Best half helmet no Mushroom

Best Half Helmet no Mushroom (Low Profile Helmets)

best half helmet no mushroomAs is the case, many bike lovers pay a good amount of cash for an incredibly stylish motorbike to ride on. However, the majority of them get one of those half helmets which give them a mushroom head look.

Hence no matter how cool their bike and other gears are, they end up with a silly look instead of the desired pro-rider look. It is genuinely hard to get hold of a helmet that does not make your head look like an oversized mushroom.

Oftentimes, the mushroom look is due to the thick shells and excessive padding used in the manufacture of helmets.

To avoid this issue, we’ll help you get a perfect low profile helmet with little padding, new technologies, and exceptional quality. 

Here is the list of best half helmet no mushroom, that are lightweight, low-profile, and DOT certified; thus, offering you the max protection plus great looks. 

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Best Half Helmet No Mushroom - 7 Top Picks

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet No Mushroom


Rebellion is an improved and innovative half-shell model by LS2, which comes in six different designs. Its low-profile will prevent the mushroom head effect, and the durable material will keep you safe while riding.

Moreover, the twin shield style, along with a drop-down sun visor will protect your eyes from direct sun rays and wind. Also, you can lock the visor fully down or half way down according to your choice.

The high-performance, and lightweight Kinetic Polymer Alloy Nano-Particle Technology is used in the construction of its shell to make this helmet even more trustworthy in terms of safety. Besides, it is DOT rated as well to ensure the utmost protection every time you hit the road on your bike.

 What’s more, the Bluetooth availability enables you to have communication with your fellow riders, which is quite amazing. Rebellions comes with a proper ventilation system to provide the fresh air flow inside the helmet, plus the hypoallergenic technical fabric liner wicks away the moisture effectively.

For improved riding comfort, this helmet features an easy-to-use and adjustable chin strap, and the detachable and washable interior. On the whole, this will be a perfect headgear for you if you don’t want a mushroom look.

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  • Moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic inner liner
  • Durable material
  • Low-profile and lightweight.
  • You may find it a bit expensive.

Crazy AL's SOA Inspired

Crazy AL's no mushroom half helmet


Crazy Al’s helmet is admired for its Sons of Anarchy-inspired look. This brand has completely put an end to the mushroom head designed helmets since 2008. If you want to get an ultra low profile helmet with DOT certification, this one is going to be perfect for you.

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It is lightweight, small in size, and way less bulky than other helmets. Thus, it offers a low profile while giving maximum safety to your head. It feels snug on your head and you can easily remove it due to the quick release adjustable straps.

This is known to be the smallest DOT approved helmet available out there, which is its remarkable feature. Hence, it is a well-constructed helmet with great looks. Make sure to check the sizing guide first, and then buy a helmet according to your head size.

The new helmet might feel a little tight at first, but the inner lining will get molded according to your head shape after a few rides.

  • No mushroom head
  • Snug on your head
  • Lightest and smallest shell
  • Easy helmet removal.
  • The visor is not included.

Vega Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sun shield

vega warrior half helmets no mushroom


Vega is one of the topmost motorcycle helmet brands, and the warrior motorcycle half helmet by Vega is designed for both women and men. It comes in several different sizes and features an adjustable dial fit system, hence offers a perfect snug fit.

Further, it is lightweight, small in size, and comfortable half helmet, which comes with an inner high-density and fully vented EPS foam liner.

Moreover, it features a tinted drop-down sun visor to protect your eyes from debris, bugs, and direct sun. Advanced moisture-wicking padding is also equipped in it for high-level comfort.

The noteworthy feature of this helmet is that it doesn’t give you the mushroom head look, which is great. What’s more, it doesn’t feel very heavy on your head, plus the quick release feature is nice as well.

  • No mushroom head
  • Lightweight design
  • Seven colors available.
  • Do not offer protection to your ears
  • Not suitable for large heads.
Want a bike helmet for your large head? We have a detailed guide on best bike helmet for large heads. You can have a look.

WCL Beanie Motorcycle Half Helmet

WCL Beanie Motorcycle Half Helmet  no mushroom


WCL Beanie is one more motorbike helmet in this list of no mushroom half helmets. Now say no to the ‘mushroom head’ look, as this helmet has a low profile, head-hugging design, thus it fits snug and sits low on your head.

Since it is very lightweight consequently it will not cause neck strain and you’ll have a comfortable experience. Further, it is the smallest DOT certified helmet available in the market as per the claim of the manufacturers. Hence besides being the lightest and smallest half helmet, it doesn’t compromise on safety standards.

