best bike helmet for large heads

Best Bike Helmet For Large Heads – Top 10 Picks

best bike helmet for large headsIf you love cycling, but it’s hard to find the best helmet that fits perfectly on your large head, this article is for you. 

I know it’s a frustrating and challenging task to find out a perfect helmet if your head is oversized than ordinary people.

Don’t worry! It’s normal to have a big noggin, and almost every good brand has a solution for your issue and manufactures XXL helmets. 

Despite being a perfect size fit, a helmet for large heads should be more ventilated, adjustable, and comfortable, in this way, you will enjoy your ride even more.

There are five main things to bring under consideration while getting a helmet for a larger head.

  • The size of the helmet.
  • The comfort level; check whether it has soft cushioning or not.
  • Check the retention system.
  • Get a helmet of your head’s shape, such as oval, round, etc.
  • The tightening system.
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This article is going to be useful to you since we have gathered the best bike helmets for big heads with the best safety standards.

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Best Overall
Bell Sixer

  • Camera mount
  • Float Fit race system
  • Color variety
Normal Budget
Giro Chronicle

  • POV plus visor
  • Roc Loc 5 dial
  • Coolmax padding
Low Budget

  • Dial fit
  • Removable visor
  • 22 large vents

Top 10 Best Bike Helmet for Large Heads (Reviews)

TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet (Size up to 65)

This helmet fits perfectly, featuring a dial fit at the back and a quick-release chin strap, thus giving you a snugger and tighter fit. 

It comes in three different sizes, including the L/XL size for large heads, having a circumference of around 61 to 65 centimeters. 

Moreover, it’s a cool and well-ventilated helmet, since there are 22 large vents for a fantastic airflow around your head. Further, it’s lightweight, as the large size weighs only 0.66lb.

Keeping your safety under consideration, TeamObsidian has used a superior technique by following three crucial steps. The outer shell is fused with a skeleton, and then foam is added to hold all the three parts firmly. 

Furthermore, it’s CPSC certified; as a result, this helmet will keep you safe and protected in case of any impact.

This helmet gives you a classy look with its sleek matte design. A removable visor also comes with it that protects you from the elements. 

The comfort level is high as it has a cushioned chinstrap, and the padding is removable and washable. By getting this helmet, you will have a better, safer, and comfortable biking experience.


  • A dial fit at the back and a quick-release chin strap
  • L/XL size, head circumference: 61-65cm.
  • 22 large vents for a fantastic airflow
  • The large size weighs only 0.66lb
  • A three-step superior safety technique
  • Removable visor, cushioned chinstrap, and washable pads.
  • CPSC certified
  • This helmet fits perfectly, featuring a dial fit at the back and a quick-release chin strap
  • It’s a well-ventilated helmet since there are 22 large vents for a fantastic airflow.
  • It comes in the L/XL size for large heads, having a circumference of around 61 to 65 centimeters.
  • No known con.

Giro Chronicle MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet (size up to 65 cm)

Giro is a brand known for manufacturing helmets for bigger heads. They are pushing the helmet technology forward since 1985, and are famous for their quality products.

Giro chronicle is a stylish lid produced by Giro, which is quite efficient in performance with the most recent technological development.

It is a full-coverage helmet that will make you feel confident during challenging and adventurous rides. Both large and extra-large sizes are available in this helmet, which fits from 59 to 63cm and 61 to 65cm, respectively.

It has an in-mold construction process, having outer PC shell fused with EPS liner. The helmet tends to be lightweight and has a better airflow due to this process.

The chronicle features an advanced mechanism of wind tunnel ventilation, which includes active vent openings and the exhaust vents. It allows fresh air inside the helmet and exhausts the heat out of it. This system will keep the rider dry and cool even in warm weather as well. There are 14 total wind channels in this helmet.

It features a POV plus visor that allows easy adjustment with one hand and protects eyes from direct sun, rain, and oncoming headlights at night. You can easily adjust it by sliding it up and down, and you will not feel any distraction in your clear vision.

This helmet uses a Roc Loc 5 fit system for size adjustment, featuring a dial at the back to enable a reduction in diameter. This system keeps the helmet slightly above the skull, thus allowing a decent amount of airflow around your head to keep you fresh.

The inner Coolmax padding has remarkable moisture-wicking properties. For safety, it features MIPS, which will protect you from the rotational force during any crash. Moreover, it is a CPSC certified helmet.


  • L size(59-63cm), XL size(61-65cm)
  • In-mold construction
  • 14 wind tunnel vents
  • POV plus visor
  • Roc Loc 5 dial fit system
  • Coolmax padding
  • CPSC certification
  • POV plus visor offers you three riding position adjustments.
  • It has a comfortable fit for large heads.
  • Slightly heavy.

Bell Sixer MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet (size up to 65 cm)

Bell sixer MIPS helmet the best possible customized fit. It offers perfect three-way adjustability, i.e., tension, pad width, height. As a result, this helmet fits perfectly with almost everyone. 

