Best Horse Riding Helmet For Hot Weather

Best Horse Riding Helmet for Hot Weather

As summer arrives, the thought of enjoying the fast gallops or unrushed strolls is the most appealing one to all the horse riders out there. Horse riding under the blazing sun can be an extremely challenging experience.

You may even feel like not using a riding helmet to feel cool and comfortable. Nevertheless, to regulate your body temperature, you don’t have to skimp on your safety.    

If you don’t have an appropriate riding helmet, it may turn out to be a dreadful trial. Getting a helmet with proper ventilation is no fret with our list of top-ranking horse riding helmets given below.

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So, without any further delay, let me show you the list of the Best horse riding helmet for hot weather.

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Best overall
Troxel Sierra

  • Rugged nylon and leather covering
  • Flip Fold fit adjustment
  • Mesh-covered vents
Premium Pick
One K Defender

  • Stainless steel mesh vents
  • Comfort padded harness with synthetic suede lining
  • ABS composite shell
Troxel Spirit

  • Dial-fit system
  • Air-Channel technology
  • Flex tip visor

Best Ventilated Horse Riding Helmet – Top Picks

Image Product Feature Price
Best overall
Troxel Sierra Helmet
Rugged nylon and leather covering, Flip Fold fit adjustment, Mesh-covered vents Check On Amazon
One K Defender Helmet
Stainless steel mesh vents, Comfort padded harness with synthetic suede lining, ABS composite shell Check On Amazon
Troxel Spirit Helmet
Dial-fit system, Air-Channel technology, Flex tip visor Check On Amazon
TuffRider Starter Helmet
ABS Outer Shell, Black EPS Liner, Ponytail compatible Check On Amazon
Ovation Equestrian Helmet
Eye-catching colors, Extended back shell, Detachable and washable mesh liner Check On Amazon
Elite Extreme Helmet
Cool-On lining, Mesh interior, IRH’s inventive low-profile build Check On Amazon
Tipperary Sportage Helmet
High-impact ABS shell, Reflective rear band, Soft nylon strap Check On Amazon

1- Troxel Sierra Horseback Riding Helmet

Key Features

  • Low-profile design
  • Mesh-covered vents
  • Air-Channel technology
  • Rugged nylon and leather covering
  • Surfeit Pro Fit
  • Flip Fold fit adjustment
  • Removable and washable headliner
  • ASTM/SEI certification

The leather finish of the Troxel Sierra Horseback riding helmet can catch the eye of any equestrian. The combo of leather and nylon finish is easy in cleaning and looks exceptionally chic. Moreover, it is durable, which makes it perfect for horseback riding. 

This helmet’s low-profile unique design is made especially for the riders who love the handsomely rugged appearance and prefer a cowboy hat over an English helmet. Further, it is not too bulky or heavy, seeing that it has a low-profile design.

In addition to its great looks, it features the unique SureFit Profit system; thus, you can adjust it according to your head size. The flip-fold fit adjustment ensures a perfect fit; consequently, the helmet feels neither too tight nor too loose.

The ASTM/SEI certification makes it outstanding from a safety point of view. What’s more, it features a self-locking buckle and mesh-covered vents that make it a safe and breathable helmet.

The headliner is detachable and washable, plus it uses the Air-Channel technology to keep the moisture away. Hence, you’ll get a fresh and clean helmet all the time, which makes it the best suitable helmet for hot weather.

It also comes at a reasonable cost with all its incredible specs and exceptional construction, a worth-mentioning thing about it.

  • Solid leather finish, which looks great
  • Durable material
  • Perfect fit
  • Great ventilation
  • Affordable
  • You may experience some trivial problems with the buckle system

2- One K Defender Horse Riding Helmet

Key Features

  • ABS composite shell
  • Moisture-wicking, washable, quick-dry, and anti-microbial inner liner
  • Stainless steel mesh vents on top, front, back, and both sides
  • Comfort padded harness with synthetic suede lining

One K is one of the world’s finest brands that manufactures premium quality helmets for horseback riding. One K Defender has all the features of a high-end helmet, but still, it comes at a relatively low cost, which is a great thing to consider.

The advanced ABS composite outer shell with the injection-moulded shell design of this helmet makes it a sturdy and robust helmet to offer you the utmost safety you need while horseback riding.

Furthermore, the moisture-wicking, washable, quick-dry, and anti-microbial inner liner of this helmet works well on hot summer days. The stainless steel mesh vents on top, front, back, and both sides provide enough fresh air to keep your head cool in a warm climate.

Moreover, for added comfort, the harness is also padded with synthetic suede lining. You’ll get a wide variety of finishes in this helmet, including a combo of matte and gloss black in one helmet, navy matte, brown matte, black gloss, and black matte.

This helmet o true to size as well, so it fits well. On the whole, it is the preeminent horseback riding helmet available on the market with all its impressive specifications.

