Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth and GPS

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth and GPS (Reviews)

What are the best full face motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and GPS? This is a question that many riders ask themselves before they make their purchase because choosing the right motorcycle helmet is not a decision to take lightly. It can be an expensive purchase and should provide protection from head injuries in case of a crash.

Moreover, we are always looking for ways to upgrade our gear and make it more safer. So, if you’re looking for a great way to stay connected on your ride, then this is the right place for you! We’ve compiled the best full-face helmets that have Bluetooth and GPS built-in so that you can stay in touch with friends, family, or emergency services while riding your bike.

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Here we got a list of Best Full-face motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS.

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Best overall
ILM Helmet

  • DSP Noise suppression
  • Bluetooth 3.o technology
  • 1000 feet range
Premium Pick
FreedConn Helmet

  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • DSP noise suppression
  • Bluetooth range= 1640 feet
Premium Pick
HJC i90 Helmet

  • Sena 10B Bluetooth Headset
  • Dark smoke sun shield
  • DOT and ECE certification

Best Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth and GPS

1- ILM Flip up Full Face Bluetooth and GPS Motorcycle Helmet

ILM full face motorcycle helmet with bluetooth and GPS

Key Features

  • Bluetooth 3.o technology
  • 8 hours talk time
  • 110 hours standby
  • Adjustable vents
  • Washable microfiber liner
  • One-touch control
  • The range is up to 1000 feet
  • Two  built-in speakers
  • Meets ECE and DOT safety standards
  • DSP Noise suppression and Echo cancellation technology
  • GPS Compatible
Our Recommendation

This modular Flip-up full-face Bluetooth integrated motorcycle helmet by ILM comes with a long-range, most needed feature of a Bluetooth helmet. It is mainly a notable thing about this helmet since it claims that the Bluetooth can be used over a range of 1000 feet so that you can use the rider-to-rider intercom system over long distances without any hassle.

The Bluetooth 3.0 technology enables you to get the most out of this helmet since it offers 8 hours of talk time plus 110 hours of standby prior to recharge. Further, the microfiber lining is washable to offer an odor-free helmet all through your rides.

Moreover, the ventilation system offers enough airflow to prevent suffocation, and also the vents of this helmet are adjustable; hence, you can alter the ventilation according to your needs.

Also,  it enables you to make or answer a call during the ride quickly, thanks to its one-touch control. Consequently, it is perfect for you if you are the kind of person who wants to stay connected with the world all the time.

Enjoy your favorite music and have full-on entertainment on the road with this headgear, as its two high-quality built-in speakers provide full stereo sound. Now you can turn on the GPS navigation audio, FM radio, and music effortlessly with just a single touch. 

What’s more, this helmet comes with the DSP noise suppression and echo cancellation technology, enhancing the sound quality significantly. It exceeds the DOT and ECE safety standards, which means it will protect you well.

  • Perfect fit
  • Full stereo sound
  • The Noise suppression technology provides great audio even at high speeds
  • It is one size smaller than the standard helmet size, so select the size carefully

2- FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

freedconn motorcycle helmet with bluetooth aand gps

Key Features

  • Bluetooth range is up to 1640 feet
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • DSP noise suppression and Echo cancelation technology
  • Two built-in premium speakers
  • One multi-functional button control
  • 110 hours of standby
  • 8 hours of intercom talk time
  • GPS Available
Our Recommendation

This motorcycle helmet by a well-reputed brand FreedConn will give you an excellent Bluetooth experience with a range of up to 1640 feet for three riders pairing or two riders talking. Also, with this helmet on, you don’t have to be concerned about your safety anymore, as it is DOT and ECE certified, which means it will protect your noggin well in an unexpected crash.

To make your team motorbike communication efficient and convenient, it features Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Thus, you can enjoy FM, music, intercom, and GPS voice prompt as well while having a fun ride on your motorcycle.

Moreover, the advanced DSP noise suppression and Echo cancelation technology provide the crystal clear intercom and music even if you drive your motorbike at a high pace; plus, you can enjoy full stereo sound with its two built-in premium speakers. 

The one multi-functional button control makes it even more convenient to use since it supports hands-free calling, and by just pressing the MFB button for 2 seconds, you can trigger the Siri voice command.

All of these incredible specs, along with the long battery life, make it a top-notch full-face motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth. You’ll get 110 hours of standby and 8 hours of intercom talk time, which is well-suited for the longer rides too.  