For an easy on and off experience, it is equipped with adjustable quick-release straps. As a result, you can remove the helmet effortlessly. While wearing it the first time, you must keep in mind that it may feel a little snug, but it will mold to your head quickly. So you don’t have to worry about this thing.

Also, make sure to get the perfect size for your head by verifying your size with the sizing chart available. Only then you’ll get the snug and comfortable fit you desire. Moreover, for extra comfort and safety, a rigid fiberglass composite is used in this helmet.

  • Low profile, no mushroom helmet design
  • Lightweight
  • Small in size.
  • Feels tight when wearing for the first time.

YUIEN Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet


Getting a classic look with a wide range of contemporary features, the Yuien Carbon Fiber motorcycle helmet calls for no introduction. Despite being open-face, it will not give you the mushroom-head effect because it is low-profile. You’ll also get excellent ventilation and a wide field of vision as the open face design allows maximum airflow within the helmet.

As an added feature, there are three snaps that can be used to attach a face shield, but they are not strong enough to do so. As such, this helmet will not work for those who want to attach a face shield.

Furthermore, the shell is made entirely of carbon fiber and has a high-density EPS foam interior. The quick-release buckle, coupled with the padded, adjustable, and removable Double D-ring fixing strap, makes this helmet easy to wear.

It comes with a removable and washable lining of moisture-wicking, breathable composite fabric, which provides supreme comfort while wearing the helmet. This leather-look, suede-like comfort liner provides a comfortable fit and feels as if it’s real leather.

Moreover, the helmet is equipped with a windshield fixing buckle, which can be used to attach windproof glasses for safer riding. As a DOT-approved helmet, you can trust it to provide you with maximum safety.

  • Low-profile, classic look
  • Superior ventilation
  • Wide field of vision
  • .
  • This helmet will not work for those who want to attach a face shield..

Daytona Helmets Carbon Fiber Half Shell Helmet

Daytona half helmet no mushroom


Daytona half shell helmet is specially made to provide you the desired protection and comfort. It is lined fully with a custom-made interior for extra comfort. Besides, it fits comfortably and snugly on your head for utmost safety.

Check the sizing chart before buying one for you to get the right size. Further, it meets or exceeds DOT safety standards, thus, it will protect your head, which is the most crucial part of your body, in case of an impact. It comes in a wide range of different sizes, so both the largest as well as smallest heads can fit in it easily.  

Moreover, it is the smallest low profile helmet with the department of transportation approval, which means it has passed the certified lab test of safety. It prevents the mushroom head effect due to its small size and low profile.

The chinstraps can be adjusted to front or back, hence it prevents the discomfort caused by other poorly made straps that pinch or pulls your beard hairs painfully. Also, the custom lock can be released quickly by just moving one finger, which is a great thing.

  • Snug fit
  • Low profile
  • No mushroom.
  • The ear loops do tend to slip out over time.

Bikeraccess Low Profile Novelty Half Helmet

bikeraccess half helmet no mushroom


This helmet by Bikeraccess is changed over the years multiple times to get the killer look it has right now. It is extremely lightweight and has a low profile look.

The internal cushion is designed with minimal padding, due to which the helmet sits low on your head, as a result, puts a stop to the mushroom look. So this helmet won’t ride up like other helmets with crappy inner cushions that make them sit weirdly high on your head, thus giving a mushroom look that you would not like at all.

Measure your head properly before getting any helmet. If your head size fits between two sizing brackets, then get the higher size as it will fit perfectly.

Furthermore, it is not made up of a plastic shell like other cheap helmets, instead, a high-quality fiberglass shell is used in it. the chin straps are padded for additional comfort and it features a quick-release ratchet clip as well.

  • No mushroom effect
  • Quality clip
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Not DOT certified.

Factors to consider before buying best half helmet no mushroom (Buying Guide)

We have reviewed some of the topmost headgears in this list of best half helmet no mushroom, and all of them come loaded with their unique specifications plus the desired low-profile look.

The half helmets provide the least coverage, yet most riders love to wear them due to the great natural ventilation. In spite of that, there are some main points to consider if you have decided to pick up a new helmet.

We have stated below a proper buyer’s guide full of some useful information that requires your attention.

Chin straps

full face helmet is firmly fixed to your head due to its full coverage structure, and even if your are driving your motorbike at a high speed, it will stay snug in your head.

On the contrary, a half helmet is not securely attached to your head if the chin straps are not fastened properly. It will fall off very easily while driving on a highway due to the rushing wind.

Therefore, before purchasing a half helmet, check out the chin straps, and look for a Nylex chin strap or double D-ring.


