Best Dirt Bike Helmets with Goggles and Gloves

Best Dirt Bike Helmets with Goggles and Gloves

 The experience of riding a dirt bike is fascinating and adventurous, but at the same time, it can be dangerous too. Riders of dirt bikes enjoy many health benefits, as dirt biking can reduce stress, just like any other sport and exercise.

But without some essential gear like helmets, gloves, and goggles, dirt biking can be a challenge. Suppose, something gets into your eyes while you’re riding a dirt bike and you lose control of the bike.  After falling off your bike, you hit your head on the ground.

The next thing you see is surgical lights glaring at you. It will make you want to flee from there because you don’t want to face all of these things. Because of the absence of protective gear, all of this takes place.

These dirt bike accidents are the leading cause of death according to studies. Therefore, dirt bike riding seriously requires the use of Goggles, gloves, and a proper helmet.

It is most important to wear a helmet to protect yourself. You are better protected if you wear a helmet along with other accessories like goggles and gloves. Always buy high-quality gear only, and not cheap ones because it’s about your health.

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Now it can be a bit challenging for you to find the best dirt bike helmet with goggles and gloves since they are different from regular helmets. Nevertheless, don’t worry since there are plenty of best options to choose from, I have listed a few below. Now let’s begin

1. GLX Dirt Bike Motocross Helmet Gear Combo Gloves Goggles

A GLX ATV off-road is the best helmet for dirt biking. Established in 2002, GLX is based in southern California.

If you’re looking for teenager helmets, GLX is a quality, teen-oriented helmet with goggles and gloves. A durable, lightweight, and elastic design that delivers optimal impact absorption to exceed DOT requirements.

The GLX helmet features a multi-density EPS liner.  As a result of the EPS liner, the helmet provides a convenient cooling system. An EPS liner material is also present in the chin bar to improve impact absorption.

Undoubtedly, the GLX unisex ATC off-road helmet is the most popular one on the market. Because most of the features that a rider needs are all covered in this GLX helmet. When you’ll wear this lid, your head will not feel hot at all, but it will give a nice, cool effect instead.

Since the shell of the GLX helmet is aerodynamic, therefore, it provides an advanced cooling system. To maximize the airflow, this helmet’s shell consists of 14 intake and exhaust vents. Through these vents, maximum ventilation is ensured, keeping the rider dry and sweat-free. A good thing about this product is that its sweat-absorbing liners can be removed and washed.

With a monumentally secured opening, you can view the entire universe from a cosmic perspective. A shatter-resistant visor with high-grade steel screws is designed to prevent rooster-tail smudges and to ensure proper mounting positioning. This helmet comes with chin bars that can be removed quickly, and an advanced mouthguard, screens that are made of protective aluminum mesh, and removable, washable, changeable inner microfiber material.

This design provides the rider with a stylish and safe ride. You will enjoy wearing the gloves because of the material they are made of.  A soft and comfortable fabric makes these gloves very cozy and easy to use. The goggles with this set are excellent no matter what circumstances you face, you will have a clear sight of the track with your goggles.


  • Fabric made of polyester
  • Airflow is maximized with 14 intake and exhaust vents in total.
  • An EPS liner material of high quality
  • Peripheral cosmic vision


  • Available at an affordable price
  • Outstanding colors and designs
  • Locks are quick release
  • Set is made up of best quality
  • The ventilation process is present equally as an inexpensive helmet
  • The lenses of goggles are very great
  • Soft and comfy gloves
  • Easy to wear
  • Best fitting


  • Only for kids
  • The screw of the visor is not tight

2. SAMGER DOT Adult Off-road and Dirt Bike Helmet with Gloves and Goggles

The SAMGER off-road helmet is the perfect fit for you to ride a dirt bike. If you need a dirt bike helmet at a very good price, we recommend SAMGER off-road helmet.

This SAMGER off-road helmet is the least expensive on the list. It’s because of that reason I know you’ll love it. Ok, let’s find out a bit more about the SAMGER off-road helmet.

SAMGER off-road dirt bike helmets come in three different shades: yellow, white, and black. This is good as there are many options available for you. Wearing any of the colors of this helmet will make you look stylish, cool, as well as fashionable.

The outer material of the helmet is made of lightweight ABS. As a result of this ABS material, your helmet will be hard and will, therefore, provide you with much better protection. There is no doubt that a helmet that is hard or solid will provide you with a greater degree of protection.

Also, because the helmet is designed lightweight, you will feel comfortable in the ride as you will not feel a burden on your head.

 Additionally, the UV-protective finish on the helmet is flawless and brilliant. It helps avoid eye issues and other skin conditions while riding.

Furthermore, the helmet is equipped with washable and removable stuff. A washable and removable stuffing makes the helmet more appealing to buyers.

Another great thing about this helmet is that it comes in 4 different sizes, extra-large, large, small, and medium. Therefore, size will not be a problem for you.

Also, it is an all-around helmet that includes gloves and goggles. This ensures you have complete protection. Some users claim the quality of these goggles isn’t as great but since it’s a cheap helmet, it’s good since it’s available at an affordable price.