  • Excellent voice quality
  • Reduces wind noise
  • The visor works well
  • Good ventilation
  • Comfortable
  • The size may run a bit small

3- 1Storm Full Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

1storm motorcycle helmet with bluetooth and gps

Key Features

  • DOT approved
  • Aerodynamic Spoiler
  • Bluetooth headset
  • 800-meter communication
  • 10 hr phone talk time
  • 7 hr intercom talk
  • 300 hr standby time
  • GPS compatible
Our Recommendation

1Storm HB89 is one of the best Bluetooth helmets available on the market. It is a quality helmet at a reasonable price point and gives you a perfect, comfy fit. Further, it features a clear visor which you can quickly flip down and up while riding. It will keep your eyes safe from the elements, and the glossy UV protection finish will protect you from direct sun rays.

The detachable inner padding is easy to wash to keep your helmet odor-free all time. Moreover, its full-face design will give you the utmost protection you will need on a busy road, and when compared to the half shell, it is also way quieter than that. On a bright sunny day, you can cover up your eyes with built-in sunglasses, which I think is a great feature.

This helmet comes with a spoiler and a Bluetooth headset to enhance your riding experience. The headset supports up to 800-meter communication and three riders intercom, with 7 hours intercom talk time, 10 hours phone talk time, and 300 hours standby time.

The Bluetooth is compatible with Ipad, mobile phone, and GPS audio. Also, the one-touch music playing, phone calls, and FM radio control make your life easier.

  • Flip-up/Modular and Dual Lens Design
  • Easy one-touch control
  • Stylish look
  • Sizing may be an issue

4- TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

TORC T15B bluetooth and GPS motorcycle helmet

Key Features

  • Built-in rear spoiler
  • Thermo Polymer Alloy shell
  • Build-in Blinc Bluetooth technology
  • Built-in drop-down sun visor
  • DOT and ECE certified
  • Cool Max comfort padding
  • Tinted anti-fog visor
Our Recommendation

The Bluetooth motorcycle helmets manufactured by TORC are one of their kind, with unique and incredible features. And the sleek new model by TORC is this T15B with integrated Bluetooth and race-inspired graphics.

Being neither too loose nor too tight, it will give you just the right fit, plus the inner liner helps to keep the helmet snugly in place even if you are on a bumpy road. Unlike other full-face helmets, it has an advanced ventilation system to keep your noggin cool and to dry off the sweat inside the helmet.

Additionally, the built-in rear spoiler minimizes the external noise; thus, you’ll not have to bear up the obnoxious and distracting noise during the ride. Now, let’s have a look at the integrated Bluetooth, which is its most significant advantage. Connect your device to this helmet, enjoy music, answer or decline calls, and have convenient communication with your fellow riders.

With this helmet on, you’ll not have to stop your bike to answer a call, thanks to its one-touch system for answering or declining the markets. Furthermore, the outer Thermo Polymer Alloy shell makes it a durable and sturdy helmet that will protect your head well, plus the scratch-resistant, anti-fog visor will give your eyes complete protection from elements. Overall, it is a futuristic lid with a badass look and all the above-mentioned outclass specs.

  • Beautiful graphic design
  • Durable and strong
  • Superior ventilation
  • Convenient communication
  • It is not the lightest helmet available out there

5- HJC i90 Motorcycle Helmet With Sena 10B Bluetooth Headset

HJC i90 motorcycle helmet with bluetooth and gps

Key Features

  • Sena Smart HJC 10B Bluetooth Headset 
  • Dark smoke sun shield
  • Weighs only 3.75lbs
  • DOT and ECE certification
Our Recommendation

HJC produces some of the top-rated Bluetooth motorcycle helmets at a reasonable price point. HJC i90 is also a reasonably priced modular motorcycle helmet by this brand with some top-grade specifications. Further, it is built of polycarbonate, making it a lightweight full-face helmet weighing just 3.75 pounds.

Eye protection is the priority of most motorcycle riders, and for that, it comes with a dark smoke sun shield with UV protection. Thus your eyes will be protected from direct sun rays and elements. What’s more, it doesn’t compromise the vision as you will get a clear field of view while riding the motorbike.

Moreover, the inner fabric is removable and washable to give you a pleasant and fresh feel. This helmet provides maximum comfort, which makes it worth buying. The main feature of this lid is the Sena 10B Bluetooth headset, and for that, Sena has to Collaborate with HJC to provide you with the best audio quality on the road.

