best electric bike helmets

Best Electric Bike Helmets

Are you thinking about buying an electric bike? If so, there is one thing that you will need to buy before anything else: a “helmet”. There are many things to consider when purchasing the best electric bike helmets for your needs, and we will go over some of them in this blog post.

The first thing to consider is what type of riding do you plan on doing with your new electric bike? For instance, if you are going to be traveling long distances or touring through different cities and towns on your e-bike, then a full-face helmet would be the best option for you.

The next thing to consider is how much money you are willing and able to spend on a helmet. You can find helmets that range from $40-$200, so the rider needs to know what they want in terms of quality before making their purchase decision.

In this article, we will be discussing the best electric bike helmets for you to buy. Whether you are a casual rider or a professional cyclist and looking to upgrade your helmet, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular and top-rated models on the market today.

We’ll also take a look at how these helmets stack up against each other in terms of safety, protection, pricing, and much more!

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Here we have a list of best and safest electric bike helmets to buy.

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Best overall
Giro Bexley

  • Roc Loc 5 fit system
  • Retractable face shield
  • Integrated rear light
Runner Up
LUMOS Helmet

  • Practical turn indicators
  • Automatic brake lights
  • 500 lumens of rear and front lighting
Bell Hub Helmet

  • Integrated reflectivity
  • Float fit system
  • MIPS Technology

1- BERN, Hudson MIPS E-Bike Helmet

Key Features

  • Integrated LED rear light
  • MIPS technology
  • It meets NTA8776 and EN1078 safety standards
  • U-lock compatible
  • 13 vents
  • A dial on the back

Bern is a well-known brand that makes premium quality gear for skating, snowboarding, and other sports. Hudson MIPS is the best electric bike helmet by this brand, offering you the next level of comfort, maximum safety, and modern style.

The noteworthy feature of this helmet is its aesthetics, as this helmet comes in seven different colors and a contemporary minimalist look. However, apart from that, it also comes with some other premium features.

You can trust this helmet because the in-mold construction makes it sturdy and strong enough to protect you from an unfortunate impact. Further, the helmet is solid as well as extremely lightweight to prevent any neck strain all through long-distance rides. Consequently, it provides you the maximum comfort throughout your bike riding experience.

There is an integrated LED rear light with three different light modes in this helmet. It increases your visibility and the riders behind you will get aware of your moves through this light. These lights can work for up to ten hours due to the long-lasting batteries on this helmet. However, some riders have issues with this light, which is not a great thing.

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The BERN Hudson meets all the NTA8776 and EN1078 safety standards, and it is MIPS-enabled as well, which is a notable thing about it. MIPS protection means that there is a low-friction layer in this helmet which absorbs the rotational forces during a crash and helps minimize the injury.

You won’t feel stuffy and hot with this helmet, as it features 13 vents across the shell for improved airflow and ventilation. The fit system is also great, as you can make all the essential adjustments to get a comfortable and secure fit.

The helmet is waterproof too, so a sudden unexpected rain during the ride will not cause you any disturbance.

  • Impressively breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit system
  • In-mold construction
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable material
  • The light may be a bit dim.

2- Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

Key Features

  • 7 vents
  • Accident and anti-theft guarantees
  • PopLock technology
  • 12 colors and 3 sizes
  • Dial fit system
  • Low-profile visor

If you love the old vintage 1950s helmet look with contemporary technology, then the Thousand Adult e-bike helmet is made for you. This helmet will remind you of that old era, and despite being an old-school bucket helmet, it comes with some remarkable features which make it the best e-bike helmet available out there.

 The leather straps of this helmet are vegan-friendly, which means it is environment-friendly and no animal is harmed for the manufacture of this helmet. it is a lightweight and functional helmet certified as both e-bike and skateboard helmets.

Further, seven vents of this helmet offer good airflow and great comfort to the rider. Also, the incredible accident and anti-theft guarantees are offered for this helmet, which means the helmet can be replaced for free if it is damaged in an accident or if it is stolen while being locked up.