The extra-large size of this helmet is from 61 to 65 centimeters, which is quite significant for people with big noggins.

Moreover, its ventilation system works great, as it has 26 vents with four brow vents to keep the temperature cool while riding. It’s a MIPS integrated helmet; thus, it will keep you safe in any crash by reducing the rotational forces. In-mold construction technology is used to get a sturdier helmet. Further, it is CPSC certified; hence you can completely trust this lid.

Silver fibers are woven with the quick-drying inner padding. It reduces the growth of fungi and bacteria, thus preventing unpleasant odor. 

The sweat pads will keep you cool and dry, as they wick away the moisture inside your helmet. In short, this helmet is excellent in aesthetics, comfort, and performance.


  • In-mold PC shell construction and exposed PC roll cage.
  • MIPS technology
  • Float Fit race system
  • X-T2 and XStatic padding, and sweat guide
  • Dual flow ventilation system
  • Breakaway camera mount
  • Visor adjustable in four positions
  • XL size : 61-65cm
  • CPSC certified
  • MIPS integrated
  • Three-way adjustability, i.e., tension, pad width, height
  • The ventilation system works great.
  • It’s slightly on the heavier side due to its durable material.

Giro Agilis MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet (size up to 63 cm)

Giro Agilis lie in this category as well, since it has a comfortable and perfect fit for large heads featuring Roc Loc 5.5 fit system combined with the integrated MIPS technology for maximum protection.

It has the outer tough polycarbonate shell with inner EPS foam using the in-mold construction process to boost the durability of this helmet.

The large size is available, having a circumference of around 59 to 63 cm. The ventilation is quite incredible, including 32 large wind tunnel vents along with internal channels for a perfect airflow to provide a cool ride. It a very light helmet, and it does not feel heavy on your head. The inner padding is anti-microbial to prevent odor.


  • MIPS equipped
  • Roc Loc 5.5 fit system
  • In-mold construction process
  • Large size (59-63cm)
  • 32 large wind tunnel vents with internal channels
  • Anti-microbial padding
  • CPSC certified
  • Roc Loc fit system enables you to custom fit the fore-aft tilt and tension of the helmet without any hassle.
  • MIPS technology minimizes the rotational forces under an impact, thus protecting your head and brain.
  • The wind tunnel ventilation system provides the most amazing cooling effect.
  • Not enough padding.

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet (size upto 62 cm)

Mokfire is an extremely lightweight helmet. It is not a heavy or bulky helmet that makes you feel uncomfortable. At the same time, it’s sturdy and durable and offers better shock absorption due to its in-mold construction. It is thus giving you better protection while mountain or road biking.

The fit system works amazingly, as you can adjust it up and down, and the dial on the back allows you to create tension around your head. The chinstraps are adjustable as well. All these things enable you to get a comfortable and perfect fit.

Ventilation is excellent, as it has 22 large vents and a rear vent to circulate air around your head. The inner padding is removable and washable for a fresh and clean helmet. It comes with two linings, one mesh lining, and another normal one.

A unique feature of this helmet is the built-in USB safety rear light, which will increase your visibility while biking. It has nine modes, and it is rechargeable and waterproof. It takes only 2 hours to charge it fully.


  • Built-in USB safety rear light
  • In-mold construction
  • Weighs only 9.9 ounces
  • 22 large vents and a rear vent
  • Two inner linings
  • Size: 56-62 CM
  • USB rear light
  • Lightweight and well ventilated
  • Adjustable fit system.
  • The light is dim during the daytime but works well at night.

Giro Syntax MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet (size up to 65 cm)

Another quality helmet manufacture by Giro is this Giro syntax MIPS helmet. This helmet has an extra-large size as well that fits great on a circumference of up to 65cm, which is a plus point for people with big heads.

Moreover, it is equipped with a better retention system, i.e., Roc Loc 5 fit system, to adjust the tension and vertical position easily. As a result, you get a comfortable and stable helmet.

There are 25 large wind tunnel vents and internal channeling for circulation of air around your head and to offer a better ride in hot weather as well. 

This helmet uses a multi-directional impact protection system to transmit energy in an adverse impact. Further, the in-mold construction adds to the durability, hence provides you a sturdy helmet.


  • XL size(61-65cm)
  • Roc Loc 5 fit system
  • 25 large wind tunnel vents with internal channeling
  • MIPS technology
  • In-mold process
  • CPSC certified
  • A great helmet for large heads
  • Better ventilation and perfect two-way adjusting system at the back
  • MIPS-equipped, so it will keep you safe.
  • Straps are not great in the medium size of this helmet.

Giro Artex MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet (size up to 63 cm)

Giro Artex is a perfect helmet for both road and mountain cycling, with a multipurpose and race-inspire design. It comes with a detachable visor, which works efficiently and does not leaves any traces on the overall aesthetics of the helmet. 