  • Washable and removable padding
  • Designed newly to make you stylish
  • Has UV protective finish
  • DOT safety standard
  • Designed specifically for motocross
  • High-quality shell with excellent durability


  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Comfortable and soft stuffing


  • Goggles aren’t up to snuff

3. 1Storm Dirt Bike Helmet with Goggles and Skeleton Red Glove Bundle

The 1Strom adult motocross helmet is another option for dirt bike helmets. You enjoy riding your bike while wearing the 1strom adult motocross helmet because the material is very comfortable. There is only one stylish design available in this helmet, in red. And there are three sizes of 1strom helmets. It is a positive point about this helmet.

With a 1strom motocross helmet, you will be protected against harmful UV rays when riding your dirt bike. The helmet is manufactured with a shiny UV protective finish, which helps protect you from damaging rays. Additionally, it is equipped with an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell.

 It comes with high-quality goggles and gloves. One of the nice things about this set is that gloves are included in four different sizes. So it won’t be hard for you to find gloves in the right size.

It is pricey, but not in an unaffordable way. You can also buy it since it is affordable than other helmets.

It comes with removable and washable padding. So that you can ride more comfortably. It is DOT-approved for US safety standards.


  • One MX helmet, one pair of MX goggles, and one pair of MX gloves are included in this set.
  • A DOT-approved product
  • UV-protective finish with gloss
  • Aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Washable and removable padding


  • A durable shell
  • The helmet is light in weight
  • Attractive design for your appearance
  •  Set of quality items
  • A choice of three helmet sizes as well as a choice of gloves


  • Somewhat pricey
  • There is only one color and design available

4. Senhill DOT Dirt Bike and ATV Motorcycle Helmet with Gloves & Goggles

The Senhill DOT motocross helmet is also one of the best dirt bike helmets, just like all the other helmets we have discussed above. This helmet falls into the mid-range price range, neither costly nor cheap. The graphics on this helmet are incredible, which makes it so beautiful. There are three different color options for the helmet, black, white, and yellow.

 This helmet weighs 950grams, which is not very heavy. A lightweight helmet is easier to wear and carry than a heavy one, so it is a benefit for you. The fact that it is light does not mean it is not of high quality; it is a quality lid with full protection. Wearing it will not make you feel unsafe.

 It is made up of ABS material on the outside. However, the liner and the interior are made from polyester. The Senhill motocross helmet is also certified by the DOT. Because of its hardness, the helmet is highly resistant to accidents like no other. Thus, this is why it has the worst accident resistance.

 It also has removable, washable padding. You will also feel more comfortable.

With this helmet, you get exceptional goggles. It provides you with a clear view of your track. However, when there is fog while riding, they do not resist it. It is best to get a Senhill helmet if you are just starting. The gloves that come with this kit are also good. You feel comfortable with them since they are Velcro closed with mesh construction.


  • DOT-certified helmet
  • Weight 950gram
  • There are goggles and gloves included in the set
  • Available in three sizes, medium, large and X-large
  • Clear motocross lens
  • Removable and washable lining


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Light in weight
  • Cozy to wear and easy to carry
  • Suitable price
  • Nice cushioning


  • Goggles tend to fog up

5. Typhoon Dirt Bike Helmet

Typhoon’s off-road dirt bike helmet is designed for adults and younger kids. You may want to consider Typhoon off-road dirt bike helmet if you and your child is enthusiastic about riding a dirt bike.

The helmet is designed in Spiderman style. Because children are fond of animation, the Spiderman helmet must appeal to them. Your child will be more likely to wear the helmet if it has this design. Wearing one will make your child happy as soon as he gets it. This unique design enhances your child’s looks and makes them look stylish.

Typhoon is a lightweight helmet like all the others mentioned above. It weighs 3 lbs and is very stylish. The helmet is not just stylish but also helps keep your child safe from injury.

Helmets come with adjustable visors that block the sun. As DOT safety standards must be met for every helmet, so typhoon helmet also meets the DOT FMVSS 2 18 requirements as it is tested regularly by an independent facility.

 It is equipped with a removable and machine washable liner. Sizes of helmets range from small to large. Moreover, vents are included in the helmet because airflow is necessary for drying sweat. These vents exhaust backward.

The helmet also consists of a panoramic eyeport. A panoramic eyeport makes it suitable for youth and adult motocross goggles. Its moisture-wicking lining and smooth cheek pads increase its likelihood of being purchased.

Further, the helmet also includes goggles and gloves. The goggles that come with this set are excellent. The goggles are anti-fog. The lenses on the goggles are hard-coated so they won’t scratch. Plus, the goggles have a clear, impact-resistant Lexan lens. An anti-slip silicone belt is used to fit goggles perfectly, and a durable synthetic leather palm and breathable material are used to make these rugged gloves.


  • Weight 3lbs
  • Three different sizes
  • DOT certified
  • Visor is adjustable


  • Spiderman stylish design
  • Light in weight
  • Best quality and great price
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Removable and washable lining


  • Small gloves
  • In terms of popularity, it is not so great

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