The Sena technology and Bluetooth 3.0 system allow you to listen to your loved tracks and to receive GPS instructions from your smartphone app. If you search for a helmet with Sena’s praise-worthy reliability at an affordable cost, the HJC i90 will well suit all your needs as a rider.

  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Lightweight
  • UV protection for eyes
  • Affordable
  • Best audio quality
  • It’s not very breathable

Which factors to consider while Buying Bluetooth and GPS Helmets (Buying Guide)

After reading the reviews, you must have a clear idea about the unique specs of the helmets mentioned above, making each of them the best full-face motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth. Now, below are some factors you should consider if you are going to get one for yourself.

  • Helmet’s connectivity – For getting a helmet that will suit you the most, first, you have to know your requirements. The number of riders you want to stay connected with during the ride matters a lot, as different headsets enable you to connect with a different number of riders. You’ll certainly not want to get stuck with a helmet that you can connect with only one rider when you want to communicate with two or three.     
  • Voice prompt – A Bluetooth helmet’s primary function is to give you a convenient hands-free communication experience. So, if you have to set the helmet manually to alter the settings, it is not helpful. The Bluetooth helmets that come with the voice prompt serves this purpose well, hence make sure to get a helmet with this feature.
  • Your location – Your location also matters, as if you ride your bike in an open area, you don’t need that much range of Bluetooth. But, if you drive on a busy city road, then the range must be high to overcome the obstructions. Likewise, if you live in a rainy area, then you need a water-resistant Bluetooth helmet.
  • Budget – Moreover, you need to set a budget under which you want to purchase a helmet. In general, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are on a bit pricey side. However, you can get some quality helmets at a reasonable cost as well, and for that, you need to do some research before buying one. 
  • Noise cancelation and audio quality – The most significant things you need out of a Bluetooth helmet are crisp and clear sound and effective noise cancellation. Therefore, get a helmet with a high-quality and enhanced sound system. Also, the helmet that can’t suppress the external noise will not offer the best Bluetooth experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth and GPS

  1. Are Bluetooth motorcycle helmets worth it?

    Motorcycle Bluetooth helmet provides a variety of pros to motorcycle rider which includes, music streaming, communication with fellow riders and ability to navigate and most importantly these helmets are not that much expensive as compared to regular motorcycle helmets. So these helmets are worth it. Secondly, If you want to learn more regarding this, we have a detailed guide on “Are bluetooth motorcycle helmets worth it

  2. Can I add Bluetooth to my motorcycle helmet?

    Yes, you can add Bluetooth to any motorcycle helmet. Adding Bluetooth headsets to your helmet can enhance your riding experience. There are different headsets available in the market that can be used with your motorcycle helmet. You can find it here. Also you can find how to add bluetooth to your helmet.

  3. Do motorcycle helmets have speakers in them?

    It depends on a helmet. Some helmets got built-in Bluetooth speakers, but some helmets can be modified with Bluetooth headsets.

  4. Do motorcyclists listen to music?

    Yes, mostly motorcyclists listen to music because listening to music while riding your motorcycle can really enhance their riding experience. Moreover, some motorcyclists use stereos with external speakers, which enable everyone to hear what you are listening.

  5. Why should you wear earplugs when riding a motorcycle?

    Wearing earplugs are the best practice to avoid hearing issues caused by loud noise by the traffic horns and engine noises. Also, earbuds can be used to focus on traffic rather than the noise of traffic. You can find Noise canceling wireless earbuds for your riding experience here.

  6. Is it OK to listen to music while riding a motorcycle?

    Yes, you can listen to music while riding a motorcycle, but there are certain aspects that can’t be ignored.
    1) Do not use high volume because it can put a lot of stress on your ears, and ultimately you will get a headache and convert your joyful ride into a depressing ride.
    2)  If the volume is too loud, then you may not be able to hear what’s going on around you, which is very dangerous.


The ILM helmet has been tested and proven to be the best full-face motorcycle helmet on the market. Not only does this model offer a great fit, but it also comes with superior safety features like Bluetooth connectivity (having a range of 1000 feet), GPS tracking system. The most significant things you need out of a Bluetooth helmet are crisp and clear sound and effective noise cancellation. Therefore, get a helmet with a high-quality and enhanced sound system. We can’t recommend this product enough – it’s really going to blow your mind when you see how much more convenient riding becomes thanks to all these new technologies built into one innovative design.

We hope you find this article helpful and finally found your desired best full-face motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.