Moreover, it has a WindTunnel ventilation system, with 25 active channel vents that will circulate fresh air around and over your head, and squeeze out the heat.

It has a Roc Loc air 5 fit system, which tightens the liner around your head and offers a sturdy fit. It gives you a comfortable fit for all-day-long use without any hot spots. This system also suspends the helmet above your skull slightly, thus allows fresh airflow.

The full hardbody wrap is an excellent feature that enhances the life of the product. Giro Artex is a rock-solid MIPS equipped helmet that comes at a very reasonable price.


  • In-mold PC shell with EPS liner
  • 25 wind tunnel vents
  • Anti-microbial CoolFit padding
  • Full hardbody wrap
  • L size(59-63cm), XL size(61-65cm)
  • It weighs just 311gm.
  • It’s a very lightweight helmet.
  • It has a comfortable and sturdy fit for all-day-long use
  • MIPS equipped.
  • Straps come closer to the face.

Bell 4Forty MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet (size up to 65 cm)

Bell manufactures high-end cycling helmets for a long time, and 4forty is one of the high-quality products they have made. It is a unisex helmet that comes in a variety of colors, both for men and women.

It has an outer PC shell fused with the inner EPS foam liner to prevent the chances of separation in case of an impact. Thus it provides a solid base to attach MIPS technology. In this way, this helmet offers maximum protection to you.

For a perfect fit, this helmet features a lightweight float-fit system with a rubber-coated dial, which is very easy to turn even if you are wearing gloves. You can adjust the fit according to your head size. 

An XL size is also available for large heads, having a circumference of 61 to 65cm. There are 15 large vents for good enough airflow to provide superior comfort while riding.

A goggle-guide adjustable visor also comes with this helmet, having dials on each side to adjust the angle of the visor. It features a sweat guide pad that wicks away all the moisture from the eyebrow pad and prevents it from dripping into the eyes. Moreover, this feature-packed helmet is budget-friendly as well.


  • In-mold construction process
  • MIPS-equipped
  • Float-fit system
  • Sweat guide
  • No-twist tri-glides
  • Goggle guide adjustable visor
  • XL size(61-65cm)
  • 15 vents
  • CPSC approved
  • The float-fit system offers a perfect fit
  • This helmet provides maximum protection to you.
  • It is a slightly heavy helmet.

KING BIKE Ultralight Bike Helmets (size upto 63 cm)

Kingbike is genuinely an XL helmet that fits very nicely on big heads. It’s L/XL size has a circumference of around 59 to 63cm. It also has an adjustable dial at the back to customize the fit.

Moreover, it has plentiful ventilation, featuring 24 large vents to regulate the temperature and to reduce resistance. It is also very lightweight, as it weighs only 0.49lb. It features an in-mold PC shell with EPS liner like all of the above helmets.

The color range of this helmet is quite notable, as it has a wide range of attractive colors that will make you more visible to other people, and thus it is a useful safety feature as well to wear a bright helmet.

It has color and design choices for both men and women. A backpack also comes with it; hence you can carry it with you anywhere.

A safety LED red rear light also comes in it with three different modes. A removable visor comes with it, which will protect you from the sun rays. All these features add to the overall protection level of the helmet. Furthermore, Kingbike is a CPSC and CE certified helmet.


  • L/XL size available(59-63cm)
  • Adjustable dial at the back
  • 24 large vents
  • It weighs 0.49lb
  • In-mold PC shell with EPS liner
  • Safety led rear light
  • Removable visor
  • CPSC and CE certified
  • Fits nicely on big heads
  • Well ventilated
  • It has a red led safety light at the back
  • Inner bugs net lining for wasps and bees.
  • Attaching the rear light may be tricky for some people.

Bell Avenue MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet (size up to 63 cm)

Bell Avenue is a high-quality helmet with the best safety feature at a meager price. At this price, you get a helmet with MIPS technology, and that’s amazing. It is quite slightly heavier than other helmets, as it weighs 300gm, but it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your head.

Since it is from a renowned brand Bell, you will be confident that you are in a safe hand. It features 16 vents with internal channeling that will offer good enough airflow around your head. the exterior is a tough polycarbonate shell.

The retention dial system enables you to get a customized fit, and the no-twist tri-glides also gives you the perfect and snug fit around your ears. The side straps feature soft webbing. There are reflective detailing and logos on the sides of this helmet, that will make you more visible at night. All these features and its high-end safety make it a considerable helmet.


  • In-mold PC shell fused with EPS foam
  • MIPS technology
  • ERGO dial fit
  • No-twist tri-glides
  • Sweatguide
  • Universal XL size available(58-63cm)
  • 16 vents
  • CE EN and CPSC certification
  • The retention dial system and the no-twist tri-glides also gives you the perfect fit.
  • At a meager price, you get a helmet with MIPS technology.
  • It is not a very lightweight helmet.

Buying Guide for the Best bike helmet for large heads

Below are some noteworthy factors to be considered before getting a helmet for large heads

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