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The Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmets Under 50 dollars

Cheap motorcycle helmets under 50Motorcyclists love riding for various reasons. For some, it’s a passion to ride on their bike and travel through the world. 

It’s a liberating experience for them and gives a sense of freedom. While some folks love it because motorcycling reboots their system and is a stress buster for them, that takes away all the tension.

Regardless of your motive for biking, you need to invest in safety gear to keep you protected during your ride. Although your bike is sturdy enough, it cannot protect you like a car. 

Bikers must need some extra precautions, especially to protect their head. Since the head is most susceptible to shocks in case of an unfortunate crash, therefore a tough and well-built helmet is a must-have if motorcycling is your love.

Until very recently, budget-friendly helmets were noisy, cheaply made and lacked safety features. However, today most great and high-quality helmets are available at the market at low prices. 

Thus, you can get a motorcycle helmet, even under 50 dollars, that will offer you comfort and good protection. 

To prevent you from a lot of hectic and wearing research, we have collected some quality helmets for you on the same page that comes under 50 dollars and are equipped with wonderful features.

Here is the list of the Best cheap motorcycle helmets under 50 dollars.

Best Overall
WOW Full Face

  • Removable padding
  • UV protective finish
  • Comfortable cushioned interior
Premium Pick
Triangle Helmet

  • High-pressure thermoplastic technology
  • Visor lock
  • Anti-bacterial and washable interior liner

  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Breath guard
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch wide shield

WOW full face Motorcycle Helmet

If you are willing to buy a stylish and comfortable helmet at a low price, then this helmet is best for you. 

It’s hard to find a stylish helmet at such a low price. Let us discuss its features.

First, this helmet is DOT approved, so you will be protected while riding at high speed. 

Second, it is a lightweight helmet that is constructed with a thermoplastic alloy shell. The UV protective finish gives a beautiful attractive glossy look that makes this helmet a good pick. This darkened shield provides an extra feature to ride in daylight hours.

Furthermore, this helmet comes in a variety of attractive colors and designs with different shades of the shield. 

The interior of this helmet is cushioned with great and comfortable material for comfort and protection. The padding is removable as well as washable.


  • Comfortable cushioned interior
  • Removable padding
  • UV protective finish
  • DOT approved
  • Attractive colors and designs
  • Different color shades of a face shield
  • It is a lightweight helmet, although having interior cushioning.
  • DOT approved
  • Darkened shield
  • Very attractive helmet.
  • It is not recommended for night riding because of dark shades of the face shield.

Triangle full face Motorcycle Helmet - Graffiti Cross

Triangle motorcycle helmet is a well-known brand due to its good quality and low price. 

This helmet is a full-face helmet constructed with advanced ABS material for prolonged use. 

The outer shell is constructed with high-pressure thermoplastic technology.

It is fully equipped with a multi-density EPS liner that offers a good fit and maximum protection in case of any mishap.

This helmet is provided with an anti-bacterial interior liner that is fully removable and washable. 

The ventilation system is furnished with top and rear extractor liners that provide optimum airflow to keep your head cool during hot weather.

It has an anti-scratch visor that provides a wider view, and also it can be easily and quickly replaced in case of any crack. 

Here you will get a visor lock that reduces wind noise while you have a speedy ride. It is DOT approved helmet with different sizes available. 

This helmet is also lightweight, weighing 2.7 pounds, which will prevent you from neck pain caused by long hours of riding.


  • Low price
  • Lightweight helmet
  • High-pressure thermoplastic technology
  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • Anti-bacterial and washable interior liner
  • Visor lock
  • DOT approved
  • Anti-scratch shield with a quick-change mechanism
  • Soft laser cut padding is used for dry comfort and hygiene
  • DOT certified helmet that is approved by ACT labs.
  • Sizes are a little bit confusing. Please check the size before purchasing.


Cartman helmet is one of the best cheap motorcycle helmets under 50 dollars that is constructed with high-quality material. 

The outer shell is made up of high-quality ABS, followed by high-density inner layers that give you great protection in case of any impact. The UV protective finish gives a beautiful glossy look.

The best part of this helmet is that it is equipped with anti-fog and scratch-resistant shield that will help you ride in the rain. 

The sun visor is provided with an easy-to-use switch that enables you to replace it quickly without using any tools. 

For better ventilation, this helmet has fully adjustable intake and exhaust vents that will give you constant airflow and keep your head cool and comfortable in summers.

The interior of this helmet is provided with comfortable pads and liner, which is fully removable and washable. 

Also, this helmet has extra space for glasses and fit dial adjuster to adjust it according to your head size. It is worth mentioning that this helmet is DOT approved, so you don’t have to worry about protection.


  • high-density inner layers
  • UV protective finish
  • equipped with anti-fog and scratch-resistant removable shield
  • fully adjustable intake and exhaust vents
  • comfortable interior pads and liner
  • fit dial adjuster
  • DOT approved
  • Good quality at a low price
  • Equipped with an Anti-fog visor
  • DOT approved
  • Adjustable vents
  • No wind noise while riding at high speed.
  • Cheek pads are sharp and less comfortable.

TCT-MT Full Face motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is the cheapest full-face motorcycle helmet with several features. 

It is cheap, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise over its quality. It is fully approved with DOT safety standards and constructed by in-molded polycarbonate and thermoplastic composite shell. 

And yes, it is well ventilated by having a full front to back airflow ventilation system and breath guard to keep you cool and fresh during long rides.

The lightweight feature of this helmet gives an extra attraction to this helmet because heavy helmets are prone to cause neck pain to the riders. The wide mirror shield is anti-scratch and anti-fog to help you ride in the rain.

The interior of this helmet is fully furnished with removable liner followed by padded cheek and chin straps; both are washable and removable. 

This helmet comes with different patterns and variations of black color. You will be provided with a brand new helmet bag in the delivery box.


  • Approved with DOT
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Excellent airflow system with breath guard
  • The cheek pads and liner are washable and removable.
  • Wide visual mirror shield that is anti-fog and anti-scratch
  • Padded chin strap with strap keeper and D-ring closure
  • You will get a new helmet bag inside the delivery box.
  • Ventilation is great with breath guard
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch wide shield.
  • Please measure the head size before purchasing and compare it. There are some issues with the sizes.

Raider Journey Open Face motorcycle Helmet

If you prefer an open face over the full face, then this helmet is for you. The double D-ring chin strap gives this helmet extra security and a great fit for the user.

Open face helmets are also called three-quarter helmets, and the main reason for that is the three-quarter coverage these helmet offers. 

You will be covered from three sides, i.e., top, back and sides. The interior of this helmet is furnished with EPS foam and padding just similar to standard full-face helmets to give extra protection in case of an accident.

This helmet is DOT approved, which is constructed with a lightweight thermoplastic shell to give you all-day comfort. There is an option of snap on and snap off visor that allows you to customize your look.


  • Snap-on and snap-off visor
  • Double D-ring chin strap
  • EPS foam and padding
  • Approved by DOT
  • Lightweight thermoplastic shell
  • Double D-ring chin strap gives great fit to you
  • Its lightweight helmet
  • Cheaper helmet with great features.
  • Not suitable for big heads.

We hope you loved these cheap motorcycle helmets under 50 and have finally found your desired product. Feel free to comment in case of any suggestions. Share it with your friends. Happy shopping.

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