  • Striking aesthetics
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • A wide variety of finishes
  • A solid and sturdy helmet
  • Not known

3- TuffRider Starter Horse Riding Safety Helmet

Key Features

  • ABS shell
  • EPS liner
  • Stainless steel mesh-covered vents
  • Coolmax washable lining
  • Adjustable Dial fit system
  • ASTM/SEI certified
  • Ponytail compatible
  • Suitable for both adults and kids

TuffRider Starter is a low-profile and lightweight Horse Riding helmet, plus it offers maximum protection to the rider due to its durable, thick padded construction. The resilient outer ABS shell of this helmet is safety-certified. Further, it is made of sleek and straightforward material which can be cleaned and maintained very easily.

It has vents on both sides, which are covered with stainless mesh for added protection. The vents offer maximum airflow to keep the temperature inside the helmet cool during hot weather conditions.

Moreover, the inner EPS liner is an excellent shock absorber, plus it is removable and washable as well to keep the helmet hygienic all through your riding experience. It comes with an easily adjustable Dial fit system at the back plus the buckled harness closure to secure the helmet in place.   

What’s more, it is a ponytail-compatible helmet, and also it is suitable for kids and adults. The cost is very reasonable, and it has the ASTM certification, which means it will protect your head very well.

  • Affordable
  • Safety certification
  • Durable construction
  • Well-ventilated
  • Breakaway visor
  • It runs a bit small

4- Ovation Equestrian-Helmets Protege Riding Helmet

Key Features

  • Easy-to-adjust Dial
  • High-density cutting-edge ABS
  • Size ranges from XS to XL
  • ASTM/SEI certification
  • It has an extended back shell
  • Detachable and washable mesh liner

Getting a riding helmet that is just right for you at times gets quite tricky. Yet Ovation Equestrian protégé is the perfect riding helmet you wish for all the time, with a cozy fit, ideal airflow, classic style, and some other excellent specifications.

This helmet is admired for its lightweight construction and well-ventilated design, as the vents on the top of this helmet supply a sufficient amount of fresh air to keep your noggin cool in the summers. Moreover, the easy-to-adjust Dial will give you the snug fit to keep the helmet in place.

It is equipped with a high-density cutting-edge ABS, which does not add much to the helmet’s weight and still protects you very well. This helmet is available in a size range of XS to XL and comes in several eye-catching colors, including dark green, denim, graphite, brown, and so on.

Further, this helmet can fit anyone out there, plus it comes at a decent cost, so almost every rider can afford it. Also, it has the ASTM/SEI certification as well, just like the other helmets we have on this list. The sleek, low-profile design, along with an extended back shell, makes it the most attractive and safest horseback riding helmet.

  • Well-ventilated design
  • Eye-catching colors
  • It comes at a decent cost
  • Low-profile design
  • You may face some sizing issues

5- Troxel Spirit Horseback Riding Helmet

Key Features

  • Flex tip visor
  • 20 percent mesh
  • Dial-fit system
  • ASTM/SEI certified
  • FlipFold washable and removable headliner
  • Air-Channel technology

Troxel spirit horseback riding helmet has a complete coverage design to offer maximum protection, in addition to a Dial fit adjustment system intended for a comfortable fit, plus it is for both adults and children. It is way less bulky than other riding helmets out there due to its low-profile design.

Moreover, it has an excellent ventilation system and the Air-Channel technology used to prevent excessive sweat and heat build-up. Besides, it features a flex tip visor to protect your face against the blazing summer sun. As a result, you can enjoy your horse riding during hot weather because of the cooling effect this helmet offers.

What’s more, the Flex visor is made of a flexible polymer so it would not break into small pieces in the event of a fall, consequently minimizing the possibility of scrapes and cuts. The spirit is made in the US, and it comprises 20 percent mesh, which is excellent. It gives the best performance and appeals to all the equestrians.

Further, the FlipFold system in the headliner makes adjustments by folding it over the integrated tabs, thus making the inner padding thicker or thinner to accommodate different hairstyles and head shapes.

This is not all, it is also ASTM-SEI certified, so it is truly the best, high-quality protective gear for horse riding. This helmet’s attractive colors and patterns will give you the most trendy look, and thus it will boost up your style.

  • Low-profile design
  • Full coverage gives utmost protection
  • A high-quality helmet, as it is made in the US
  • Prevents excessive sweat and heat build-up

    6- ELITE EXTREME Equestrian Protective Gear

    The Elite Extreme helmet has a unique design to make you feel comfortable and cool without sacrificing style. IRH’s inventive low-profile build gives this helmet a sleek modern look, and the startling style of this helmet will look great on you.

    This helmet features top left and right vent ports to offer optimal cooling and air intake, while the Cool-On padded lining in the mesh interior wicks the moisture away from your head effectively. Therefore, this equestrian protective gear is best for hot weather.

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    The extremely lightweight construction, along with the small foam pads all across the interior, adds to the ultimate comfort of the Elite Extreme helmet.  Further, the soft and super comfy wrap-around harness of this helmet has an adjustable clip-closure chin strap, plus it is ventilated at the back for extra comfort.   

