Bell Bullitt vs Torc T1

Bell Bullitt vs Torc T1 – Which one to get?

In this article, I am going to compare the Bell Bullitt vs Torc T1, to elucidate which one of these will meet your requirements. If you are willing to get one, you’ll get an idea of the specs and features of these two helmets by giving this article a thorough read.

TORC T1 Unisex Retro Full-face Motorcycle Helmet

Torc T1 is a unisex full-face helmet, and it is an imitation of the Bell Bullitt helmet. I am having this helmet on for about the last three weeks, and in all this time, I have cruised around 2,000 miles.

It has been a preeminent experience so far, and I am having great fun wearing this helmet. The plus point is that it is about half the cost of Bell Bullitt, with some specifications more better than the Bell Bullitt, which is a noteworthy thing about it.


This helmet has a lock and unlock position, which is a pretty nice feature. On the contrary, the Bell Bullitt is equipped with a magnetic strap, and does not feature this system. Even though, I will not prefer to put it on the lock, as having the shield flying up while riding down the road is not a problem for me at all.


This is a retro-style helmet, so the chinstrap is quite thinner than other full-face helmets. This makes it very convenient to eat with the helmet on your head. You’ll not have any discomfort while wearing this helmet, that being so, you don’t have to take it off if you want a sip of your favorite drink or to eat something during the ride.


Furthermore, the liners of this helmet are designed in such a way that these can be easily removed for cleaning purpose. Thus, you won’t have a foul-smelling helmet during summers.


Torc T1 has a good ventilation system, as there are two front vents, and two mesh vents at the back. This helmet has a closing vent system, which is a good feature as if you are riding down the road, you can close the vents.

Conversely, the Bell Bullitt features an open vent system, which is good when it’s not raining, or the weather is warm. However, the close vent system will be your need if the rain falls or in cold weather conditions.


This type of helmet is often noisy, and this thing is not very good about it. The noise is louder than the regular full-face helmet. At the speed of about 35, you may experience a blaring whistle sound which can be very annoying. Don’t worry, as with the regular use, you’ll probably get used to it. However, this is definitely a thing that is worth taking a look at.

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The material of this helmet is extraordinarily comfortable. It feels incredibly soft, hence, the comfort level of Torc T1 is high.


I usually prefer wearing sunglasses instead of a visor. This helmet is equipped with a clear face shield, which I don’t use most of the time. Although, I make use of the face shield when I ride at a higher pace, and it works quite well. There is nice airflow, which is great for warm weather conditions.


Torc T1 is almost as valuable as the Bell Bullitt, with way less price point than that. This helmet has great features with being affordable as well, which is a great thing about it.

Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Bullitt is made by the topmost brand Bell, which is known for its vast experience in making high-quality helmets.

Their helmets are superior in quality and specs from other helmets available in the market.

They are also the pioneers of full-face helmets, and Bell has achieved great success in launching the top-notch full-face helmets ever since then.


The design of this helmet is an imitation of the classic 70s Bell star. It is a throwback to that retrostyle design, and it gives you great visibility, thus resembling an open face helmet. 

This feature is really good, because you’ll be able to get a wide view of your surroundings, and you’ll enjoy your ride fully by soaking in every view around you. After all, being connected with the environment is what a motorcycle rider loves to do.

If you are in search of the most technical helmet out there, this helmet is not the one for you. Since it is a retro, it doesn’t meet the technicality of other street helmets.


It is equipped with a high-quality EPS liner. You get a nice removable, hypoallergenic, and washable liner in the interior of this helmet, which is very easy to maintenance. The EPS is of three different types and it comes in three different shell sizes.


It comes with plenty of accessories in terms of visors. You will get a clear flat visor which is the default standard shield. The carbon smoke shields also come with it sometimes. You may get a leather bag as well, and the shields are available in loads of different colors and finishes.

The smoke and chrome visors give this helmet a remarkable look. Bell has done a great job in the manufacturing of this helmet.


It is a safe helmet, as it is made of carbon-fibre composite or a fiberglass composite. The Bell Bullitt is a well-built and appreciably designed helmet available out there.


This helmet has a very good ventilation system with some nice features, for example, it has a venturi vent at the back. The horizontal opening at the back creates some backpressure, and it takes in the fresh air and passes it through the helmet, due to which there is a nice amount of airflow inside your helmet. 

Moreover, there are five intake vents across the forehead which give you the fantastic look along with providing nice and fresh air.


Initially, when the helmet was launched, the liners were not that great, and the feel was really uncomfortable. It didn’t have the universal kind of fit at that time. 

Nevertheless, the helmet has been improved a lot over the years. Now, this helmet comes in a universal fit, which can fit perfectly on anybody with any head size.

Besides, it is incredibly comfortable as well. The comfort level is high, as it is equipped with a  double D-ring fastening system, with a soft and comfy chinstrap pad. So you will get an ultra-fine and comfortable feel while wearing this helmet.


The high-quality inner liner and a compact shell of Bell Bullitt help somehow in soundproofing. But if you need the quietest helmet, this is not on top of the list of quieter helmets out there. This is not the best helmet for you if you ride your bike all day long at constant speeds, as it is going to be really loud.

Furthermore, it will not be appropriate for bad weather conditions, because the seal around its large visor is not of the best quality. You may get some air or water inside your helmet in bad weather. You can get better options in the market for this purpose.

However, if you want to get a helmet with a retro look, attractive finish, eye-catching paint scheme, high comfort level, and an ageless design, then the Bell Bullitt is unquestionably worthwhile to consider.


One can’t deny that Bell Bullit is a feature-rich helmet with some genuinely nice technical specs and a classy look. It is a premium quality helmet, that comes with a 5-year warranty as well. It will last really long, thus, it is a kind of investment for you.