If you are a daily commuter then this helmet has a great feature for you, i.e. the PopLock technology that will enable you to lock your helmet safely to your electric bike.

It comes in twelve different color options, which brings variety to your style. The three different sizes and the dial fit system make it convenient to bring the helmet to your perfect fit.

The low-profile visor provides the ideal visibility. Moreover, this helmet is budget-friendly too, so you can get it as your first helmet or as a backup as well.

  • Old vintage look
  • Modern technology
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Certified as both bike and skateboard helmet
  • Budget-friendly
  • No MIPS technology

3- BASE CAMP Adult e-Bike Helmet with Rear Light

Key Features

  • Build-in removable rear light
  • Detachable padding
  • Dial adjustment
  • 9 vents
  • Adjustable chinstrap
  • 2 modes of light (steady and flashing)
  • EPS and PC, nylon material

The Base Camp Adult bike helmet is great for night riding as the rear light in it will enhance your visibility to a great extent. This light comes with two light modes, including flashing and steady light mode. Hence, you can safely ride your e-bike at night with this helmet on.

 The outer shell of this helmet is solid, accordingly, the helmet is rigid and sturdy enough to protect your noggin. Additionally, there is an EPS inner lining to give you ultra protection along with the most comfortable feel.

Moreover, the chin strap is adjustable and fully padded which adds to the comfort level of this helmet. Also, you can get the perfect fit by easily adjusting the back dial system.

There is a great amount of airflow through the nine relatively large vents, consequently, the helmet feels fresh and breathable. Base Camp is an urban helmet with a rounded design plus a stylistic appearance, which is unbeatable.

The visor will keep your eyes and face safe from the elements and sun, thus, you can keep your focus entirely on the road. Overall, it is a lightweight and tremendously comfortable helmet, and a great choice as a starter commuter helmet.

What’s more, a storage bag also comes with it, which enables you to store your helmet safely when you are not riding the e-bike.

  • City urban style
  • Handy transportation
  • Comfortable padding
  • Safe for riding at night
  • No goggles

4- Bell Hub Adult Commuter Bike Helmet

Key Features

  • Fusion in-mold PC shell
  • Integrated reflectivity
  • Float fit system
  • No-Twist Tri-Glides
  • 15 vents and 3 brow ports

The  Bell Hub is an ultramodern commuter bike helmet, with some significant safety features. The in-mold PC shell is durable and hard-wearing, warding off the large and small impacts, along with the inner shock-absorbing EPS liner.

To provide sufficient space for bike lights, a clip is fastened to the backside of this helmet. furthermore, the Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system enables you to make quick adjustments.           

Rider’s comfort is considered mainly while manufacturing this helmet, as it has breathable, cooling mesh inside and a visor to keep safe your eyes. This helmet is a great choice for daily commuters due to its incredible specifications.

The minimalistic sporty look with a low profile design is best for young e-bike riders. It is lightweight, and the outer shell has a durable reflective coating to increase your visibility in low-light conditions.

Moreover, it is equipped with 15 vents along with 3 brow ports to offer you the right amount of airflow during the ride. This is the best e-bike helmet as it protects your entire face and head and comes at a very reasonable cost.

Further, the No-Twist Tri-Glides are added for the extra ease of adjustment. Last but not least, it is integrated with MIPS technology for ultra protection and a relatively safer ride.

  • Quick-adjust fasteners
  • Full-head ventilation
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • MIPS technology
  • No lights added

5- Giro Bexley MIPS Adult Urban Cycling Helmet

Key Features

  • MIPS technology
  • CPSC certified
  • Anti-microbial inner padding
  • Roc Loc 5 fit system
  • Integrated rear light
  • Retractable face shield

The Giro Bexley is the most reliable e-bike helmet with a premium design and modern engineering. It is best for electric bike riding if you prioritize style and comfort.

It comes with a guaranty to keep you safe as it has MIPS technology, also known as Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It provides an extra layer over your skull to protect you against an impact, thus it acts as a lifesaver. 

What’s more, it is also CPSC certified, which makes it a safe Adult Urban Cycling helmet for every rider out there. The anti-microbial inner padding cushions your noggin for added comfort.

