your head cooler in the sun.

Other good options include brightly colored helmets like silver, green, red, yellow, and purple.

The white-colored helmet is my suggestion to all of you. In my opinion, it’s the best helmet color for visibility.

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Dark Color Helmets

Dark colored helmets may look cool on you but, I would not suggest a dark color helmet as it has the least visibility while riding. 

These types of shades tend to blend with the surroundings, which deceive the purpose of using a helmet in the first place.

Keep in mind wearing a helmet does not ensure your safety when an accident happens, so the goal should be to avoid a collision at any cost.

I would suggest you should choose your helmet color according to the area you live in. There might be some cities where dark color helmets can be recommended that include cities where snowfall occurs regularly.

If this does not apply to you, then you should not choose a dark color helmet.  

Fluorescent Color Helmets

These types of colors usually absorb vehicle light and reflect them on vehicles to let them know you are on the road—these types of helmet work great on highways.

They might be a bit expensive and having high maintenance costs other than the regular ones but paying extra for the sake of safety is worth it.

NEON Color Helmets

There is an excellent alternative to fluorescent helmets, which is also maintenance-free. This can be a brilliant option. 

If it suits your taste, then there are plenty of models in the market that features neon lights and colors in their helmet. 

These are easily visible from a long-range and considered as a sensible choice.

Printer/Graphics Helmets

These helmets might be cool to wear and a fashion statement. Still, it defeats the purpose of being visible as they blend in the surroundings and decrease the visibility of rider presence on the road, so keep this in mind while buying such a helmet.

Extra Layer of Protection on Helmets

While using a motorcycle, you should consider investing in extra layers of safety on your motorbike as well as your wearables. Different types of indication lights on a motorbike and a special wearable attire are available for riding. 

It may seem like an extra investment, but let me remind you that no money is valuable than your own life, so investing money in such things might save your life one day. So consider such measures before riding the wind.


The purpose of this article is to make your perception clear and help you chose the best motorcycle helmet color for visibility, and I hope this article serves the purpose. Remember, you have to be vigilant on the road no matter what. Because if you are using your mobile phone or distracted by anything else while riding on the road, then nothing can save you from an accident, even if you are emitting lights from your body.

So be vigilant and attentive on the road, use all safety gear, and keep your ride in mint condition so that it can serve you properly. Always abide by the rules and never showoff your motorbike speed because it makes no sense. Be safe, ride safe, and enjoy the gift of life.

If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments section.