 The helmet’s durability is the most crucial thing to consider, as we only wear a helmet to protect our noggins. If a helmet is not made of tough and durable material, it will not have the tendency to absorb any impact, and it can even crack easily with just a minor bump. Not any rider will want to get a helmet which is not sturdy and long-lasting.

So make sure that the helmet you are going to buy is made of thermoplastic alloy or polycarbonate, as these materials will give your helmet strength while making it incredibly lightweight.


If you often go for a long ride on your motorcycle, then a heavy helmet can give you a bad head and neck strain. So go for a helmet which is extremely lightweight and built of strong and sturdy material.

It will provide you the utmost protection while not putting any burden on your head and neck.

Safety certification

The safety certifications guarantees a helmet’s ability to keep you safe; hence, it would be better if you get a helmet which meets all the standards of safety.

If you are from the US, your helmet should meet the DOT and Snell safety standards. While in the European countries, an ECE approved helmet is acceptable.

Inner material

The inner material of any helmet must feel comfortable, and the foam of a helmet should be of great quality to protect your head in any unfortunate accident. This will minimize the risks of serious head injuries to a greater extent.

Also, if the helmet inner padding is removable and washable, then that’s a plus point for you if you love to keep your helmet fresh and hygienic all the time.

Ventilation system

You will not need a proper ventilation system in a half helmet, as you’ll already get a lot of natural ventilation in it. However, there are some half face helmets with remarkable ventilation systems to offer a good amount of airflow around your head.

The helmets with proper ventilation systems are great especially for hot weather conditions. It will help regulate the temperature inside the headgear.

Helmet size

You should always go for a helmet which is perfect for your head shape and size. Otherwise you’ll have no option left except for returning it back to the company. Because, a wrong sized helmet will either too loose or too tight on your head, which will not serve its purpose well.

Thus, check the helmet’s sizing chart carefully, which varies for different brands and is given by each helmet brand on their website.

Sun visors

A half helmet with a sun shield or drop-down visor will be best for you, because it will protect your eyes well. Moreover, look for a detachable and replaceable visor, so you can easily change it if it gets damaged.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are half shell helmets safe?

This is obvious that half shell helmets are designed only to protect your head from serious injuries. Besides, half shell helmets don’t protect you from dust, debris, and smoke while riding. So it is safe to use half shell helmets on a short trip only. On the other hand, for a longer trip, you’ll need a full-face helmet because riders usually ride at high speed on long-distance riding.

Are half helmets DOT approved?

It depends on a helmet. Some half helmets are DOT approved, and some are not. DOT approved helmets are relatively expensive than non-DOT helmets. You can easily find DOT approved helmets from the above mentioned list.

How do I know if my helmet is DOT certified?

There are some common steps that can be taken to distinguish between DOT and non-DOT helmets.

Step 1 – Look for a DOT sticker that is pasted on the backside of the helmet. But this step does not guarantee the DOT certification as many helmets counterfeit DOT stickers on non-DOT helmets.

Step 2 – Look for the thick inner liner in the interior of the helmet. Non-DOT helmets usually feature a thin sheet of foam that serves as an inner liner. However, DOT certified helmets feature an inner liner that is about 1 inch thick. You can quickly check it by feeling the interior of the helmet by simply pressing that liner.

Step 3 – Non-DOT helmets usually weigh about less than a pound, whereas DOT certified helmets weigh about three pounds.

Step 4 – The chinstraps of DOT certified helmets are relatively sturdy and rigid, which won’t lose or break while riding.

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Do helmets have to be DOT approved?

DOT approved helmets are comparatively more safe than non-DOT helmets. So it’s good to have a DOT approved helmet.

Is half or full helmet better?

Both have some pros and cons. But if we look for safety, then full-face helmets are better because they can protect your head as well as they offer excellent chin protection, reduced noise levels, and no bug-to-face contact. On the other hand, half face helmets provide protection to the head only and also do not prevent you from dust and debris. However, in terms of ventilation, half face helmets are best suited.

Is it OK to wear a full face helmet on a cruiser?

If you want to get protected and enclosed, then you can use full face helmet while riding on a cruiser. On the other hand, if you wish to enjoy the scenery, then wearing a full-face helmet will destroy the joy of cruising.

Why do motorcycle cops wear half helmets?

There are two reasons motorcycle cops still use half helmets. For one, in the event of a crash, it’s very difficult for the officer to communicate with a command or other officers on the scene if they’re wearing an all-encompassing lid. Secondly, wearing a full-coverage helmet can be restrictive when low light levels cause headlight blindness and distortion. That is called being “dazzed,” and getting enough light means visibility for both drivers and police personnel alike

What is a police helmet called?

Custodian helmet is typically worn by male police sergeant and constables.