You’ll have a snug fit due to the well-known Roc Loc 5 fit system equipped in it. Further, you’ll experience a cool feel throughout your ride, as it features a great ventilation system.

The most noteworthy specification of this helmet is the integrated rear light. It doesn’t feature the limited LED lights like other helmets, instead, the entire back panel lights up. This alerts the riders behind you to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

The retractable face shield is awesome to give you a safeguard against sun, rain, bugs, etc. it has an ideal design for those who wear glasses. The minimalistic looks of Giro Bexley have a universal appeal and it suits anyone out there.

  • Durable material
  • Secure fit
  • Superior visibility
  • Cool and airy
  • Additional impact protection
  • Relatively heavy

6- LUMOS Street Smart Helmet with Bluetooth and Lights

Key Features

  • Practical turn indicators
  • Automatic brake lights
  • EPS foam
  • ABS shell
  • 500 lumens of rear and front lighting

If you have to go to work on your e-bike in a low-visibility area, such as rain or heavy snowfall, then LUMOS street smart helmet is made for you. Its 500 lumens of rear and front lighting will enhance your visibility, therefore you won’t have any worries regarding the low-visibility issues.

The design of this helmet is simple and noticeable, as it comes with a smooth top, sidewalls, and a wide back for added reflectivity and protection. The small vents at the top prevent rain and snow from entering into the helmet and allow just the right amount of fresh air for increased breathability.

There are 10 front LED lights and 38 rear red lights to get noticed by every rider around you. You can keep check of the battery of these lights and customize the LED animations easily with the help of the Lumos Helmet Companion app.

Regular bike helmets are useful just for protection in an impact, however, this helmet is equipped with these extraordinary bright lights and other smart features to make your every action foreseeable to the traffic on the road. Now say goodbye to the outdated bike gear and say welcome to the bright future of urban commuting.

Further, the inner impact-resistant EPS liner and outer ABS shell will give you supreme protection. What’s more, you’ll also get the charging cable, rubber bands, two padding sets, and a wireless remote with this helmet.

  • Smart urban helmet
  • Stylish, eye-catching looks
  • Maximum protection
  • Includes charging cable, rubber bands, two padding sets, and a wireless remote
  • Interchangeable and comfortable padding
  • The lights increase visibility
  • It can be a bit tight for big head size

7- Bell Scout Air Helmet

Key Features

  • 5 EPS sizes
  • In-mold design
  • Weighs less than 900gm
  • Composite TriMatrx shell
  • 5-year warranty
  • 2 snap peaks
  • DOT certified

The Bell Scout Air is a perfect choice for commuters who need a lightweight and compact helmet to go well with their small e-bikes because wearing a giant helmet with a small bike will not look appropriate at all.

Bell is a renowned brand, known for its safe and comfortable bike helmets. Bell Scout Air is no exception, as it is a secure helmet with a great comfort level. Furthermore, the composite TriMatrx shell construction makes it even sturdier.

This helmet comes in five EPS sizes to give you the perfect snug fit you desire. This helmet weighs only 2.7 pounds, which means it is an exceptionally lightweight e-bike helmet that will put a stop to any kind of neck strain.

Moreover, it includes two snap peaks and it is goggle compatible as well. You can trust this helmet since it meets all the safety standards and has DOT certification too.

  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Small and compact design
  • Sturdy enough to protect you well
  • The size may run a bit bigger, so be careful while selecting your size

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of helmet do I need for an electric bike?

A regular bike helmet can also be used while riding an electric bike. But remember, if your electric bike moves faster than 20 MPH, you might need a helmet that gives extra coverage and safety to your head.

Should I get a bike helmet with MIPS?

As safety should be your first priority, so helmets that have MIPS technology will provide extra safety to your head in case of an accident. Spending an extra $20 on a helmet that has MIPs technology is well worth the price.

Do bike helmets expire?

No, bike helmets do not have any expiry date, however, you should replace your helmet after every 5 years.

We hope you have got your desired product from the list of best electric bike helmets after reading this article. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact us.