    When it comes to maintenance, this helmet is an easy keeper, and it is the best pick for daily summer horseback riding.  Also, you can wear it with a ponytail as well, which means it will be great for women and men with long hair.

    The ASTM F1163-15 certification makes it the safest horse riding helmet around. This helmet will be the most appropriate one for the competitive horse riders in our day due to its outstanding features, admirable fit, trendy style, and first-rate ventilation system.   

    • Outstanding features
    • Admirable fit
    • Sleek modern look
    • First-rate ventilation system
    • Ponytail compatible
    • The visor is not detachable

    7- TIPPERARY Sportage Equestrian Helmets

    Key Features

    • High-impact ABS shell
    • Thick inner foam
    • Flexible contour visor
    • Reflective rear band
    • Soft padding
    • Weighs 17 ounces
    • Soft nylon strap

    The Tipperary Sportage equestrian helmet is well-liked for its protective features and soft design. It is build of a durable, high-impact ABS shell, which is relatively lightweight too, making it the best option for both women and men.

    If you are searching for something more sporty and modern, then this helmet will meet your demands.  It is the whole complete package, offering you great comfort, utmost safety, and first-class airflow so you can stay cool and fresh during the hottest days.  

    For horse riding, the first thing you’ll need to take care of is the appropriate protective gear to keep yourself safe. This helmet is lined with multiple layers to protect your head well from any kind of impact. Its thick inner foam will give you the maximum protection you need in this sport.

    Moreover, it has a low-profile design, flexible contour visor, a reflective rear band, and soft padding that hinders excessive moisture. Being a lightweight helmet, it only weighs 17ounces. Further, the soft nylon strap adds to the comfort level and minimizes the friction to a great extent.

    There is a sticker inside the helmet which indicates the manufacture date, which is good to know because a helmet should be discarded if it is used for more than five years.

    Tipperary is available in plenty of colors and eye-catching designs, and it is an affordable helmet with a safety certification that declares it a sturdy and safe gear.  Overall, it is the best horse riding helmet on the market, with some notable features mentioned above.

    • Plenty of colors, and eye-catching designs
    • Safety certification
    • Lined with multiple layers to protect your head well
    • Hinders the excessive moisture
    • First-class airflow
    • It may have some fitting issues with the oval head shape.

    Factor to Conside while Buying Horse Riding Helmet for Hot Weather (Buying Guide)

    Helmets provide protection from heat, sweat, and injury. Essentially, it performs many functions, therefore, a helmet needs to be selected with care.

    Summer riding helmets should be chosen with several factors in mind. 

    1.     Moisture-wicking interior

    Sweating during a horse ride in hot weather can be incredibly irritating. Hence, choose a helmet with a moisture-wicking lining to prevent sweat from getting into your eyes and retaining excessive heat inside the helmet. Despite extremely hot temperatures, a high-quality liner will ensure a sweat-free ride.

    2.     Air ventilation

    Instead of wearing that solid velvet riding cap, opt for a helmet with maximum ventilation, because the heat of summer is oppressive, and horseback riding is difficult under the extreme sun. 

    In those conditions, ventilation is crucial to keep you fresh. So, if you want to prevent your head from overheating, you should use a helmet that allows for the max flow of air and ventilation.

    3.     Comfort level

    Each rider, whether novice or expert, needs a comfortable helmet. Your helmet’s comfort depends on a variety of factors.

    For instance, some helmets have straps for making it adjustable at the chin. It is a highly practical and comfortable feature, especially for little ones.

    The quality of the liner also affects the helmet’s comfort, as comfortable helmets come with a soft and absorbent liner. Also, good inner cushioning will also provide maximum comfort.

    4.     Safety certifications

    Helmets are designed to protect your head while riding a horse. Look for ASTM, CE, or SEI certification on the helmet, as all the helmets must adhere to these safety standards to ensure that you remain safe.

    5.     Weight

    A helmet’s weight is another factor to consider. Lighter helmets can provide a greater level of comfort, however, weight varies according to size and design. It is best to avoid wearing a heavy helmet because it is difficult to wear for long periods of time.

    6.     Visor

    A perfect visor will make your horse ride even better. To find the most suitable visor, make sure that the width, angle, and style of the visor are all taken into account.

    7.     Proper fit

    Whether you ride horses for fun, competition, or passion, a properly fitted helmet is essential to a successful ride. For this reason, the fit of a helmet is crucial, so choose one that fits snugly while letting you wear goggles or sunglasses. It should sit one centimeter above your eyebrows, plus the chin strap must be tight, and you should be able to put one finger between the strap and your neck. 

    The helmet should be snug, but at the same time, it must feel comfortable. And for this reason, the helmet size should be carefully considered. Having the wrong size can lead to discomfort, fit issues, as well as ineffective protection.

    8.     Maintenance

    A helmet is an everyday piece of gear that protects you from harm. Hence, its cleaning and maintenance should be easy. You might consider, for instance, an easy-to-wash method, adjustable straps, removable inserts, etc.

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